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[✿✿ OFFICIAL ✿✿] Lee HongKi ♥ Kwon MinAh Thread [ Modern Farmer Couple ]

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        [OFFICIAL] Lee HongKi Kwon MinAh [ Modern Farmer Couple ]


                                                                    WELCOME TO
                                                        Lee HongKi Kwon MinAh
                                                         [OFFICIAL THREAD]

                                                                 Name: Lee HongKi
                                                            Birthdate:  Mar 02, 1990
                                                                     Band: FtIsland
                                                                 Position: Lead Vocals

                                                                  Name: Kwon Min Ah
                                                        Birthdate: September 21, 1993 
                                                                           Band: AOA
                                                       Position: Vocalist, Rapper, Bassist

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