[Variety] Happy Sunday -1 Night, 2 Days (1박 2일) S3 -NEW MEMBER YOON SHI YOON -E121 160501

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I was pleasantly surprised to have Taehyun and the Cha siblings doing the commentary. It was a genius idea to have them promote the wildlife conservation message. Thumbs up to the production team for such a lovely and cute ending to that trip. Would be nice to have them come back again, even small segments will be good enough for me. 

The baseball games are fun but it would be better if the team members are spilt and paired with the boys. I think the chemistry would be different and you can see the interactions between members and the kids. Competition between kids and adults does not resonate with me even though the kids are a strong team. 

Many good moments during the match e.g. Jong Min seeking revenge on PD. They are now my favourite pair :D Joon Ho and Donggu were impressive with their indiviudal game segments - continuation of their last week victory hahaha.. I loved the members teasing Defconn with the announcer hahaha Members were very quick to pick up that he is aware that she went to Japan.. love the editing team for showing their reactions :D:D

Overall, it was an enjoyable episode just a bit disappointed with the ratings 

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These last episodes are very funny and good, especially since the episode you start the 51 routes. How many routes are missing ??? I'm lost LOL
Also the drama of CTH And DG I am impatient to see this new format of drama, apparently it will bring us the kpop of yesterday and today, from its beginnings until now
PD what I am most curious is if Donggu is a good dancer hehehehe, I have seen dancing and it is bad especially the gangam style kekekeke
Do not forget to support next week to J2 in his debut in Music Bank, the teaser is good and Very funny LOL :tongue:




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