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[Upcoming Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] For the Holy Guiguzi 谋圣鬼谷子

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Chinese title: 谋圣鬼谷子  Móu Shèng Guǐ Gǔ Zi
English title:  For the Holy Guiguzi
Genre: Drama, Historical, Period

Episodes: 52

Directors: Guō Bǎo Chāng & Liú Juān

Scriptwriter: Liú Shù Shēng

Broadcast Period: 2017


Duan Yihong

Stephy QiNi Dahong

Zu Feng

Amber Xu

Fang Zibin

Zhang Zhizhong

Fang Xu

Liu Yanqing

Cecilia Yip


Set among the Spring and Autumn Period, the story revolves around the states of Wei and Chu, depicting the struggles of the ruling families, Wu Qi's (military leader) vengeance, The Art of War (a Chinese military treatise), and a love story caught in between.



Coming soon...

Additional Links:

For the Holy Guiguzi 谋圣鬼谷子 Raw Episodes

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