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744 :blush:


@Ameera Ali I am watching Touch your heart kdrama and I really really really like it!! :kiss_wink: thank you for tagging me to the drama xixixixixixi :heart: 

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6 hours ago, mouse007 said:


@kokodus the answer to your question is.... YES! They are dating IRL and have been for sometime. They kept it a secret for a long time because I think they felt that Kathryn was young and there’s a certain image of her they wanted to protect or something. They’re actually known as “Kathniel” in the Ph. 


  Reveal hidden contents

I know right? I don’t know why he felt so compelled to marry the ex. He could’ve been a supportive friend  instead of marrying her. I’m glad they still got their happy ending but there was just so many “what-ifs” like how their lives could’ve been different.


Did you ever see a movie called “Diary ng Isang Panget?” 



Hehe. Last time I checked, they didn't go public yet. But everyone knew that there was something going on between them. LOL. I see that there are many "Love teams" in Filipino. They hardly get paired with anyone else. Hahaha. 


I haven't watched this diary ng....? Jadine, right?! I tried watching that famous drama of theirs. But it was so long. Lol. 

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11 minutes ago, Ameera Ali said:

@Sejabin glad u watching it , let’s see u at the thread :wub::heart:




Okhay :blush: :kiss_wink:



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