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[Chinese Drama 2014] One and a Half Summer 一又二分之一的夏天

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Title : One and a Half Summer | 一又二分之一的夏天 | Yi You Er Fen Zhi Yi De Xia TianDirector : Script :Genre : Episodes : 30Broadcast Network : Dragon TVAiring Date : 23 June 2014Airing Time : 7.30PM (CST), MondayProduction Company : Official Website : 
Storyline/Synopsis :

Cast : Actor: Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul                                         Character Name: Zhang Hao                                         Character Year/Major: American-Chinese International School, 3rd year undergraduateCharacter Description:  Cheerful, playful, independent, stubborn, adaptive.                
He met a Chinese girl named Shu Qing in Santorini Island (Greece) and fell in love with her at first sight and because of this, he decided to go to Beijing for studies. In the school, he joined the school’s music band and became the lead vocalist and keyboard player.                
He became friends with the band members and also, the instructor. While working to earn some money and attending band activities, he used the remaining time to find Shu Qing, the girl of his dreams. However, he slowly realized his feelings for Luo Man, the girl who has always been by his side supporting and helping him.                        

Actor: Xu Lu                                        Character Name: Luo Man                                        Character Year/Major: 3rd year undergraduate majoring in Philosophy                                                         Character Description: Optimistic, cheerful, constantly works hard for the better, loud.
A plain, normal girl who does not possess a hint of femininity, she doesn’t like to dress up and is a tomboy. To protect her father’s place in the University as a lecturer, she forced her classmates to form the music band.
Through working part time, the band activities and misunderstandings, she met Zhang Hao, a charming overseas student. Initially, they are on bad terms and constantly bickering with each other, but after many incidents and getting to know each other better, she learned what is “love” from Zhang Hao and developed a crush on him.
However, at this time, her childhood friend, Su Yuan, decided to confess to her. A girl who has never dated before, she is at a loss and doesn’t know what to do with her love life.

Actor: Jiang Jing Fu                                        Character Name: Su Yuan                                        Character Year/Major: 3rd year undergraduate majoring in Law     Character Description: Perfectionist. Called “big bro” by his peers, knows very well how to take care of others, possesses great social skills and constantly follows his set of principles.
His maturity makes him stand out amongst his friends of the same age. He works hard to meet his parents’ expectations but this has caused him stress.
Forced by his childhood friend, Luo Man, to join the music band, he learnt how to relieve his stress through music and playing the instruments. He constantly takes care of Luo Man and is the first to clean up the mess she made.
He worries and cares for Luo Man but she finds him naggy. All along, he kept his love for her deep down inside his heart but after realizing that she is falling in love with Zhang Hao, he can no longer take it and decides to confess.

Actor: Wei Da Xun                                        Character Name: Ma Jun Cai                                        Character Year/Major: 3rd year undergraduate majoring in Finance Management                                                      Character Description: Constantly says ridiculous stuffs, big mouthed. He is always the first to spread any hot news, thus no one ever dares to tell him any secret. Because the consequences will be that your secret will be spread to the entire University campus within 5 mins. A flirt, but he has never dated before. 

Actor: Meng Jia (Miss A)                                        Character Name: Song Qing                                        Character Year/Major: 3rd year undergraduate majoring in AccountancyCharacter Description: Sensitive, has a lot of pride. Obtains stellar results, leads a rigid lifestyle. She hails from the poorer parts of China. 

Actor: Zhu Dan                                        Character Name: Ding Ling                                        Character Occupation: Pub owner                                                        Character Description: Opened a pub near the University. Has a young heart of a 20-year-old University undergraduate but she’s actually a 30+ year old single lady.
She loves young handsome men and has a dual personality. She acts as if she loves songs of the jazz genre but in actual fact, she loves to flaunt her riches. She acts as if she is a clean freak and cares a lot about her hygiene but actually, her room is nothing but a messy place. 
Through some incidents, she became a pair with Luo Hai Bin. 

Actor: Nick Zhou Tang Hao                                    Character Name: Tang Bo Wen                                             Character Description: Involved in the management of a big company, 27 years old. From young, he was chosen to inherit his family's company and so has been taught how to manage a large company etc. Even at a young age, his abilities are being recognized of and is currently working in the family's company. 
He has developed a confident personality since young, forever clinching the first position, and thinks that he is able to do everything right. Thus, there is nothing on Earth that he is scared of. He is, actually, not willing to inherit the family's business but left with no choice, he can only work hard and rises up the ranks quicker than the others. This has gained him much recognition, with everyone agreeing that he is worthy of inheriting the business. 
Having led a life which has all along been smooth sailing, he was stumped when his ideal lady wasn't in love with him. 
He started to protect her secretly, staying by her side and waiting for the day when she would finally forget the guy she loves, the girl is no other than Shu Qing. However, this caused Shu Qing to doubt his sincerity and started to keep a distance from him. Undeterred, Tang Bo Wen decides to go all out to pursue her. 

Actor: Ding Wen Wen                                        Character Name: Shu Qing                                         Character Occupation: Undergraduate in an Arts university and a cellistCharacter Description: Cold, unfeeling, quiet.
Leads a lifestyle wholly decided and planned by her parents. However, once it comes to the topic of marriage, she explodes and tries to retort for the very first time. As a girl who has never dated, she was forced by her father to marry a guy.
Made to learn Classical music because of her father but she actually only likes Rock/ Punk music. Became a pub singer without her parents’ consent.
In Santorini, she met a guy called Zhang Hao and both of them developed mutual feelings for each other. However, she was unable to say a proper good bye to Zhang Hao due to her father threatening her to return back to China as soon as possible.
Just when she was about to agree to the planned marriage, Zhang Hao appeared. She was scared that she will have a negative influence on Zhang Hao and also doesn’t have the courage to resist her parents’ control, she could only act as if she doesn’t know Zhang Hao. This broke Zhang Hao’s heart.CREDITS: Juqing (SOURCE) ; treecinrehs@2ONEDAY.COM (TRANS)
Gao Long Ke as Wen Ting TingZhou Xiao Ou as Luo Hai BinLi Chang as Wang Min QiangHe Yan Xi as Fan Bing Bing


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Nichkhun Introduces His Character From the Set of His New DramaJuly 31, 2013 

A picture of 2PM’s Nichkhun working on the set of Chinese drama “One and a Half Summer” was revealed, according to Star Today.
On July 30, Nichkhun uploaded this photo on his own Weibo account with the caption, “Hello, I am Jang Ho. Behind me is Seo Ro, who plays the role of Ru Oh Man. ‘One and a Half Summer,’ hwaiting!”

In the picture, Nichkhun stands inside a classroom, with his script in front of him. He wears a grey t-shirt and white pants, and looks at the camera. His small face and features attracted many netizens.
Some of their comments were, “I have to watch that Chinese drama since he will be starring in it,” “There’s light radiating from his face,” “His body proportions are perfect,” “You must be suffering from working in this hot weather,” and “I think his new drama will be fun.”
Nichkhun plays the role of Jang Ho, a man who returns to China from America to search for his lover at a college. Filming will continue until this October, and the first episode is set broadcast next summer. 
-----2PM’s Nichkhun Has Fun with “One and a Half Summer” Drama Cast MembersAugust 12, 2013 
Recently on August 10 on actor Jang Jing Fu’s Weibo account, several photos were uploaded with a short message, “My friendly roommate.”

In the released pictures are the actors of the Chinese drama “One and a Half Summer,” including 2PM’s Nichkhun. In the first photo, Nichkhun is sitting at a desk and smiling at the camera with a V-sign. In the second picture, he appears to be studying at his desk, while Jang Jing Fu points at him playfully.
Fans who saw these photos commented, “Nichkhun looks hot,” “They look like they are good friends,” “They all look like real college students,” and “I am looking forward to watching this drama.”

“One and a Half Summer” tells a story of the dreams and relationships of young university students. Filming will continue until this October, and the first episode is set to broadcast next summer. 
-----2PM’s Nichkhun Says Hello from GreeceOctober 13, 2013 
2PM member Nichkhun recently updated fans from the beautiful country of Greece.

On October 12, Nichkhun greeted his fans via his own Weibo account with three photos of himself. All these photos were taken in Santorini and Mykonos.
In the revealed photos, Nichkhun poses like a model on rocks, looks far into the sky with a small smile, and jumps up high near the seaside.  He appears to be enjoying his time in Greece next to the beauty of the beautiful shore.
Nichkhun also put a short message along with the photos and said, “Hello from Greece! You miss me? I’m in Mykonos.”
Fans saw the photos and commented, “It looks like he went there for a drama shooting,” “Wow. He jumps up really high,” and “I envy Greece.”

Nichkhun was recently cast in a new Chinese drama called “One and a Half Summer.” In the drama, he will play the role of a Chinese-American student who goes to China in search of the girl he loves. The drama is currently being filming in Xiamen and Beijing, China, and Santorini and Mykonos, Greece.

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2PM Nichkhun’s Romantic Kiss in Drama “One and a Half Summer” RevealedJune 20, 2014 
2PM Nichkhun’s kiss scene in a Chinese-Korean coproduction, “One and a Half Summer,” is drawing attention and raising fans’ expectations.

Ahead of the air date, the drama’s official Weibo posted several still cuts, including a romantic scene between Nichkhun and actress Yu Wen Wen.
In the drama, Nichkhun plays the role of Zhang Hao, while Yu Wen Wen acts as Shu Qing. Nichkhun’s character is a Chinese American student that runs away to avoid an arranged marriage, meets Shu Qing in Santorini, Greece, and ends up falling in love. The revealed photos are from the shooting that took place in Greece and shows Nichkhun and Yu Wen Wen sharing a sweet kiss scene.
During a recent press conference for “One and a Half Summer,” Nichkhun talked about what the kiss scene was like, “My entire body was sweating and nervous. I was also clenching my hands. It was embarrassing because so many people were watching.

This is Nichkhun’s first drama as a lead, and miss A‘s Jia will also be acting in it as well. “One and a Half Summer” will be airing its first episode on June 23!

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Nichkhun and MICHAÉL Get Ready for Debut of the Chinese Drama “One and a Half Summer”

Where has 2PM member Nichkhun disappeared to these days?
These days, he’s in China getting ready for his debut in the new Chinese-Korean drama “One and a Half Summer“. Chinese fans are ecstatic of the upcoming drama, which not only features Nichkhun, but fellow JYP and Chinese singer, Jia, as well. The drama made its debut on June 23.
A quick recap of the story is as follows. The popular 2PM singer-turned-actor will star as Zhang Hao, a Chinese-American student running away to avoid his arranged marriage. His romantic partner in the drama will be Yu Wen Wen, taking on the role of Shu Qing.
Starring alongside him will be MICHAÉL, an American singer, songwriter, and MC in Beijing. As a former contestant from “K-Pop Star,” he already knew about the 2PM star even before working with him on the upcoming Chinese drama. He’ll be providing all of Nichkhun’s dubbing in Chinese, since Nichkhun speaks English during the drama.
The one thing  MICHAÉL quickly noticed right away was Nichkhun’s star power in China. “The Chinese fans are really crazy about Nichkhun,” he said last week. “When I went to watch a movie at a mall last Friday, Nichkhun’s fans  knew who I was, since I was his Chinese voice actor, and started talking to me,” he said. “They wanted my autograph, took pictures with me, and asked how Nichkhun is in person.”
Both MICHAÉL and Nichkhun are hoping that the drama does well, as the success of “One and a Half Summer” can possibly lead to future Chinese-Korean collaborations in the future.

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2PM′s Nichkhun Becomes a Giant Drama Star in China Through ′One and a Half Summer′
The Chinese drama One and a Half Summer, which stars 2PM member Nichkhun, swept up Chinese audiences with its popularity.
Nichkhun appeared in the drama as an American-Chinese. He arrived in China in search of his first love, whom he met during a trip.

The drama aired 27 episodes from June 23 to July 2 exclusively through a satellite channel. Videos of the drama were also provided by main video sites within China, and drew over 400 million viewers.
It also topped search ranks on the largest portal sites, ranking no. 1 in variety searches on Baidu and no. 3 on Weibo′s video searches.
It even appeared at the top of drama charts on Youku Tudou, which holds over 80 percent of the market share among Chinese video sites.
On Vlinkage, a celebrity statistics site, Nichkhun landed on top of Chinese actor charts.
A rep from JYP Entertainment said, "Nichkhun found a solid foothold as an actor with the drama in China, and at the same time became a drama star."
One and a Half Summer also featured miss A′s Jia and Chinese actor Wei Da Xun.

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itemprop="name" class="ipsType_pagetitle" style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; font-size: 26px; font-weight: 300; line-height: 1.3; font-family: Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; color: rgb(50, 50, 50); background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);"Nichkhun becomes ‘invincible’ in China

Nichkhun of popular idol group 2PM has becom a star in China with his drama “One and a Half Summer.”

In the drama, Nichkhun portrays a Chinese-American man who visits China to find his first love, whom he met while traveling.

Nichkhun’s drama was broadcasted on Dragon TV from June 23 to July 2, and has 27 episodes. It was also released in China’s main online video sites, gaining more than 400 million viewers.

The drama has proven to be immensely popular, topping the entertainment section of China’s biggest search engine Baidu, and being the third most searching video on Chinese SNS site Weibo.

“One and a Half Summer” also continuously managed to stay in first place in the Chinese Drama section of “Youku Tudou,” China’s biggest video site.

With the success of his drama, Nichkhun is gaining more attention as an actor, topping the Chinese actor lists on the entertainment site “Vlinkage.”

“Nichkhun has established himself as an actor through ‘One and a Half Summer,’ and became a new rising star in China. Please root for his success,” his agency JYP Entertainment is quoted as saying.

Nichkhun is currently filming another Chinese drama, “Bucket List.”


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From Nichkhun weibo:BpRu-U0CYAERH1d.png
Trans : @蒋劲夫 hii jin fu!! you're on Korean TV hehe miss you!^^
-----140603 CCTV MOVIE&TV Express - Interview with Nichkhun

Picture stillBpcwT78CIAAWj_S.png

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2PM’s Nichkhun praised by co-actress for being a per​fect gentleman

In a recent interview, actress Yu Wen Wen praised 2PM’s Nichkhun for being a gentleman as revealed through their interactions while filming their 2013 drama.

Co-stars for the drama One and A Half Summers, the two seemed to have great chemistry as the actress spoke on her experience working with him.


She shared that the idol very much resembled both a “cute small cherry ball” because of his cute personality but also a perfect gentleman. She explained that as he knew she was left-handed, he often moved her chopsticks from the right to left side of the plate for her. Yu Wen Wen expressed that actions like were very chivalrous.

Meanwhile, 2PM will be making a group comeback on June 15th with their album No.5.

Check out her interview here:



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