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Park Bo Gum 박보검 朴寶劍 Bak Bo-geom ♥ Debut single『Bloomin’』out 20/03/2019 ♥ May Your Everyday be a Good Day (Asia Tour)

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So, he is in Sydney right now...possibly airing an Eider CF

In case the IG post will be deleted



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Encounter / Boyfriend Post Drama Interview

by papago translate

[스타★톡톡] 박보검 “소중한 시간, 알차고 귀하게 쓰고 싶어요”


<스포츠월드> 2019-02-12 09:12:00

Park Bo-gum: "Precious Time"

<Sports World> 2019-02-12 09:12:00






Kim Jin-hyuk of "boyfriend" has grown from a fresh young man to a real man. The same was true of Park Bo-gum, who played him. I experienced feelings that I didn't know, and felt the importance of things. The carefully chosen comeback was another step forward. 


Choi Taek, a genius baduk engineer from TVN 'Reply 1988' and Lee Young, the prince of KBS 2TV's 'Gurmi Green Moonlight', successfully coined the new term 'Bogam-dongi.' It was 'My Boyfriend' that opened his next film to the public in two years. The TVN drama "My Boyfriend," which ended last month, is a thrilling emotional melodrama that began with a chance meeting between Suhyun and Jinhyuk, Soo Hyun who has never lived a life of her choice. In the drama, Park played Kim Jin-hyuk, a man who is perfectly ordinary but knows the importance of small happiness. Kim Jin-hyuk, created by Park Bo-gum, started with a "blue grape" charm, and approached the viewer with a strong, delicate, warm and sweet charm. 


Park made his debut with the movie "Blind" in 2011 and has already become an actor for the eighth year since his debut. Park Bo-dam, who met through the interview, said that he could feel more emotions and learn more as he added that it also helped him realize the importance of time and people's worthiness. That's why he hopes we can act harder and communicate with each other. Through him, I heard about the drama 'My Boyfriend' and actor Park Bo-gum. 



-Why did you choose 'boyfriend' as a recapture?


Jinhyuk`s setting was the most touching. He was a positive character in everything, and I wanted to take after him. Above all, he was not only a proud and enterprising person who knew how to love himself and felt happy with the presence of matter, but rather knew that he was precious to what he had and expressed frankly in front of love. I liked it because I knew how to love myself. I received the script the first until the fourth episode. It was a character setting that was not shown in the previous drama, so it became more attractive. So I wanted to do better.”


"There was also a lot of power coming from the title of 'boyfriend.' From Cha's point of view, her boyfriend is a mediocre but unusual subject. When Su-hyun met Jin-hyuk as her boyfriend, he thought there must be a change and growth of Jin-hyuk. If there were any regrets, I wish Jin Hyuk would have loved his family a little more. I also talked with the writer. As we go further into the story of Suhyun's family and Jinhyuk's family, the atmosphere of each other's family is reflected in contrast, and there was a message coming from it." 


- What is the most important thing in preparing for Kim Jin-hyuk?


"Until the fourth episode (received the script), Suhyun and Jinhyuk were not deep-rooted. So I tried to show you a fresh and young image. He said, "Let's show you how you are getting mature and growing through all kinds of situations, and how you are changing as a real man and as an adult."

(As a result) I couldn't be 100 percent satisfied with my acting, but I did my best every hour by expressing Jin Hyuk. When I saw Jin Hyuk of the first and last sessions, I think he looked different." 



-Kim Jin-hyuk's drunken acting made headlines.


"I was also embarrassed as I prepared for the scene. That's how much we've prepared and expressed in a script.

In fact, I didn't want to get drunk, so I wondered how to express Jin-hyuk's appearance differently. We referred to the munchies of the drunk.(Laughs) The director coached and edited well. You can do everything well except drink at a drinking party.(Laughs)"



- Long hair was also a hot topic.


"I never thought you'd pay so much attention to my long hair.(Laughs) I say it myself, but it's been a lot of talk. I thought the location was Cuba and free-spirited, so I would look good with long hair. The director said it was okay, so (I grew it). I wonder if there will be another day to grow. Having raised it once, I found out which styling suits my long hair.(Laughs)"


-What is the most memorable line of Jinhyuk's?


"(Jinhyuk) was a friend who expressed his feelings honestly. For some reason, the lines that said, "I came because I wanted to see you" remained deep in my heart. It was also nice to see him proudly saying, "Let's go eat ramen." I liked Jin Hyuk's image of stepping into the world with the CEO. Emotional lines were also thought to be Jin Hyuk's only love method. Putting the ring in the film box was also very difficult. He had a wonderful attitude to understand the other person's mind. Early characterization itself was a young man in literature. I didn't think he was a friend who read a lot of poems and was blubbering at every word. I tried to express it as a living person, even if I had a different expression. I tried to express it without awkwardness, plainness, and pressure. I think it's not enough, but I'm grateful if there are people who are consoled by Jin Hyuk's lines."


"There was no line I didn't understand. I didn't feel too much pressure by acting. As I was a character I had to act, I think I had a strong desire to understand and sympathize with him. I understand I can see at ease. It is also the basis for me to deal with the work. That's why Jinhyuk's expression and love style are different, fresh and understandable."



-How was your breathing with Song?


Song Hye-kyo described Cha Soo-hyun as being too vivid and more than a typeface. So I was able to concentrate on Kim Jin Hyuk throughout my acting career. Thank you very much. Just reading the script made me hear a funny voice.(Laughs) I felt sure that emotion was drawn by the other actors. On the set, she followed the director's directions the most. I wanted to do better because I was working with Song Hye-kyo. I kept asking if I was doing well.(Laughs)" 


- Song's colorful dating scene has attracted a lot of attention. 


The video call scene was the most exciting.

I don't want to break up with each other, so I'm acting like that, but I feel like I'm Kim Jin Hyuk, and I feel like I love Cha Soo-Hyun.

I tried to keep up with it step by step.

The scene makes me excited.(Laughing) It was not just the CEO and the employee, but the two figures, Cha Soo-hyun and Kim Jin-hyuk. He likes to make video calls.


Jin Myung (P.O.), who appeared in the drama together, often makes a video call.


Wouldn't it be best to make a video call in a situation where you can't see it? Kim Jin Hyuk's actions and postures all have meaning. He created meaning in his attitude toward people or in his facial expressions and reactions when he said something. The director helped me a lot. The director had a hard time being with me.(Laughs)"



-How could you have found Park Bo-gum in Kim Jin-hyuk? 


"If I were you, I wouldn't be able to meet strangers in a strange place.(Laughing) I wanted to emulate the frank and outspoken way of expressing myself in love. It seems that when a person loves himself, he or she also loves others. Jinhyuk works a lot and has a lot of experience.

But I have more talent. He has no music or dance talent which he can not learn in two days.(Laughs)"



-What does "boyfriend" mean?  


"Gurmi Green Moonlight" and "Reply 1998" were also period dramas. It was the first time to play romance in a modern play. If I introduce myself with a new work, I think I will be able to capture a lot of my experiences and experiences through this work. I think my emotions have become richer because there are so many emotional aspects."


"One of the things I realized in this work is the preciousness of the people next to me, and the preciousness of time. I think time with the people I love and support me is also important. So this year, I want to use my time wisely. I want to leave my present self in a work."


- If time is precious, what is it specifically about?


"I felt a lot like the year 2018 passed by and I was getting older. It seems like only yesterday that I graduated, but it's already last year.(laughing) I thought I'd spend my time well. It seems like only yesterday that I have been to Cuba. Through this work, I have experienced and realized many things. I think we can work harder.

I want to fill my time by living my life more positively." 


- Is there any genre you want to challenge in the future?


"I think I did it with my first heart, 'I can do anything well,' as it was my first work in a modern drama. In the future, I think I can act with more emotions and thoughts than Jin Hyuk. You will also need to study accordingly. I want to be an actor who can play various genres." 


-What are the plans and goals for the year 2019?


"The first personal wish is that I want to be in a movie. Second, I want to edit my daily schedule, my own video and exchange with my fans. I also want to get a license for scuba, and I hope to study foreign languages a lot. It's such a waste of time. I want to do everything in time. I want to prepare the next movie step by step, not too late."




박보검! 여학생들이 뽑은 밸런타인데이 연예인 1위!!

Park Bo-gum! The number one Valentine's Day celebrity by female students!



tvN 드라마 ‘남자친구’에서 자유로우면서도 맑은 영혼을 가진 ‘김진혁’ 역으로 열연 중인 박보검 (사진제공=서울종합예술실용학교) tvN 드라마 ‘남자친구’에서 자유로우면서도 맑은 영혼을 가진 ‘김진혁’ 역으로 열연 중인 박보검 (사진제공=서울종합예술실용학교)


Park Bo-gum is playing the role of Kim Jin-hyeok, a free but clear soul in the TVN drama "My Boyfriend." (photo courtesy of Seoul National University of Arts)


[The Preview: Seoul] Reporter Chung Soon-tae: On Valentine's Day, when women give chocolate to men, who would you like to give chocolate to girls?


In a survey of 300 female students majoring in acting, modeling, broadcasting, film, broadcasting, broadcasting, dance, and practical music by Seoul National University of Arts (SAC), actor Park Bo-gum topped the list as a male entertainer who wants to give chocolate on Valentine's Day.


Park Bo-gam, who showed a strong will to protect his loved one and showed a smooth man's true love, is enjoying great popularity at the home theater, stirring countless emotions.


Cha Eun-woo, who came in second, is a member and actor of the idol group Astro, and is also a big-time entertainer who has the title of "Face Genius" due to his handsome looks.


Coming in third place, Yeo plays two roles for one person on TVN's "Man Who Becomes the King" and is enjoying explosive popularity by playing two characters in opposite directions, showing off her enormous acting skills and masculine charm.


In fourth and fifth place, Kang Daniels of the most popular idol group BTS and Warner One were chosen respectively.


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Catherine DeVrye, a  Canadian  born  Australian  author  of  8  best selling

non fiction books and a former Australian  Executive  Woman of the Year



cr: Wikipedia



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Lol she's calling him parkgohum :joy: its amazing how bogum fan found that pict without tag. His fans just everywhere. 

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There are pics of his that stun you...



Credit: Logo


@rahma92: Since she's famous personality herself, it's possible that she has a follower who is a fan of Bogummy. Still no news about Seobok.

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