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[movie 2002] Hi, Dharma 1 달마야 놀자

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Park Shin Yang, Jeong Jae Yeong, Hong Kyeong In, Kang Seong Jin


Hi Dharma 달마야 놀자 (2001)

Starring: Park Shin-Yang, Jeong Jin-Young, Park Sang-Myeon

Director: Park Cheol-Gwan

Genre: Comedy

Runtime: 95mins

Production: CineWorld

Distribution: CineWorld, Cineclick Asia

Language: Korean

Country: South Korea

A unique comedy pairing up modern day gangsters with Buddhist monks. There's more to this film than you may think, however...

A group of gangsters take refuge in a Buddhist temple to get away from danger. Though the master permits their stay, they are not welcomed by the monks. As a solution, both camps agree to go through a series of games to decide. The games not only bring to them a good decision, but also build between them enlightenment and friendship.

SOURCE : 달마야 놀자

달마야 놀자

달마야 놀자

달마야 놀자

달마야 놀자

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