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Soo-Ha & Hye Sung Couple (Lee Jong Suk & Lee Bo Young)

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 Lee Jong-suk
life everywhere egg

Lee Jong-suk this person is actually quite interesting. 
I remember that when I first watched the listening, I really looked at it. But always feel that the love for this child should last for eight months. 

I haven’t been there for eight months, so I’m still very fascinated, so I’m determined that the first time I stepped into the domestic fm, I’m determined to see the real person once, no matter how difficult or difficult the road is. 
If you put it down and put it down after reading it, remember it if you can't put it down. 

Always remember the appearance of a teenager as pure as water. 
When the host asked, do you like books? Answer, I like to watch comics. 
So the host turned his bag on the spot, in addition to daily necessities, there is really a thick comic, his favorite One Piece. 

I was not surprised or disappointed at the time. 
It seems that such a beautiful and beautiful face is a poem that is pale and pale, and the long-lasting books seem to be a bit out of place. 

He also reviewed it himself, and he should read more books. 
When doing the show, Liu Renna’s sister repeatedly yelled at him and wanted to study more. 

The typical type is not the type of school. 
It is completely different from the recent celebrity in the celebrity. This is a person who has never exposed his academic qualifications but is really a master. 
With his own ability, he was admitted to the National University of Korea, which has a high ranking. 
After completing the undergraduate degree in performance at the Jianguo University, I went on another road. 
He has never bought such a person. 
Not even mentioned. 

He said that I really believed when I was not studying. 
Behind it, I don’t believe it. 

Because every time he reads his interview, he can always feel the majestic system of this person's entire ideological system. 
Once again, it will inevitably pay tribute to him with a dumb and awe-inspiring attitude.

If a person is insane, it is impossible to carry out those thoughts that incite the soul. 
With regard to living, the meaning of life is about the choice of the road. 
He wakes up and he wakes up. 
He is wise, he is smart. 
He is pure, he is complicated. 
He thought more, he was kind. 
He is open-minded and he forgets me. 

It's hard to imagine that a person who only likes to read comics will have such a spiritual realm. 
It's also hard to imagine that a person who doesn't like box text doesn't like books will have such an indifferent and calm attitude towards life. 

Later I looked at the work he chose. The more he loves him more and more. 
So faint, like a beautiful text that is not ill. 
There is no speed of passion. It’s just a matter of flowing clouds and slowly advancing. 
I remembered that I once saw a great evaluation. It seems like this. I saw the praise of death, always thinking of the wet white flower buds, quietly, little by little bloom. 

Just like Romance is an appendix to the album, it is also called romance is a subtitle to give people the feeling. 
Although I remembered it many times, I finally realized the true meaning of these two names in the seventh episode. 

Love, romance is just a thin supplement for heavy life. 
In the heavy and heavy life, more is the disappointment of life, and after the disappointment, we face the spirit. 

I did not expect that this is just a simple attitude to watch the drama. 
Just cherish the cherished mood, but every episode will cry and cry. 
Perhaps it is the softest part of the heart that is unintentionally poked. 
Or experience too many tears that have too many resonances. 

Every time I face a person I love with a dumb mood. 
I want to be enthusiastic about the book by everyone in the publishing house. 
That kind of spirit may be similar to my current mood at some point.
I also want to work hard to write every word, and I hope that more people will see the beauty and praise of Li actor who is annihilated by himself.:heart:
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There are only four words to save 

oneself, and how difficult it is to do. Some people have seen that the woman has been so miserable and has begun to dislike. So lack of empathy, and hope that ta can save himself? Ask yourself, If I experienced the same experience as Jiang Danyi, I have the perseverance to insist on living in a house with no water and no electricity for one year, while doing odd jobs while interviewing. I have not refused to give up after being rejected N times. I have the courage to throw away my university degree to apply for a job. I was arbitrarily sent by the board of directors, and I took the meager income of the contract workers. I still want to do more things to share more responsibility. The 

last point is that many people have already done it hard. A person who strives to be better will definitely get better.:wub:

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1stlookofficial ins update 
Vol.170 United Colors of ROMANCE 
"Hey, is not that people are staring profoundly." 
It is said that when the movie "VIP", the Interpol Cai Yi Road, sitting across from Lee Jong-suk first meeting lines Let's go. 
Is the line true? Li Zhongshuo, he really gaze at people. Clear brown eyes with accumulated underground spring water. At the scene of Ce & Pictorial, he saw him in the romance of honey as sweet as honey. 
Cr. 1stlookofficial 
Vol.170 united colors of ROMANCE 
'어이, 사람그렇게그윽하게쳐다보는거아니야.' 
영화< #브이아이피(# VIP)>에서형사#채이도가맞은편에앉은#이종석을첫대면하며내뱉은대사죠 . 
대사 는 실화 인가요. # 이종석 ( @ jongsuk0206 ) 그는 정말 사람 을 그윽하게 쳐다 봅니다. 암반수 가고 인듯 맑은 갈색 눈동자 로. # 씨이 앤 ( @ce .AND) 화보 촬영 현장 에서 꿀 처럼 달콤한 로맨스 중인 그를 만 났어요. 
Kang Misun, Park Jiyoung 
Choi Yongbin 
Hyun Chul(Blow) 
Kim Kangmi 
Lee Hyeyoung 
Yoo Hyewon 
#퍼스트룩#Leejongsuk #로맨스는별책부록#차은호 #똧# 위드#CEand #1stlook #1stlookstar
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.....mini ...RAGNAR....!!!!!!!!!!....:heart::blush:...............mini...VIKINGS...!!!!!!!!!:innocent:

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[ @ Lee Jong-suk ] 190,220, "Lee Jong-suk endorsement [heart]"   
 romance with separate volume appendix  Lee Jong-suk 
[Too happy][Too happy] Soviet secret endorsement of the new plan coming 
cr sum37_official 
# romance with separate volume appendix #  romantic is not, Appendix # # Lee Jong-suk getting better
sum37_official INS更新:
the power of a long fermentation
became deeper and Jean luxury anti-aging,

as chaohreuneun light from inside
the skin of the most brilliant climax every day. 

The essence of breath,
the culmination of beauty. 

# Summa Essence 

 SUM  # SUM37 # hide  # 37 # hide natural fermentation _ # summa Essence #losecsumma  # # summa essence #essence # Skincare  # # Anti-Aging Beauty Star g  # Daily 
 cosmetics # cosmetics like # skincare  #daily # kbeauty #kcosmetics #koreanbeauty
# Lee Seok # leejongsuk # jongsuk0206  @ jongsuk0206
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#罗曼史是别册附录# 第7集尾声
은호: 내 시선의 끝엔 항상 강단이가 있다. 我的视线总是追随着姜丹伊
혼자서 빛나는 법을 잘 아는 사람. 一个自己知道该如何发光的人
항상 열심히 행복할 줄 아는 사람. 一个自己知道如何认真幸福的人
항상 같은 자리에서 반짝이는 북극성같은 사람. 一个在一成不变的位置上闪闪发光 像北极星一般的人0062VHK8gy1g09qwprjjnj30nc0iu0v8.jpg


9 hours ago

Yes @ @ When can I lose to 85 pounds : So he loved Jiang Tanyi for so many years, my sister deserves to have such love.:wub:# 罗曼史 是 别别 附录 #
Eunho: There is always a pulpit at the end of my gaze. 我 的 视线 总是 追 随着 姜 丹伊
A person who knows how to shine by himself. Self - intelligence
A person who always knows how to be happy. How self - intelligent is it?
People like Polaris who always shine in the same spot. One - on - one unchangeable position.:wub:
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 Lee Jong-suk
good to hear your voice like his is my first look at two large drama, two days before reading hee hee. Although I watched it very late, I finally found out that this treasure is now watching when you are sleeping, and it is really good to read all the dramas he played. The scripts and acting skills that are picked are superb. They are[heart]good actors with both appearance and business ability and morality.
Unfortunately, I have watched it too late. I checked it out. I want to join the army. Wait for you to come back.[poor][poor][poor]

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