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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2016] The Classic Of Mountains And Seas 山海经之赤影传说

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Title: 山海经之赤影传说  / Shānhǎi jīng zhī chì yǐng chuánshuō
English title: The Classic Of Mountains And Seas
Genre: Ancient, Fiction

Episodes: 30

Production Company: Phoenix Legendary Pictures Ltd.

Producer:  Hu Yao, Yao Qing
Broadcast Date: March 20, 2016 - May 17, 2016

Broadcast Days: Sundays - Tuesdays

Replacing: Legend of the Qing Qiu Fox 青丘狐传说

Zhang Han

Guli NaZha

Kenny Kwan

Vengo Gao

Lan Ying Ying


In the ancient time, to cope with a drought, the two great tribes, Dong Yi 东夷 and Jiu Li 九黎, followed the instruction of a priest and went to search for the a pair of immortals girls, Su Mo 苏茉 and Fu Er 芙儿. From then on, these two good friends are burdened with different fates. One becomes the Mysterious Vermilion Bird Lady 朱雀玄女. Her duty is to protect the common people of the Jiu Li Tribe. The other becomes the Mysterious Azure Dragon Lady 青龙玄女, who is to lead the Dong Li Tribe to capture the water source of the Jiu Li Tribe.

Watch it here with English subs when it comes out!




Zhang Han - Mo Wen

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OMG I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS DRAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *:-O surprise*:-O surprise  I actually saw the press conference for this when they announced the actors and their roles.  It's based on  a novel/book.  Zhang Han  is in this and he plays dual roles good and bad.*B-) cool  The trailer is amazing! *:x lovestruck Just when I thought Zhang Han couldn't top the kiss he gave Janine Chang in episode 21 uncut version of "The Four" which is still on replay in my head because it was shocking, natural, long   and passionate at the same time, and needs to go down in C-Drama history as the best kiss ever!! Someone must of paid off SARFT to get it shown .*>:) devil.*:x lovestruckHe actually goes all out forceful lip locking in this preview*:-O surprise oh I can't wait , I can't wait, I can't wait..*^#(^ it wasn't me  Does anyone have any news yet on a broadcast date?

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@carmolita Only news so far is that it's sometime this year....although how that's going to fit with the current potential line-ups I have no idea...most likely not at least until Nov is my best guess...but even then that's pushing it...Dec seems more likely if they're intent on getting it released this year.

Here are some pretty character posters :wub:

Zhang Han as Chi Yu (Good)


Zhang Han as Xin Yue Hu (Evil)


Gu Li Na Zha as Su Mo


Kenny as Sangguan Jin 


Lyric as Fu'er


Matthew Ko as Sun Ju


Li Chao as Bai Li Han


Vengo as Bin Yi


Wu Lei as Shi Pei Pei (this actor also plays the bodyguard to the main character in Nirvana in Fire)


Nicole as Hong Ling


Caesar as Bai Li Bing


Liu Changde as A Siu


Zoey Tang as Liu Ruo Shang


Sean as Yu Yang


Andrew Wan as Su Shui


Ethan as Xiao Yang


Tian Yupeng as Hong Tai


Guo Ziqian as An'an



Here are some pretty pics of our main:


And our bodyguard (not actually sure what his role in this drama is...)



Let's not forget the OTP...I THINK it's the OTP....



and one for all the pretty side characters:


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OMG I'M  so excited that it's starting tomorrow I've been waiting FOREVER for this!!:sweatingbullets: Zhang Han's kissing scenes are EPIC!:wub: A Million Thanks @sugarplum892    for the update!!B)


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Omg I'm excited too I didn't even know about this drama till you told me about it. Zhang Han is so hot (faints) :sweatingbullets: I have never seen him in a historical/period series. I hope this will be a good drama.


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Currently watching this drama, not hoping or expecting anything but it's actually pretty good. :) Much better than previous few I've seen.

Like Kenny's character and Kenny's is cute!! haha... :) Only 30 eps, that's short! How are they going to fit all these new characters in?! This show reminds of Japanese anime Fushi Yuugi.. haha...


Does anyone know why Zhang Han turns evil? 

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I thought this drama was just average the story line was okay. I really enjoyed the cast they all had great chemistry. But I think this is a one time watch drama for me. The last 5 mins of the ending was a little confusing to me. I'd rate it a 7/10.



I think Hans has kinda like split personalities. He has a evil side of him that lives inside his mind. If things get really traumatic his evil side comes out.



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