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[Upcoming Chinese Drama 2015] Sage of Calligraphy Wang Xi Zhi 书圣王羲之

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Title: Sage of Calligraphy Wang Xi Zhi
Chinese Title: 书圣王羲之
Genre: Historical
Episodes: 40 episodes
Broadcast Network: TBA
Broadcast Period: TBA
Director: Zhou Xianglin
Screenwriter: Qiugang Jian and Liting Hua


Kim Tae Hee as Xi  Rui (the wife of Wang Xi Zhi)

Wu Li Peng as Wang Xi Zhi

Winston Chao

Liang Guanhua

Ding Haifeng



Kim Tae Hee Offered a Role in the Chinese Drama "Wang Xi Zhi"
Kim Tae Hee Confirmed to Star in Chinese Period Drama

Kim Tae Hee’s Chinese debut is a go

Kim Tae Hee leaves for China to film “Saint Wang Xizhi"
Kim Tae Hee in Beijing for Press Conference and Filming of Period C-Drama Sage of Calligraphy

“Saint Wang Xizhi” Director Reveals Kim Tae Hee’s Acting Secret

Kim Tae Hee looks exquisite in Chinese historical drama



The Real Wang Xi Zhi :

Wikipedia information about Wang Xi Zhi














The book below was distributed for a private preview of the drama on 25 October 2015.




































Credit images above : http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4128030712





Private Preview (25 October 2015)


Credit : breath





Credit all images, videos and information : As tagged/Owners

Please PM me if you wish me to update any information that you may have.

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Thank you, @ebullience, for creating this thread.

Wang Xi Zhi Press Conference in Beijing, China on 29 May 2014







Cr all pictures : As tagged/Owners

TV news on the press conference (sorry, no English translation):

金泰希(김태희,Kim Tae Hee)_WXZ Press Conference_SOHU



金泰希(김태희,Kim Tae Hee)_WXZ Press Conference_FX





金泰希(김태희,Kim Tae Hee)_WXZ Press Conference_MG



金泰希(김태희,Kim Tae Hee)_WXZ Press Conference_SINA



Credit all videos above : kimtaehee baidu 

金泰希KimTaeHee(김태희) - 訪問 20140530



Cr : 520stars5

Kim Tae Hee - Interview with Sina 050614



Cr : Fin Peo


kim tae hee’s chinese debut is a go



Links to a well written article about WXZ and a few anecdotes not found in that article. Have fun reading them!  

Newspaper article. Brief life history of WXZ.

http://printarchive.epochtimes.com/a1/en/au/nnn/2013/11-Nov/Edition 420/Edition_420_14.pdf 

The anecdotes of WXZ and his wife. 
Wang Xizhi liked to travel around the famous mountains and rivers. Whenever he saw the scripts of famous calligraphers, he would carefully imitate such scripts. It is said that when he was 53 years old, he still kept the habit of imitating the styles of ancient calligraphers. Once he went to bed, he still drew characters in the air with his fingers. Unconsciously, he moved the fingers on his wife's body. His wife was sulky and said, "Why do you always draw characters on other's body? Where is your own?" When Wang heard "your own," he suddenly realized that he should create a calligraphy style of his own. Later, he finally formed his unique style by concentrating others' merits.

Source : http://chinesegeography.skyrock.com/3150072162-Wang-Xizhi-the-Great-Calligrapher-Ending.html

Wang Xizhi, a famous calligrapher in Eastern Jin dynasty (31- 420 AD), began studying calligraphy in his childhood. After he became an adult, his calligraphy standard became higher. In order to be able to write good calligraphy, he practiced it all day in the studio and even forgot to eat and sleep.

Once, he wrote a character from morning to night, from night to late evening. His wife brought him a meal. He was too busy to eat it. This was because there was one character that he had written many times but he still did not like the way it looked. The meal became cold and it was warmed many times. Unconsciously, at the time that the rooster started to call, he finally realized that he was hungry. He grabbed a bun, soaked it with soybean milk, and started to eat. 

While he was eating, he suddenly knit his brow. There was that one character he did not like. So he started to rewrite that character while he was eating. At that time, his wife came in and asked him to rest. When she saw him, she was surprised. Then she started to laugh.
Because Wang Xizhi was so concentrated on writing the character, he did not realize that he had soaked the bun with ink. Obviously, he treated the ink as soybean milk by mistake. His wife brought him the mirror. Wang Xizhi looked at the mirror and started to laugh because his mouth was full of ink. 

Source : http://www.pureinsight.org/node/4490


Where the filming will be, as known at the time of this posting.




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Some more pictures.






Cr all pictures : OwnersCourtesy of Kim Tae Hee (Vietnamese fanpage) FB

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Cr pictures : KTH Baidu
Courtesy of Kimtaehee Club at Popcornfor2

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Ebullience, thank u for making this thread :) 

Here's pics KTH wore female's clothing in WXZ drama 
KTH wore a traditional Chinese dress called 'Hanfu', she look great in that dress, it really suits her :) 
1604953_396716293801259_681057952721860510469210_396715997134622_26995132027535910426671_396715993801289_822027039609066cr baidu 

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Chinese article 
Producer Mr Cheung of Wang XiZhi Chinese drama interview with news.hexun. He explains why he chose KTH act in this drama. 

"Wang" Why invite Kim Tae Hee

Kim Tae Hee profile picture

40 set of historical drama "sage Wang Xizhi" (referred to as "Wang") are ZhejiangXiangshan shooting after "a drama of two star" policy, many producers have ideas to reduce costs, the play has invested billions of dollars, can be described as "alternative" . It is understood that the play by the painter Zhou Xianglin served as director, Korean actress Kim Tae Hee as the female lead, a number of well-known calligrapher cameo in the drama. Recently, the reporter interviewed a drama producer, famous contemporary calligrapher Zhang Zhi weight.

  In Zhang Zhi seems heavy, fast track prevalent custom of the United States is not "Wang," the producers sought direction to dig a unique perspective of traditional Chinese culture is the question, "We care about the quality of the play or the cost down in the second." For the director of the production team who have a lot of calligraphy, Mr Cheung said that this is an important characteristic of the play, "Kim Tae Hee as the heroine is invited to develop the international market, will play and play traditional Chinese culture spread to Asia and the world more many countries, no negative news, not cosmetic, highly educated Kim Tae Hee described as the best candidate. " For Kim Tae Hee's paycheck, said Zhang Zhi weight to disclose, "Compared with the domestic first-line star, the price is very reasonable." He also said that in the future there will be a Japanese film star after another into the group and other countries.

  Star paycheck if not the bulk of spending, then the "Wang" which spent billions of dollars of investment are you? Mr Cheung said heavy, less involved in the domestic history of the Eastern Jin Dynasty drama theme, in order to restore the true lifestyle of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, many scenes need to be ride, costumes and props had to personally make a lot of props for the first time in the history of the play, such as drama ink, paper and ink will strictly follow the traditional method to restore production, costume drama build as many sets of custom clothing also pay attention to, "on the current understanding of the stock market is concerned, we have not shot a Chinese drama."


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Chinese news : Kim Tae Hee - WXZ filming

Cr : kimtaehee baidu

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Chinese Article 

id="h1title" class="ep-h1" style="padding: 0px; margin: 0px; font-size: 26px; line-height: 31px; letter-spacing: -1px; color: rgb(37, 37, 37); font-family: 宋体, sans-serif; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);"Season "golden supporter" and Kim Tae Hee on the show can start2014-07-16

Yesterday, the Season "golden supporter" was officially launched. To allow more small partners have the opportunity to cast, this year we added a post: recruit two assistants led teachers to complete the "sage Wang Xizhi" experience.

Kim Tae Hee starred in "Shu Wang Xizhi"
Kim Tae Hee starred in "Shu Wang Xizhi"

Zhejiang Online - Today Morning July 16 reported yesterday, Fifth Season "golden supporter" was officially launched. Gender, age, appearance, occupation, hobbies, planet ...... without any restrictions, as long as you like to watch movies and television, as long as you are on the television show, the crew living curiosity, you can enroll.

And in order to allow more small partners have the opportunity to go to the crew, this year we added a post: recruit two assistants led teachers to complete the "sage Wang Xizhi" experience.

Day yesterday, micro-channel "show a little" Kelly has received little more than 200 partners who sign up, most of them are 90.

First assistant launch gold, but also very lively, registration started only two days, the number went to hundreds of people, they come from all walks of life, there are very accurate Man police station front desk, but cautious, such as hair full-time mom, heatstroke heat-resistant Doctors, ignite passion DJ, and even "can help design the costumes," the designer and "gold supporting wrote the script for the" network of writers ...... In short, everyone has good skills

In addition, the goddess Kim Tae Hee, also attracted a lot of players.Yesterday, reporters from the "sage Wang Xizhi" crew learned that, after actress Kim Tae Hee crew arrived, they entered the tense shoot. This time, we also got her stills (before the crew can never published oh) - costumes of Kim Tae Hee, you must be the first time I saw it.

Directed by Zhou Xianglin told reporters, "Shu Wang Xizhi" is a very serious historical drama, showing Wang legendary life. And Kim Tae Hee in the drama is played Mrs. Wang - Wang Rui Xi good wife. She has completed shooting in Xiangshan dozen scene, so Chou impressive, is finished with a highlight after Wang's mother, Kim Tae Hee plays exclusively on mother's Chinese actress Wang Chia bowed, expressed deep respect.

Zhou said the director, why invite Kim Tae Hee as the female lead, mainly out of consideration the international market, they visit a lot of stars, there is no bad news, no plastic surgery, Kim Tae Hee has a high level of education can be described as the best candidate.

It is worth mentioning that the "sage Wang Xizhi," the creative team behind the famous painting by a number of contemporary composition, but also provide a guarantee for the strict style of this drama. Among them, the honorary chairman of the Chinese Calligraphers Association, Mr. Shen Peng, as the play's overall guidance and General Counsel arts; drama director and screenwriter, who with drama "Out of the Blue River," which won the Chinese drama "Double Ten" director Zhou Xianglin, itself is a painter, is currently China Calligraphers Association. Also, the producer is also a calligrapher Zhang Zhi heavy, art director and deputy director Ding Jianfei Wang Xiaochun for young painters.

As many players seeking a photo, seeking signatures, seeking hug little mind, the reporter also secretly and inquire about the next week lead-lipped, Chou said that it will try to meet everyone's needs, oh.


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Pics: BTS of WXZ drama
:x :x :x
cr. http://www.weibo.com/u/2149556472

Info: KTH will shoot the drama in Mount Wutai in Shanxi, China for 10 days on 10 August. cr. baidu  

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cr. http://www.weibo.com/u/2905068271?from=profile&wvr=5&loc=infdomain

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In the top picture below, Kim Tae Hee with her male lead co-star and the director for C-drama, Wang Xi Zhi.


Credit picture : As tagged/Owner, via BaiduCourtesy of Popcornfor2 

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I used Google Translation for this Vietnamese article, with minor edits by me.

id="content_title" style="margin: 0px 0px 5px; padding: 20px 20px 0px; border: 0px; font-family: Tahoma; line-height: 28px; vertical-align: baseline;"Kim Tae Hee's hot cape between 40 degrees

Newsen - Close historical dramas Kim Tae Hee should wear costumes floor layers and layer coating with an extremely warm coat between the sun 40 degrees of summer in China.

With the intention to develop images to the Chinese market, Kim Tae Hee recently regularly appeared at events in the most populous country in the world. Not only that, she also starred in the historical dramas Central South cooperation with a budget up to 10 billion won (200 billion dong) named Wang Xizhi. Recently, the crew has revealed some backstage photos of the couple actress Kim Tae Hee and Wang Quan's on the set. The backstage photos shows Kim Tae Hee and costar extremely hard in the clothes floors below grade class of 40 degree heat of summer here.


Kim Tae Hee and Wang Military Personnel must wear thick clothes in 40 degree heat

Although it’s hard, Kim Tae Hee always has fresh smile. She is also very good to the staff on the filming crew. Conditions filming Kim Tae Hee austere but not complaining or demanding anything. Despite the language barrier, but Kim Tae Hee integrate very well and often brings laughter to the crew.


The couple photographed with actor and director

Wang Xizhi is the first drama of actress Kim Tae Hee in entering the Chinese film market. In the drama, she plays the wife of Wang Xizhi and many disguise scenes. It is known to prepare for the role, Kim Tae Hee had to learn Chinese and study in the field of calligraphy. Films with the participation of actors like Wang's China Army, Ca Tu Cam Wow, Luong Quan Hoa, Trieu Van Tuyen.



Some photos of Kim Tae Hee disguised as a male in the drama.


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