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It would seem she got her birthday wish...  Congrats to the new married couple...

Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng's posts were done on Liying’s birthday (today!) and at the time stamp, 10:07, which happens to be Feng Shaofeng’s birthday! Now that's romantic:wub:

I think their new drama together The Story Of Ming Lan will be the icing on their cake...



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8 hours ago, bedifferent said:

LOL, not bad, not bad as candies, ice cream, donuts, brownies... they are useful short term.

:huh: So it is mere german fairytale that nasal sprays dry out mucous membranes and damage it? All my life my parents told me that nasal sprays are bad, so I never used them! -_- And now you tell me they are not? I just began to use them, because I really hated the running nose and had to be date-prepared.


I have to call mom today! That's not something I will let go. Lies! 

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@Dhakra Coming to the defense of your Mom.   Who most likely said no to sprays just like my Mom did...

Reason being no they are not bad but there is a condition when using sprays for more than a few days called the rebound effect. 

Some nose sprays are part of a drug class called Vasoconstrictors, which constrict the blood vessels that cause congestion And the effect is immediate: Goodbye, congestion! But if you use the sprays for more than a couple of days, your nose becomes accustomed to that constriction and you then have what’s called a rebound effect, meaning your nose continues to need a squirt of the spray to relieve your congestion.  It's not called an addiction and yet it's said to feel like one.  This maybe the reason your Mom said that as she may have known someone like this.  My Mom did...


Just like @bedifferent said short term is the key...

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