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Park Bo Gum 박보검 朴寶劍 Bak Bo-geom ♥ Debut single『Bloomin’』out 20/03/2019 ♥ May Your Everyday be a Good Day (Asia Tour)

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2019 Park Bo Gum Asia Tour Good day : May your everyday be a good day In Thailand 


Questions have been sent by fans to 411 organizer in advance in order to ask Park Bo Gum in the press conference. 
(Translation by NongpeeP @ Soompi) 


Q: Fanmeeting in Thailand 


PBG: From Year 2017, it has been already two years since the last fanmeeting, I am glad to meet Thai Fans again to enjoy time together. 




Q: Food and Place in  Thailand


I have just arrived so I have no much chance to have Thai food. 


PBG: This time I might have not long time to go around as the previous fan meeting in Thailand.




Q: Encounter / Boyfriend


PBG: I decided to accept the role because this drama is a warm vibe for fans and Kim Jin Hyunk is a bright character.




Q: Song Hye Kyo


PBG: Song Hye Kyo Sunbaenim accepted Cha Soo Hyun's role and worked so hard; therefore, I can concentrate to the role in this drama too.




Q: Love with an older or a younger girlfriend

PBG: It is not a matter of age but it is about heart whether we feel love.




Q: Coming Role


PBG: It is like a model who wear a cloth the best. For my acting, I wanna try several roles and act to suit each role. What role do you wanna watch me in? 


Fans: A teacher


PBG: Let me think then. 




Q: How to portray the role


PBG: I will consult the scriptwriter team . I will read the scripts thoroughly in order to understand the role as much as I can. 




Q: Goal in this year


PBG: I will try to have as much as works for fans and study foreign languages. My goal is to act continuously to make everybody happy and be with me as long as possible.




Q: Debut in Japan


PBG: I have tried to study Japanese. In album preparation, I have not much time but our album team has supported me to make better and better. Thank you fans who support me too.



Q: Bloomin


PBG: Bloomin's lyric is about no matter where we are, we can be united. 



Q: Used to audition as a singer


PBG: It is another dream come true. I used to sing a OST. song which I have got an opportunity. This album is another opportunity in my life. Thank you album team and all fans to give me this chance. 




Q: Songs in Korea


PBG: If I have a chance, I will do in Korea too.



Q: Fanmeeting named Good Day


PBG: Last two years the fanmeeting named Oh Happy Day and I wanna let this time be a Good Day. I hope tomorrow on 16 February will be a Good Day for all fans.



Q: Good Day in 2018 and Plan in 2019


PBG: It is hard to mention Good Day in 2018 but I tries to make everyday be a Good Day. In 2019, I wanna let everyday be varied. 



Q: Bad Day


PBG: I will talk with my family members and pray. 




Q: Cooking at home


PBG: I like cooking at home eg. Spaghetti, Tteok Soup for New Year. 




Q: BG Lightstick


PBG: At the very beginning, I worry what it would be. The sky picture has pop up, cupid with arrow represented me and fans. Thank you for liking the lightstick I have designed.



Q: Hashtag  #ขอให้พระคุ้มครอง #BlessYou 


PBG: Let remain hashtag BlessYou and add GoodDay too.




Q: Thai word


PBG: Have a Good Day. Kor Hai Mee Wan Thee Dee (crap)



Q: To fans


PBG: Thank you 411 for organizing this fanmeeting last time and this time. I hope I can  make a good memory and nice feeling to Thai fans.

(English) Thank you for coming today. 









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Bogummy is so lucky to have fans with incredible artistic talent...



credit: Logo


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After a long trip, I'm finally back home, just in time for Bogummy's Thai fan meeting tomorrow... :wub:


Thanks everyone for keeping the thread updated, especially @gumtaek :D I'm still trying to catch up by reading the previous pages.. Bogummy's been really busy this past few weeks ^_^ 


He was mentioned in 2D1N and Happy together :D

Defconn playing with a face mixing machine... 



And in Happy together they talk about Yong Jin being like Park Bo Gum :lol:


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“2019 Park Bo Gum Asia Tour <Good day : May your everyday be a good day>
Fanmeeting in Thailand: No gift policy as Park Bo Gum's fans knows but a letter to PBG is okay. 






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Promotional Video for Bo Gum's FanMeet in Taiwan...funny how good is spelled "goood"...aigoo...:D



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