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Soo-Ha & Hye Sung Couple (Lee Jong Suk & Lee Bo Young)

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See the metamorphosis of man's truck has been followed, tm want the truck smashed[Curse]
Good night ah sister, [moon][moon][moon][love you][love you][love you][Hug][Hug][Hug]ah, this year is finally over, ha ha, embarrassed relatives at home for several days really bad ah [II ha][II ha][Sadness][Sadness][Sadness][Dig nose][Dig nose]Said today and pre-catch a brother-in-law's new play, things have been done in the second half, # mother # has also reached its climax , I hope not too worried about [Poor][Poor]my sister dream, love you [heart][heart][heart]# Li Baoying # # Good night Li Baoying #

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..elle for el.:wub:...elle for lle.:wub:..elle for lee...:wub:..elle for LEE JONG SUK...:wub:

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[breeze]I miss you, it is my own. 
Even if you do not have my side, I miss you too. 
Lee Jong-suk wallpaper 1p, I turn to ban reformation and wipe logo ban [sun]
does not know this style of wallpaper, you may also like [Shame]
# 0331 Lee Jong-suk eighth anniversary of his debut # # # 30 days Amway Lee Jong-suk

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