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Soo-Ha & Hye Sung Couple (Lee Jong Suk & Lee Bo Young)

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Yesterday at 12:42 from the super-talk

timeline_card_small_super_default.pngLee Jong-suk [메이킹] 이종석 ♥ 신혜선, 애틋함 넘치는 선 상위 춤 과 의 키스 ♥ # 찰떡 궁합 89M_MANSION seconds to shoot videotimeline_card_small_video_default.png

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#她的秘密,鎏金茫茫# Do you still remember the first time you met @李钟硕 's heartbeat moment? Su Mi 37 ° #鎏金溯芒# series, to create a sheet of gold to shine the skin, inadvertently a glimpse, can make him instantly lost, stunned. From now on, until December 12th at 12 o'clock, go to the online or offline platforms, collect the advertising pictures of @李钟硕 x #鎏金溯芒# series, and send them to us. We will collect the platform most ... Expand full text c
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Lee Jong-seok, 'Pyeonmyeo of the company', No Guarantee, 'popular + meaning'

Article Entered 2018.12.05 at 8:07 am Original article
The2018120601000279300019621_20181205080725274.jpg?type=w540actor Lee Jong-seok was acknowledged for his role as a non-substitute actor through the 'praise of the company', which received both favorable and meaningful comments from actor Lee Jong-seok. He played a role as a top actor in the role of No Guarantee, and he was able to earn his sense of ownership. In the first drama, he proved his deep acting skills and continued to lead a smiley filmography. 

Lee Jong-seok is a young man who loves Literature, his motherland, and his only lover Shim Hye-sun, but can not have any of them at all in the TV Cinema "Praise of the Company" (written by Cho Su-jin and directed by Park Soo-jin) I played the role of writer Kim Woojin. 

The "praise of the company" has been dramatized several times through film musicals, but this is the first time to focus on the life of the writer Kim Woo-jin, not Soprano Yoon. Lee Jong-seok moved away from Kim Woo-jin's character, which was somewhat glazed in the same name, and made Kim Woo-jin, who has a passion for writing, realistic and re-inspired. 

As many of his works have been recognized for his ability to play boundlessly in the genre, his character's digestive power was enough to capture the eyes and hearts of viewers even in the period drama. Without a lot of ambassadors and emotional expressions bursting into the ages and painful love, expressing the feelings of Kim Woo-jin delicately and intimately expressing his presence as a "believing and seeing actor" was once again confirmed.

Lee Jong - seok delivered the depth of love to the viewers in the melody of Shin Hye Sun and Sim Deok. It was a rapid development that lasted from the first meeting to the death in only three times, but Kim Ji-suk's detailed emotional change was enough to make viewers fall into the drama. In addition, Ujine, who was tired of revealing herself because she was suppressed by her dreams, met her with a pen and grabbed the pen again, expressing her feelings of love, convinced by Lee Jong - suk 's brilliant acting ability. 

Here, the voice of the bass and the precise Dixion, etc., Which is unique to Lee Jong - seok, were the occasion to introduce Kim 's poetry to the people living in this era. The beautiful narration that flows through his voice in the beautiful mise-en-scène has enjoyed the joy of listening to viewers, and the beauty of Lee Jong-seok's original beauty, 

In particular, Lee Jong - seok 's no - guaranty appearance, which combines acting power and star performance, has attracted the public' s interest in the activation of the one - piece act and doubled the meaning of the company 's praise. He made his debut as a teen star through 'High Kick Series', and after many love calls, he appeared in the drama special 'When I Was the Most Beautiful'. He has been steadily interested in the one - . I was sympathetic to the fact that the one-act plays should be activated in order to find new producers and actors with potential.

In addition, I cooperated with director Park Soo-jin, who shared his trust and confidence with his previous film "You Are Sleeping." He was able to produce a full-fledged 'Pantomy of the Company' with his first shovel cast by Lee Jong- Lee Jong-seok was applauded by a lot of people in the positive direction of 'the company's praise,' although Lee Jong-seok had a sense of burden as a Korean-American star because of the fact that he was based on the true story of the Japanese colonial period. After broadcasting, he added the support of the public through the SNS, saying "SBS should make a lot of single-act plays". 

Lee Jong-seok's meaningful walk leads to expectations for his next work. He will appear in front of the public with his first romantic comedy in the debut ten years after TVN's new Saturday drama 'Romance is a supplementary book' (playwright Jung Hyunjung, director Lee Jung-hyo) He played a somewhat fantasy character and deep emotional narrative through the compound genre. In this work, he is expected to capture Korea's emotions by showing the charm of "Yeonnam" which is more realistic. 

On the other hand, Lee Jong - seok is in the midst of filming 'Romance is a supplementary book'. https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=076&aid=0003353777

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[ @ Lee Jong-suk ] 181,205 "death lauding [heart]Korean news network translation" 
# is not romantic, Appendix #  Lee Jong-suk     
# Death lauding # # more beautiful Lee Jong-suk # 
"Death lauding" Lee Jong-suk acting praise and Zero- 
paying performance is extraordinary double harvest [Mydaily = Li Yien reporter] actor Li Zhongshuo won the praise and the zero pay for the first time to challenge the drama. The extraordinary double harvest 

ended on the evening of the 4th SBS TV one-act drama "Death of Death" ( Screenwriter Zhao Xiuzhen directed by Pu Xiuzhen), Li Zhongshuo played the love of literature and the motherland, and the unique lover of life (Shen Huishan), although she loves, but can not have any young writer Jin Youzhen of the unfortunate era. 

Previously, "The Death of the Praise" has been filmed on the screen and stage many times through movies, musicals, etc. This is the first time to focus on the life of the writer Jin Youzhen, not the soprano Yin Xinde. Li Zhongshuo got rid of the role of Jinyou Town, who is relatively weak in his eponymous works. He portrayed Jin Youzhen, a writer with passion for writing, with a sense of reality and reshaped the actual characters. 

Through many works, he obtained the acting certification without subject matter boundaries. The role of the character in the drama of the time is also enough to capture the audience's vision and heart. In the absence of lines and emotional expressions, Jinyouzhen’s distress of the times and the pain of love have been expressed through his emotions in a delicate and thorough manner, once again proving the existence of being an actor.

In addition, the dreams of being surrounded by the dreams of being succumbed to the performance of their own, and the resurgence of the dramatic character changes in the expression of love, were convinced by Li Zhongshuo’s superb acting skills. 

In particular, Li Zhongshuo's zero-pay performance has greatly increased the public's attention to the one-act play, and increased the meaning of "Death of Death". In this regard, Li Zhongshuo's affiliated company Aman Project said: "After Li Zhongshuo's debut at the beginning of the "high kick" became a star, he received a lot of invitations, and also appeared in the special "My Most Beautiful Time", he tried to pursue the material and plot The diversity of the one-act play has always been very concerned." And "In order to discover potential new production teams and actors, he believes that the one-player drama should be active." 

In addition, Lee Jong-soo will be the first broadcast of the cable channel tvn in January next year . The book appendix (screenwriter Zheng Xianyu, director Li Zhengxiao) stands in front of the public for the first romantic comedy in the past 10 years. Through the composite theme work, he interprets the narrative characters and the deeper narratives of the emotional line. In this work, he will show the more realistic feeling of the "Men of the Year", and is expected to capture the Korean women's heart. 

Translation: JShine 
Cartography: Wei Yi


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Li Zhongshuo


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Swaying blooming flowers 

3 minutes ago from iPhone client

The love of love, the sadness of the 
eyes, and the 
tears in the room , 
Li Zhongshuo’s interpretation of Jinyou Town is the best [giving you care] 
Cr. loverddot
 Lee Jong-suk  death lauding [breeze][breeze][breeze]
this summer, you no longer
find the most true to yourself in the shade
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Swaying blooming flowers 

Yesterday at 22:42 from the iPhone client

After reading it for a long time, I was still stuck in the eyes and couldn’t extricate 
myself. "Are you alive now?" 
"No, but I expect to die, in order to be really alive." 
As a person who has been nearly a hundred years later, he may not agree with this choice, but still In the superb acting performance of Li actor, I experienced the pain of the long life that I did not know. Wei Mei 's "Death of Death" is the third episode of gif Cr. rang_5959[flowers]
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Industry insiders have produced a list of names of the highest paid male actors on television this years. However, although there are several names on the list, there are no surprises with the biggest names getting the biggest paychecks.

htm_20181204204812115035.jpg Image source – Ilgan Sports

According to entertainment industry insiders, seven actors received more than 100 million won (roughly 89,300 USD) per drama. Unsurprisingly, this list comprised of Lee Byung-hun, Jang Dong-gun, So Ji-sub, Hyun Bin, Song Joong-ki, Lee Seung-gi, and Lee Jong-suk. Further, out of the seven, Song Joong-ki and Lee Jong-suk are said to have the highest salary.

Both actors are paid over 100 million per episode. After starring in the enormous success of “Descendants of the Sun,” Song is in high demand and is currently filming “Asadal Chronicles” alongside Jang Dong-gun. Similarly, Lee Jong-suk is starring in next year’s romantic drama “How to Publish Love.”

On the other hand, Lee Byung-hun, So Ji-sub, and Hyun Bin were paid a substantial amount for their roles in “Mr. Sunshine,” “My Secret Terrius,” and “Memories of the Alhambra,” respectively. However, after the first few episodes, the actors proved by they have such a high asking price.

Each of the dramas they starred in drew in a higher viewership rate incomparision to other other airing dramas at the same time. Notable, Lee’s “Mr. Sunshine” yielded an 18.1% viewership rate while So’s show always ranked in the top 10 most watched dramas. Likewise, Hyun’s program, which is currently airing, broke the 7% viewer rating in just two episodes.

All of the actors have such high salaries based on their reliable acting skills, the weight their names carry in the industry, market value, and established reputations and fans. An example of how this is how “Mr. Sunshine” simultaneous premiered on Netflix, opening it up to a global audience. Moreover, broadcasters in the U.S., Japan, and Taiwan bought the rights to air “My Secret Terrius” at high prices.http://kpoplove.koreadaily.com/song-joong-ki-lee-jong-suk-highest-paid-male-actors/

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...she is mine...!!!!!!:heart: ..the cigarette...!!!!!!!:blush:

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