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Soo-Ha & Hye Sung Couple (Lee Jong Suk & Lee Bo Young)

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12 hours ago

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10 hours ago

Staff update, every day and night for a month, hard 
cr leeeee_seok 
p1 is like the second episode of the scene, the camera did not shoot, the silhouette is also beautiful ~

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I’m sorry for depending on you the most, but pretending like I didn’t need you. I love you more than anyone else, but I’m sorry that I didn’t show it. I’m sorry for only thinking about the end and really anxious about the end while looking at you. I’m sorry about everything http://moonlightsdream.tumblr.com/tagged/I Hear Your Voice

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....off topic....for OURSELVES...!!!!!:heart:

A netizen saw it on the subway. The little boy’s mother should be tired and fell asleep. The little boy tried his best to protect his mother from sleeping. [heart] O microblogging video
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............si llego a besarte...!!!!!:heart:.........if I get to kiss you.........:heart:

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Fotografia postatÄ de Lee Jong Suk FansRu.#LeeJongSuk #SBS Drama Special#HeHymnOfDeath][2018.12.07 Article: KIM WOO JIN - THE PRECURSOR OF THE KOREAN EXPRESSIONISM]#KimWooJin (1897-1926), the first professional literary critic in the history of Korean literature, as well as the poet, essayist and dramatist has not been highly valued in the Korean theatre and literary circles for a very long time. 
His literary achievements were not revealed until the late of 1970s and published in 1983. 
Korean historians of literature and researchers of the modern Korean theatre immediately noticed and paid special attention to Kim Woo Jin's original artistic view and varied interests, his extensive knowledge of Western literature and remarkable insight into Western philosophy, as well as the novel literary technique, vivid and distinct especially in his dramatic output that maybe modest in quantity but very unique in comparison with the works of other Korean writers of the 1920s. 
The artistic view of Kim Woo Jin formed under the influence of Schopenhauer's metaphysical irrationalism, Nietzsche's relativist theory of value and Bergson's intuitive philosophy of life. 
Kim Woo Jin did not limit himself to the literary convention of realism that was gaining some popularity in Korean intellectual circles but very soon became interested in the avant-garde current of German expressionism recognizing its new, limitless options of theatrical and artistic expression. 
Dealing with social issues, Kim Woo Jin as the first playwright in the history of Korean literature broke with the conventional style and romantic mode. Instead he included in the content of his plays own reflections and extended them by contemplating the main character's psyche. 
He also enriched his works with many autobiographical motifs, often presented in an extremely subjective manner.

Credit http://cejsh.icm.edu.pl/cejsh/element/bwmeta1.element.085276a3-110a-3ac0-8819-36b271938439
Edited  ibru Soompihttps://www.facebook.com/Lee-Jong-Suk-FansRu-1178413335529299/

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“I tried to raise her to be the person I wanted her to become, but it was no use. Soo Jin was abandoned under the tree in front of her orphanage and she never forgot that memory of herself. She remained the same girl that she’d been under that tree and grew up all alone while being brave, lonely, and penniless.”http://moonlightsdream.tumblr.com/tagged/mother

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Swaying blooming flowers 

2 hours ago from iPhone client

Li Zhongshuo ins update 
jongsuk0206올해도너목들:heart: 사랑하는우리누나.. 순산하시고건강하세요
This year is also listening to music 亲Dear our sister.. I wish Shun production health :heart:

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