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I forgot to say.. I've watch Ralph breaks the internet last week. This movie is really good.... despite its a cartoon movie.. the message there is actually more about parents/older figure that has to let their younger kids grow up... to find their dream, even if they'll not be in the same place anymore...


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@dotonly ~ because you will understand my pain. am in drama slump and finding nothing interesting to watch. feel like watching a daily/weekend drama but nothing is gripping me. what to do...

@kokodus ~ slowly watching meteor garden and pineapple's sister has super amazing earrings! :D

@lynne22 ~ in the first movie, I liked ralph but I hated that princess kid. she was ridiculously annoying that I felt like saying "how is this self-absorbed annoying kid supposed to be cute?"...

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@Lmangla i even less care to finish my variety show. Have no interest in any drama now so i end up playing games. 

Wondering how long this would last...


Maybe you can do things that you loved but you havent done it in a long time. 



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