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Add and Subtract Game

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3 hours ago, triplem said:

Sniff it’s terrible especially for a drama addict for me . Do enjoy your trip. Looking forward to hearing from you about it. 

It was something in the rain for Netflix Asia as well. Are you planning to watch it ? 


I like About Time so far in spite of its critics . It’s just sweet & light . I have enough heavy dramas on my plate as it is . Lawless Lawyer is really good so far . Waiting for Life . My two favourite Ahjussis in one drama! 




Hahaahaaa.. triplem.. many choices better than no choice ...mmm.. try to stick to one choice ...erhmm or maybe two ... three ... ok ok stop stop!! heeee...juz pulling yr leg!

*wink* @bedifferent



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11 hours ago, cenching said:

@kokodus and @LSGLMH_88


Janine Chang is Mark Chao’s ex gf...:lol:



Yes I know. They looked so cute together. My poor shipper heart doesn't know what to do....sighhh. ok I think I know.....will ship her with Zhang Han. Hehe. 



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