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✪ Kim So Hyun 김소현 ✪✪ [2019 Upcoming Drama: Love Alarm] ✪

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2 hours ago, faye406 said:

Congratulations girl!!!! DAE-BAK!!!


She's looks quite nervous when giving her winning speech! Hahhaha.. it is totally unexpected but you nailed it girl!!! Congrats again! :kiss_wink:

shes nervous but speaks prettily~~

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Congratulations sohyun and happy new year.lets look forward to a great 2019. Waiting patiently for your Netflix Love alarm.......


Love her red carpet moment today as she look great though I wish they style her much more better but she is still beautiful 

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 :heart: Let's do some recaps on Sohyun's 2018 Highlights:heart:





- Radio Romance aired

- Award presenter at 32th Golden Disc Awards

- National Representative of Honorary Smile for 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics & Paralympics games

- MC for 27th Seoul Music Awards



- New ambassador for Hanyul

- Become freshman at Hanyang University and majored in Theatre & Film



- Radio Romance ended

- Class started

- Ruler:Master of the Mask promotion in Japan





- Joined S.E.S 10th Green Heart Bazaar Event



- Cosmopolitan pictorial shoots in Australia

- Hanyul fansign event



- Her first ever election



- 1st Premium Japan Fanmeeting



- Her 10th year debut anniversary

- Shooting for her first ever solo reality show; Because This is My First Twenty ~ California

- Nylon pictorial shoots in Los Angeles



- Hanyul Nature trip to Yeoju

- Because This is My First Twenty aired.








- MC for Idol Weekly Show Under Nineteen

- Got her driving license

- Confirmed role as Kim Jojo from webtoon adaptation; Love Alarm, exclusively air on Netflix

- Attendee for 2019 S/S Hera Seoul Fashion Week : Roman Chic



- Promote Love Alarm for Netflix event 'See What Next : Asia' in Singapore

- Award presenter for 39th Blue Dragon Film Awards



- Award presenter for 2018 MAMA in Korea

- being awarded as 2018 Instagram award winner : Account with the biggest growth (in use of Instagram applications)

- won Excellence Award (Music/Talk) in 2018 MBC Entertainment Awards








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Some extras here showing her juggling between her pack schedules, classes, products advertisement, MCing and the cutest thing is, she creates personal Instagram account for Mongsuk!!! :lol:




Not to forget her agency E & T Story Entertainment efforts to solidify their roles to promote and become more close with all fans via email, Instagram, Naver blog, official website,Twitter , Facebook, and V Live Channel too..








This year was so packed. Every month will not passing without any schedule or updates because there's always somethings that she will do..


I'm very proud, grateful and happy of every little or big things that she has done and hopefully next year will be another fruitful year for her too... 


More than that, I hope she will always have that 'me time' between her packed schedules, be healthy, enjoying her life more, always strong and believe that her fans always keep supporting and loving her. Always.:wub:


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5 hours ago, standbysso said:

shes worked hard ~~ when will love alarm release?


 Till this date, there are no infos about the airing date.. 

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Happy new year everyone!!! May this coming 2019 brings us more happiness, good health, better wealth and best future.. :blush:




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According to the info, Under 19 third mission performance stage will be held on this Thursday, January 3 and our MC Sso will be there 


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5 Best Drama Kisses Of The First Part Of 2018

4- “Radio Romance”

In “Radio Romance”, Yoon DooJoon and Kim SoHyun‘s kiss scene cannot be omitted from this list. So romantic.



Hottest Actors And Actresses Of Kpopmap In 2018

5- Kim SoHyun

hottest actors, hottest actresses, 2018 actors, kim sohyun
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The child actress update that they have worked hard from morning to evening for filming.
The little girl was acted as a childhood stage, she met So Hyun at the filming set yesterday.


There's a v live at 3 pm (Korea time) today for the Under Nineteen contestants stage. Still not sure what it is about but this info is showing on So Hyun's naver page, so it's probably that So Hyun may appear on the stage (not confirm).



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A drama staff's son mentioned Sohyun who has a good personality. His father said that 5 actors (one of them is Sohyun) are kind and bright and are praised by drama staff .

Someone update on sns mentioned that his father has been a drama staff for more than 10 years, and there are only five actors whom he praised for their good personality. They are courteous, kind, and bright to the staff. He and his father don't talk much about the actors but his father will sometimes mention about some aboriginal entertainers who met staff at shooting site but pretend not seen the staff. . He can't believe that there are many actors who are aboriginal, but the praise from his father is really rare. So he thinks that those who are being praised , he thinks it is really real. Although these actors are already working well now, but he hopes they can be even more better in future. He's not a fan of them but he will always cheering for them.


It's about Sohyun agency. Kakap M will acquire Blossom Entertainment.


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