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✪ Kim So Hyun 김소현 ✪✪ [2019 Upcoming Drama: Love Alarm] ✪

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Sohyun trendin in Naver yesterday. Also ENT Story boss's wife shared photo about her trending :)








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NEWS :  Sohyun is chosen new muse by Bausch and Lomb ,Korea ,Lacelle


Medifana News, Choi Bong Sun reporter] Bausch & Lomb, Korea, "Lacelle" New model Kim So Hyun, who is a popular actress http://medipana.com/news/news_viewer.asp?NewsNum=234958&MainKind=&NewsK0=&vCount=0&vKind=
Bausch & Lomb, a contact lens specialist (CEO, Hyung Joon Kim), has announced that Actress Kim So-hyun will be selected as the exclusive model of its color contact lens brand LACELLE.
In addition, Kim So-hyun and the first Bausch Lomb LACELLE pictorial were also released.
Kim So-hyun, who was selected as the model of Bausch Lomb LACELLE, is a leading actress who combines superb beauty and solid performance. Since her debut in 2008, she has been actively performing with the screening of CRTs and screens.
Kim So-hyun, who plays an active part in various fields ranging from actress to MC, has a great reputation both at home and abroad.
Bausch Lomb Korea official said, "Kim So-hyun is not only with innocent, clear image, but also fresh and sporty charm, and has been loved by not only domestic but also global fans. Above all, she is the wannabe and the next generation trendsetters in recent 10s and 20s, she is well suited in line with the Bausch Lomb LACELLE brand message of natural beauty and confident beauty. .. ..
In Bausch Lomb LACELLE pictorial, Kim So-hyun showed her charm that expresses self-confident with her unique eyes. Beginning with the release of this photo, Kim Sohyun will actively participate in Bausch & Lomb marketing activities with her colorful eye-catching story. Bausch & Lomb Korea plans to add fresh image to Bausch Lomb LACELLE brand and create synergy effect through Kim So Hyun.
Meanwhile, Bausch Lomb LACELLE is a delicate pattern of daily colored contact lenses inspired by the race, and has received a steady interest from young women since its first launch in Korea in 2015. In addition to the new products `Mellow Brown` and` Mystique Gray` which were launched last year, they are showing 7 kinds of colors including `Twinkle Brown`,` Crystal Brown`, `Shimmering Gold`,` Glittering Gray` and `Sparkling Black` .









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Ent Story sns uptade



Sohyun actress became a new muse of color contact lens brand 'Bausch Lomb LACELLE'! From clothing to cosmetics, to lens advertising, this is called beauty icon. (ent Story)









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