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Go Seung Ji

Lee Joon 이준 - Enlisted in Military [October 24, 2017 - July 23, 2019]

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From 'Ai Hae' Lee Jun to 'Golden' Lee Tae Hwan, and also the weekend drama 'Rocco'


Lee Jun, who has successfully transformed from idol to actor through works such as 'I heard it with a rumor' and 'A woman who pulls a carrier', performed an act of disassembly with an actor Anjung Hee. When he was thrown into a bomb with a jumbo and a honeycombed couple, he melted the minds of female viewers with his sweet melodic eyes. In addition, Yoon Joon 's warm appearance and sweet - looking eyes and voice seemed to double the charm of the romance straight person and painted the weekend evening in pink



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