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[Taiwanese Drama 2014] Love Cheque Charge 幸福兌換券

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Title: 幸福兌換券  /Xìngfú duìhuàn quàn
English title: Love Cheque Charge
Genre: Modern, Romance

Director: Grace Wu (吳蒙恩)

Episodes: 75

Broadcast Date: September 3, 2014 - December 15, 2014

Broadcast Days: Mondays-Fridays

Replacing: Tie the Knot 媽咪的男朋友


Phoebe Yuan Ai Fei 
George Hu
Xie Kunda
Chao Jet
Chang Jessie
Shih Jay
Weng Smile


An accident entwines the lives of two complete strangers. When Buo Hai (Xie Kun Da) is involved in an accident, he is so worried about the girlfriend that he will leave behind that he grabs a random stranger, Ho Bu Fan (George Hu), and asks him to tell his girlfriend that he is breaking up with her. When Bu Fan passes on the message of the dying man to the girlfriend, Hsu Man Man (Yuan Ai Fei), he sees how upset she is about being dumped and does something on a whim. He takes out a traveler’s check and writes, “If you’re not married by the age of 30, leave it up to me!” and gives it to Man Man. Three years pass, and the incident is all but forgotten – until Man Man bumps into Bu Fan again on a train. When Bu Fan learns that Man Man is not yet married, can he keep the promise he made on the traveler’s check three years ago to a woman he doesn't even know?

Finally made it!Have we seen each other before?

Absolutely not.The person who broke up with you isn't me!

But the person who said to break up was you!

A man who stays in the the restroom for almost 30 minutes has some issues, right?

Of course!  Because he can't find (?).

Who would take these kind of foolish dates for real?

George Hu - Love Is...


Magic Power - I Still Love You



Magic Power - Secretly



Della Ding Dang - I Don't Think Sohttp://youtu.be/F8TA6a9GjsA

Della Ding Dang - I Don't Love You That Muchhttp://youtu.be/LwJ4dnuboN8

Della Ding Dang - Better Than Pride


George Hu - Unable To Say I Love You



Ann Bai - What's Next?


Additional Links:
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Watched ep1~5 at one go and I'm loving it. The witty dialogues remind me of Fabulous 30 and when I checked the production team, it does come from the same team of screenwriters. The main producer of In A Good Way is also one of the producers of this drama, this explains why I feel the production feel a bit more intricate than the usual SETTV dramas. This solid team of producers make me feel a little bit at ease to follow this 70 episodes drama live. I made through Fabulous 30 just fine even with 70 episodes and even thought it was great from the beginning to its end, I hope this drama will be the same. The female lead was irritating in the first 2 episodes but once she return to her "normal" state (hahaha), everything became great. I'm also surprised by the story setting and the character setting, didn't expect SETTV to pull this kind of setting. 

Kun Da's character is the female lead's ex-boyfriend who became a ghost and now return to became a cupid intern (or the chinese version of cupid god, hahaha!). I'm amused by the interactions between Kun Da and George Hu.

Edit:If anyone is interested in downloading 1080p HD raw version of the drama. I uploaded to my blog: http://wp.me/p2tDC3-Tl 

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It's picking up! I really, really like ep35!! Finally, the couples get together. It's already midway through 70 episodes and so I guess the pacing is just nice? George Hu and Phoebe Yuan grow on me as a couple, I wasn't feeling the chemistry at first but I think as the characters got closer on screen, the chemistry starts to sizzle and by the end of ep35, they're killing me with their chemistry!!! George Hu is extremely perfect as his character!!! GAHHHH!!
I couldn't help but to make some gifs out of my two favorite scenes from ep35.
original tumblr posttumblr_nduuv128oA1qiy3sso1_250.gif tumblr_nduuv128oA1qiy3sso2_250.gif
tumblr_nduuv128oA1qiy3sso7_250.gif tumblr_nduuv128oA1qiy3sso8_250.gif
tumblr_nduuv128oA1qiy3sso3_250.gif tumblr_nduuv128oA1qiy3sso4_250.gif

original tumblr posttumblr_nduvuevGOp1qiy3sso1_250.gif tumblr_nduvuevGOp1qiy3sso2_250.gif
tumblr_nduvuevGOp1qiy3sso3_r1_250.gif tumblr_nduvuevGOp1qiy3sso4_r1_250.gif
tumblr_nduvuevGOp1qiy3sso6_r1_250.gif tumblr_nduvuevGOp1qiy3sso5_r1_250.gif
tumblr_nduvuevGOp1qiy3sso7_r1_250.gif tumblr_nduvuevGOp1qiy3sso8_r1_250.gif
tumblr_nduvuevGOp1qiy3sso9_r1_250.gif tumblr_nduvuevGOp1qiy3sso10_r1_250.gif

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I binge watched this drama in the last 2 days and I love it. I can't wait for Viki subs to update so I know what they are saying on ep 36 onwards lol.

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I have started becoming slightly obsessed with Ann Bai's What's Next. It completely fits the show, and I can't get it out of my head...which is slightly inconvenient when I don't speak Mandarin.

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I initially didn't really like this drama but it kind of grew on me as episodes went on. Is it just me that I find the main female protagonist really hard to watch? I just think she overacts at times...just sayin'. Still love George though :x I'd watch him in ANYTHING  :P:D

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this taiwan series is a combination of dedication to your job/work , to your family (loved ones) and to your lover... :D 

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