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Park Bo Gum 박보검 朴寶劍 Bak Bo-geom ♥ Debut single『Bloomin’』out 20/03/2019 ♥ May Your Everyday be a Good Day (Asia Tour)

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The effort he exerts to reciprocate his fans' love...


credit: Logo


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The guards are so, so lucky.:lol: They got to meet and feel Bogummy  so near with  them while guarding him. :D This is the time I want to wish I were a guard. Lol:P:P:P

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Park Bo Gum’s Blowing Kiss to fans, he walked and waved his hand, and also picked up the Thai welcoming garland from a fans.


Ps. Yesterday many fans in front of airport gate were in the orderly row to wait for Bogummy, as same as in the previous fanmeeting in Thailand.

(Fans agreed with the security guard team to be in row from the afternoon to late evening, the team will let Bogummy walk this way to let fans see him from the row.)


From the plane gate to baggage belt, he came with the private ride.

Many airport passengers were very excited to see him so they ran around when he walked from the customs to the outside area. 


Info from fans, Bogummy’s original plan will stay in Thailand for 4 days but he might have urgent work so the leaving day might be a day earlier. 









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21 hours ago, gumtaek said:


Yes, news said filming will start in April.


No official confirmation from Park Bo Gum's agency. Hopefully he confirms after his Bangkok fanmeet since he has a good two weeks before his next fanmeet in March.


News also said that after Bogum politely refused the initial draft, the PD had the script revised several times (here, I am deducing common sensically that each time he revised, he would send it back to Bogum because why would the PD revise it several times if this was okay with Bo Gum whom he badly wanted in his project? So Bo Gum has read the original script which he turned down, the revised scripts, and the final script he is positively reviewing. The fact that he is positively considering the project and that they have scheduled the filming in April means its almost a "go". (But then, I could be mistaken.)


I really admire the tenacity of the PD who continuously woos Bo Gum for a good 2 years to accept his project but I am concerned about the undue pressure it placed on Bo Gum to accept a project that is not his preference. It's not that he is trying to be hard-to-get but he abides by certain principles when choosing a role...1) that it inspires, 2) that it is age-appropriate, and  3) that he wants to take on varied roles and avoids being stereotyped in a certain  drama role. So I am deducing that the latest revised draft meets the criteria he has set in choosing his projects.




The PD really want him. Still waiting for him until he finished encounter. 


Gongyoo confirmed for this project since oct 2018, so yeah they made this big actor waiting for bogum too :vicx:

Must be good to work with a great PD and a great actor, but hope he really taking this project because he really want it. I will supported him no matter what he choose! :w00t: 


Btw thank you for sharing his airport' pics! :wub: his airport picts always give me energy! 


@NongpeeP amazing fans! PBG so lucky to have them! 



I think he was trending last night in thailand




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