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[Movie 2014] A Dynamite Family 덕수리 5형제

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Movie: A Dynamite Family / 덕수리 5형제 / Deoksuri 5Hyungje

Also known as : Five Eagle Brothers | Brothers from Duksoori / 덕수리 오 형제 |  Five Siblings in Deoksu Village (literal title)
Director : Jeon Hyung-Joon

Genre : Comedy, Thriller




Release Date: 4 December 2014

Run time: 102 minutes

Production : Cicada

Distributor : Lotte Entertaiment

Language : Korean

Country : South Korea

Website : Facebook | Homepage | #덕수리5형제


- Yoon Sang Hyun as Soo Kyo
- Song Sae Byeok as Dong Soo
- Hwang Chan Sung as Soo Geun
- Lee Ah Lee as Hyun Jung
- Kim Ji Min as Soo Jung
- Lee Kwang Soo as police constable Park Soon Kyung
- Sung Byoun Sook as mother
- Choi Jong Won as father
- Kim Kwang Kyu as new village foreman
- Ahn Young Mi as nail shop customer
- Nichkhun as police officer (cameo)

SYNOPSISThe five brothers and sisters will be played by Yoon Sang-Hyun, Song Sae-Byeok, Chansung, Lee Ah-Lee & Kim Ji-Min. They all become a family through their parents' second marriage. Lee Kwang-Soo will play a police officer in Deoksuri Village. Story for the film has the siblings involved in an unexpected case and they begin to appreciate each other as genuine family members because of this.


- Trailer : WATCH- - Character Trailer

OST* Yoon Do Hyun - Five Eagle Brothers Audio | MV

Filming for the movie began November 11, 2013 in South Korea and the movie will be released sometime in 2014. 
AsianWiki |

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Lee Kwang Soo and 2PM’s Chansung Cast Together in New Movie
2PM’s Chansung has been cast as the male lead in the upcoming movie, “5 Eagle Brothers.”
Chansung begins filming for the movie this week, working with actors Yoon Sang Hyun, Song Sae Byuk, and Lee Aiee.
The movie follows five brothers who experience a deal of trouble after trying to revive family affections. Hwang Chansung plays Soo Geun who dreams of becoming a police officer. Despite seemingly hot-tempered, Soo Geun’s warm heart portrays the value of family in the upcoming movie.
“5 Eagle Brothers” has additionally announced Lee Kwang Soo as a cast member of the movie. The addition of Lee Kwang Soo, known for his funny character on SBS’ “Running Man” has amped up the excitement for the movie. Furthermore, the star-studded line-up has caused many to anticipate the upcoming movie as the heart-warming plot and its cast of talented actors have made “5 Eagle Brothers” a must watch movie.
The movie “5 Eagle Brothers” is set to release next year. 
2PM’s Chansung Cast in Movie ‘5 Brothers of Deoksuri’
Stepping into the movie world, 2PM Chansung has been casted in the upcoming movie, 5 Brothers of Deoksuri (Tentative English Title). 
On November 11, JYP Entertainment announced that Chansung has been cast as Su Geun, a hot-tempered man with a soft heart on the inside. Chansung will be working alongside Yoon Sang Hyun, Song Se Byuk, Lee Kwang Soo, and Lee Ah Yi in the film about a group of people that become family through marriage. 
An affiliate of the movie revealed that Chansung was cast after the 2PM member showed his charms and acting through KBS’ 7th Grade Civil Servant.
The movie will begin filming on November 11 and is set to premiere sometime in 2014. 

2PM Chansung to Team Up with Yoon Sang-hyun, Lee Kwang-soo in New Movie
K-pop idol star Chansung of 2PM will show brotherly affection with actors Yoon Sang-hyun and Lee Kwang-woo on the big screen.

Changsung has been cast in new Korean film, tentatively titled “Deok-soo-ri Five Brothers,” crank in on Monday co-starring Yoon, Lee, film star Song Sae-byuk, Lee Ah-i and Kim Ji-min.
In the comic thriller centering on five brothers trying to rebuild family affection, the idol-turned-actor takes on would-be policeman Soo-geun of five brothers.
“We decided to cast Chansung after watching his diverse charms and deep emotions shown in dramas,” an official with the upcoming film explained.
Chansung, 23, took on his first major role in MBC’s romantic comedy “7th-grade Civil Servant” early this year and also starred in KBS’s one-act drama “Your Noir” (translated title).
“Deok-soo-ri Five Brothers” will be Chansung’s second big screen feature after his debut movie “Red Carpet,” slated to hit the local theaters next year.

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Another food truck on the location. This time from Yoon Sang Hyun fan club. Somewhere in December too.1606978_582880611792275_287047730_n.jpg?
More pictures on this blog. http://blog.naver.com/chowonil25/80204183660
Looks like it more easier to search about this movie the fan support compared to pictures of their filming and all.

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Wrap up party from Min So Hyun IG.BlpT8qVCUAEN9_5.jpg
Caption : #이광수 #황찬성 #나혼자산다 #김광규 #김지민 #이아이 #덕수리오형제 #크랭크업 #쫑파티~! #냐하하하핫

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This is so weird how I found this. While searching for new info about this movie in Daum. There is an actress been linked up for this movie but so far I don't found her name on movie profile. Maybe she got minor character. The funny thing is she been linked up on Lee Byung Hun cases and she got the same name as other person involved and her agency release a statement and include this movie name.
Here she is actress Lee Ji Yeon.hyunk102020140905131919_O_01_C_1.jpg
The excerpt from the article that mention this movie.한편 이지연은 1984년생으로 영화 '이쁜 것들이 되어라', '이것이 우리의 끝이다'에 출연했으며, '덕수리 오 형제'의 개봉을 앞두고 있다.http://economy.hankooki.com/lpage/sports/201409/e20140905132203120390.htm

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@adikkeluangman,  Thanks for starting this thread I been looking forward to this story

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I like ChanSung and Yoon SangHyun - I definitely will be here when it comes out.

This is supposed to be comedy, right?  ChanSung is known  for his big laughs.

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Yes, we got first look on the scene. I guess this was from the talent agency that provide talent like toddlers. 
Yoon Sang Hyun (the hair and glasses) and Chansung with the baby. I don't recognize another man there. Looks like they play hwatu10689879_643181075789993_511293679701177

YSH on monitor10659152_773564362707577_716200600178908
Source : hope2say via YSH HK FC

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From Coffee Mr. Kim IG.1690160_653624074701353_1391725254_n.jpg
Caption: #덕수리5형제 #수근 #찬성 #황찬성 #2PM #커피차 #커피트럭 #커피볶는김대리 세번째 만난 찬성님께 드린 #더치커피

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