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780 :kiss_closed:


my uncle love this song (but in that filipino lady version. He loves filipino ladies voice and me too. Like uncle like niece LOLs..)


when you hold me in the street

and you kiss me on the dance floorrrrrrrrrr

I wish that we could be like that

why can’t we be like that 

‘cause I’m youuuuuuurrrrrrssssss

sya la la la laaaa  \(^o^   )\ ... /(  ^o^)/..

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Like I'm literally finding it difficult to breathe now...



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This pineapple obsession seems to be quite Long @kokodus


@USAFarmgirl @phikyl I think one of you or maybe both of you mentioned Go Back Couple a Long time ago . I put it on my to watch list then & finally binged it over the weekend. What a moving & beautiful love story . I wish I had watched it earlier. I cried my eyes out every episode. But it was a good cry , one of those “healing”type dramas . Even though second male lead is an oppa I love , I did not for one second have SLS. I was completely invested in the OTP ‘s struggles & I was rooting very hard for them . Great acting & cinematography. I loved how they handled the different time lines. And my goodness the scenes with mum were the ones that turned on the waterworks for me. This definitely goes into my all time favourites



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