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Go Seung Ji

Kang Ha Neul 강하늘 - Enlisted in Military [September 11, 2017 - May 23, 2019]

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Reposting from SHS thread, since I took the time to dig this up.


giphy.gif This is from 'Angel Eyes'.

SHS is the young version of the main lead blind girl's best friend, and here she, knowing that KHN likes the blind girl, lets him know that tomorrow is her birthday so that he can plan something nice for her to celebrate it.



Here KHN notices from the books she's holding and asks if she's studying to become a police officer, to which she says, "that's right, so?", to which he says, it "suits you well" (I wonder why ), and she just says, "get it right" (meaning he'd better not mess up whatever he plans for the blind girlfriend birthday celebration, to make her happy), then walks off. (He's all happy afterwards though, that she told her about his love's birthday, which he didn't know about.)


I want to see SHS do a different work with KHN when he's discharged in May. This was OK as her very early role with a few lines, but entirely dissatisfying if this were to be the only role she has with this most talented young actor (and her high school classmate). His 경상도 사투리 (hicky accent) was great, and AE was one of those rare dramas when the younger pair did such a fantastic job that they left a much bigger impact as the 'backstory' than the main grown-up couple - in fact once KHN and his counterpart left the screen it was so bad and the story so ridiculous I stopped watching it altogether.






Hola Friend(s).


Just a friendly declaration that I'm also now on the KHN watch/wait mode. If I hear that more of his fans would also like to see his reunion on screen with Shin Hye-Sun, I'd be delighted. Here's to a happy 2019 wishing for this and more! :love:


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Stars Who Will Be Discharged From The Military In 2019


Many top celebrities who are currently serving in the military are due to finish their service in 2019!


While it felt as if the time would never pass, fans are excited to hear that their long wait is coming to an end.


Kang Ha Neul



Kang Ha Neul is scheduled for discharge on May 23. Along with Ji Chang Wook, Kang Ha Neul also participated in the military musical “Shinheung Military Academy.” He also led the national anthem at The 63rd Memorial Day Commemoration Ceremony with Joo Won, Ji Chang Wook, and Im Siwan.



(skipped unrelated...)



credit : soompi news



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tumblr_mqjha7QebX1rcyy6mo1_250.gif I hope Kang Ha-Neul makes more great music as only he can when he returns.

No one knew at the time that life can and would imitate drama so cruelly (for one of these 2), but when I found out recently what happened, scenes like this makes my heart ache for all the wasted youth. :cold_sweat:


Lyrics in Korean here for this sad classic KHN and other young artists have brought back.




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