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Park Bo Gum 박보검 朴寶劍 Bak Bo-geom ♥ Debut single『Bloomin’』out 20/03/2019 ♥ May Your Everyday be a Good Day (Asia Tour)

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The Star's Tribute to Park Bo Gum


Does  he  just  remember  the  names   of all  the  staff, including  the people he’s going to meet for the first time?

No. He also memorized the audition concept in  advance before the filming and he is the most serious about this.

Park Bo Gum, the superb student who has been learning all the time, is really a representative beauty machine in

the performing arts industry. That is why “The Star” keeps asking when are we meeting with him again?


Trans by: @4evgbogummy

Tweeted by: @sword0616



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First time to see this...the way he attends to his fan warms my heart....Don't ever change, Bogummy!



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Park Bo Gum praised for his good manners

The actor will be holding his fan meeting there on March 16



Park Bo Gum arrived in Hong Kong ahead of his fan meeting, which will be held on March 16.


Over a hundred fans waited for him at the airport, and the actor greeted his fans before accepting some of their letters and gifts. He thanked fans repeatedly, and even bowed before he entered his car.


The actor has been widely praised for his good manners and humble nature, which has not changed despite his growing popularity. Recently, he announced that he would be making his movie comeback with the project Seobok, which also stars Gong Yoo. He is experiencing even more popularity around the world after his latest drama, Encounter, which also stars Song Hye Kyo.





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