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Title : Sweden Laundry
Romanization / Hangul : Seuweden Setakso / 스웨덴 세탁소
Genre :
Episodes : 16
Broadcast Network : MBC Drama, MBC every1
Broadcast Period :  21 November 2014 (Friday)
Air Time :  7.10PM KSTPreceded By : -
Director : Jung Hwan Suk (Rude Miss Young-Ae Season 9, Three Men)
Screen Play : Kim Yun Hee, Lee Eun Young 
Production Company : 
Official Website : Website | Facebook

Storyline/Synopsis : 
When Kim Bom (Song Ha-Yoon) was young, she had a hard time due to her smart siblings. She couldn't get any attention from her family or those around her. Now, Kim Bom runs Sweden Laundry. Kim Bom possesses supernatural powers allowing her to read her client's worries through their laundry. With her powers, she tries to solve their worries.

Cast :
- Song Ha Yoon as Kim Bom
- Changjo TEEN TOP as Yong Soo Chul
- Kim Ian as Park Ki Joon
- Oh Sang Jin as Kim Eun Chul (Kim Bom's older brother)
- Hwang Young Hee as Kim Bom's mother
- Hwang Seung Yeon as Kim Eun Seol (Bom's younger sister)
- Lee Yong Lee as Granny
- Bae Noo Ri as Bae Young Mi
- Niel as Soo Chul's friend

Relationship Chart
translated by OURSUPALUV


Teaser : 1 | 2

Spot Interview : Song Ha Yoon | Changjo | Oh Sang Jin  | Hwang Young Hee | Bae Noo Ri | Kim Ian |

Script Reading : 1

Preview : Episode 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Sweden Laundry OST Part 1Release Date: 2014-Nov-28- A Kind of Confession 일종의 고백 by Kim Yoon Joo (김윤주) of OKDAL (옥상달빛)
Sweden Laundry OST Part 2Release Date: 2014-Dec-19- Naajyeosseo 나아졌어 by Choi In Young (최인영)

Picture :First script reading






Links SNS MBC Plus : Website | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube


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Psychic heroine heads comic fantasy drama Sweden Laundry
I’m a bit puzzled about this new drama being produced for cable outlets MBC Every1 and MBC Dramanet, but in a curiosity-has-been-piqued sort of way. Sweden Laundry is the name of the “comic fantasy drama,” and it also happens to be the name of an indie band, who will be participating in the OST. That makes me wonder if the music duo will be featured heavily and perhaps even narratively, or whether it’s just a convenient meta reference that coincides with the drama’s backdrop being a laundry.
Read full article on Dramabeans.
-----First actor confirmed.

송하윤, MBC every1 <스웨덴 세탁소> '김봄' 역 캐스팅! Song Ha-Yoon Got the Role of 'Kim, Bom' in MBC every1 <스웨덴 세탁소> http://t.co/h0xrNFUXKU

— JYPnation (@jypnation)

October 24, 2014

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@adikkeluangman,  Thanks for starting the thread  This drama seems pretty interesting and I'm liking how the story is.., If I run across more info on it I'll update it for you..

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Song Ha-yoon cast as Sweden Laundry’s problem-solving psychic
Cable drama Sweden Laundry now has a leading lady, having just cast Song Ha-yoon (formerly known as Kim Byul, of The Informant and Reset) as its heroine. I quite like her and always wanted her to act more (I thought she would break out after a promising start, but her career slumped for a few years), so this bumps up my interest in the slice-of-life fusion comedy another notch.
Read full article at Dramabeans.

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TEEN TOP's Changjo cast as male lead in drama 'Sweden Laundromat'

TEEN TOP's Changjo has snagged his first role in a drama!
He's been cast as the male lead in MBC Every1 and MBC DramaNet's collaboration drama 'Sweden Laudromat'. The drama is a comic fantasy revolving around a laundromat run by a young female owner who can see other people's troubles. His character, Yong Soo Chul, is clumsy and makes a lot of mistakes, but never stops running toward his dream.
Song Ha Yoon has been cast as the female lead, and as the male lead, he'll have a love line with her. Changjo said, "It's my first time appearing in a drama, but the members are cheering me on, so they're a big strength. I want to show a side of me that I haven't been able to yet through 'Sweden Laundromat'. I'm going to work really hard."
The PD said, "Because Yong Soo Chul's character was created under a specialized image, instead of casting actors, we wanted to cast a new face that can deeply melt into the story. His acting was very good during auditions, so we are looking forward to it."
The drama will start airing in November.

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Wow... unpredictable for me that they cast idol... still I'm looking forward this drama. Song Ha Yoon already a glue for me, and Changjo seems suit for his role.

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Teen Top’s Changjo Cast in ‘Sweden Laundry’ with Song Ha Yoon
Taking on his first drama role, Teen Top’s Changjo has been cast in the upcoming drama, Sweden Laundry.
According to MBC Plus Media on October 27, Changjo has been named as the male lead for MBC every1 and MBC Drama Net’s new drama, Sweden Laundry. He will be playing the character Yong Soo Chul. Yong Soo Chul is a character who chases his dreams while making lots of mistakes along the way. 

“I’m really nervous because it’s my first drama appearance, but the members are all cheering me on, being a great strength to me,” said Changjo. “I want to show a different side to me that hasn’t been shown through Sweden Laundry. I’ll work really hard.” 
Director Jung Hwan Seok stated that he wanted to find a new face who could melt deep in to the story in the role of Yong Soo Chul. The director shared his anticipation as Changjo’s acting during the audition was impressive. 
Sweden Laundry is about a woman who has the ability to see the worries of other people through their laundry. Song Ha Yoon has been cast as Kim Bom and is expected to have a love line with Changjo in the drama. The OST for Sweden Laundry will be in charge of indie band Sweden Laundry. 
The drama begins in November. 

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CASTING NEWS: Upcoming drama Sweden Laundry casts Teen Top's Changjo, Song Ha Yoon, and more

MBC's upcoming drama Sweden Laundry has cast some of its lead actors, including Song Ha Yoon, Kim Ian, Teen Top's Chanjo, and Oh Sang Jin.

This series will be a comedic fantasy romance that revolves around Kim Bom (Song Ha Yoon), a young laundromat owner can read people's minds through their clothes. She uses this unusual ability to resolve problems for the people around her. 

Kim Ian will play Park Ki Joon, a well-to-do dentist known for having all of the qualities of the perfect guy, though he does have a whimsical side. You may recognize Kim from his roles in To the Beautiful You or the music video for the Girls' Generation song "I Got a Boy." He has also held roles in the movies Pirates and Fashion King.

Rounding out the love triangle will be Teen Top's Changjo in his drama debut. His character Yoo Soo Chul is a hardworking young man who makes a lot of mistakes as he tries to achieve his dreams.  

What happens when six young strangers move into a mysterious boarding house? Watch Boarding House No. 24 to find out

The final cast member is Oh Sang Jin (the detective older brother in My Love from Another Star), who will play Kim Bom's older brother Kim Eun Chul. Eun Chul is a genius who already passed the foreign service and civil service exams, and he enjoys boasting about his accomplishments.

As you can imagine, the indie Korean group Sweden Laundry will be involved in the series with the OST.

In all of the superpowers out there, I don't know that I've ever heard of reading minds through dirty laundry! What do you think of this young cast and interesting setup? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Sweden Laundry will premiere at the end of November.

(Source: Via)

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SM′s Rookie Actor Kim Ian Cast as Lead for ‘Sweden Laundry’
Acting side by side with Song Ha Yoon and Teen Top’s Changjo, rookie actor, Kim Ian has been cast as the main lead for upcoming new MBC every1’s drama, Sweden Laundry.

Kim Ian will be playing the role of Park Ki Joon, a dentist with a good family background and specs. He will be jumping into the love triangle with Song Ha Yoon and Changjo, who were confirmed for the characters, Kim Bom and Yong Soo Chul. 
A rookie actor contracted under SM Entertainment, Kim Ian has previously appeared in SBS’ To the Beautiful You and musical, Fantasy Couple. He also acted in the movie Pirates and Fashion King. 
Sweden Laundry, a drama about a girl who can read the worries of people, will begin at the end of November. 

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Casting news : 

Hwang Seung-un (Bad Guys) has been cast in Sweden Laundry, the fantasy comedic drama about the psychic owner of a laundry business. As the younger sis to Song Ha-yoon’s laundry shop psychic, Hwang will play a pretty college student majoring in dance and an aspiring actress. She’s not too bright and sounds like an immature, conceited little sister, but we’re told that she’s got a certain charm and that there are multiple facets to her character. Sweden Laundry premieres at the end of November on MBC’s cable channels. [Joongang]
Kim Ian name is not on Daum Profile but Hwang Seung Yeon in. So Kim Bom got her mom, brother and lil sis in the drama.

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Teen Top’s Changjo attends first script reading of MBC “Sweden Laundry”

MBC‘s upcoming fantasy-comedy drama Sweden Laundry released images of the first script reading session. The whole production team, actors, and actresses came together for the day. According to a source, all of the starring artists, including, Teen Top‘s Changjo were completely immersed into their roles.
Even though it is Changjo’s first time script reading, his professionalism and concentration during the session received many compliments.

After the first script reading session, Lee Kang Seop PD mentioned, “I am looking forward for the young actors and actresses starring in the drama. Despite being their first meeting, their chemistry was very smooth and natural. I am looking forward for the actual filming.”
Meanwhile, Sweden Laundry will start airing by the end of November.


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MBC+ Media 'Sweden Laundry' Teaser (Song Hayoon)

MBC+ Media 'Sweden Laundry' First Script Reading (Song Hayoon)

MBC+ Media 'Sweden Laundry' Interview Spot (Teentop Chanjo)

MBC+ Media 'Sweden Laundry' Interview Spot (Song Hayoon)

MBC+ Media 'Sweden Laundry' Interview Spot (Oh Sang Jin)

MBC+ Media 'Sweden Laundry' Interview Spot (Hwang Young-Hee)

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Honestly, I don't know a single actor or actress here! I really hope they will all turn out to be good ones.
I've loved Teen top's songs since their debut! But I've never seen Changjo act, so I hope he'll do a great job here. Btw, don't you guys think he somewhat resembles the actor Park Seojun?   

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