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554 :kiss_wink:


@dotonly thank you my love!! it's horror in the airport.. now..

feels like I don't want to stand more than 1 minute in the building.  my heart sounds dag dig dug now :cold_sweat:


@Lmangla I have houses in Palu chingu.. but I think I have psychological problem. my legs trembling now while waiting for my luggages.. I feel like I don't want to stay for more than 1 minutes in this building :kiss: or in any building in this city

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4 hours ago, Lmangla said:

@Sejabin ~ say a prayer and you will feel calmer. fighting!



558 :fearful:


thankyou @Lmangla :heart:


I am now laying in the living room on a bed with the front door open :dissapointed:

there’s a guest house near to my house full with guests and they all are sleeping in their room on their bed. I can’t believe they can do it :bawling: while me I can’t!! Huuuuu uuuu uuuu :bawling: mom even told me to close the door but I said later. My heart isn’t ready yet :cold_sweat: 


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22 hours ago, dotonly said:




Practice makes perfect.

But since nobody is perfect why practice???  :phew:



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