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Kang Sora - 강소라 - 姜素拉 - カン・ソラ - คัง โซรา - كانغ سورا

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And then there's news.  This is an excerpt from the news by kpopstarz:
class="articletitle" style="padding: 0px; margin: 0px; outline: none 0px; list-style: none; border: 0px none; line-height: 34px; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;"Kang Sora and Im Joo Hwan To Headline 'Ugly Alert', A Daily Drama About Family65030-kang-so-ra.jpg

Na Do Hee, played by Kang So Ra, has inherited her job because her grandfather built the company. But even though she inherited her position, she is serious about doing a good job and is something of a workaholic.

to read the whole article check here http://www.kpopstarz.com/articles/26280/20130430/k-drama-kang-sora-im-joo-hwan-ugly-alert.htm?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter

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CNBLUE's Jonghyun and Kang Sora

look like a couple in new photo


A 'before-after' photo of CNBLUE's Jonghyun and Kang Sora has become a hot topic.

Recently CNBLUE and Kang Sora have been teamed up together for Korean clothing brand BangBang 2013 S/S Collection.

In a photo, CNBLUE's Jonghyun and Kang Sora are seen posing like a couple. Kang Sora received many praise for her superior body since she didn't look much different in both before and after photos. In particular, the 'before' photo gave off a more natural feeling which made Lee Jonghyun and Sora look like a real couple.

Netizens commented,"They look good together", "Kang Sora has beautiful legs", "Lee Jonghyun's so handsome", and so on.

Cr: dkpopnews.net

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I can't wait to watch sora new drama because i want to see her acting skill

after dissapointed dream high 2,i hope she get success like her movie :x

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A New Banner for the Upcoming Drama "Ugly Alert"


Broadcasting: 2013. 5. 20 ~ (120 Episodes)

Organized: Monday - Friday at 7h 15min. (KST)

Production: ShinYoung ENC (신영이엔씨), Human Nature (휴먼앤네이쳐)

Crew: Planning: Moon Jeong Su (기획 문정수) | Producer: Hong Seong Chang (프로듀서 홍성창) | Making: Kim Yong Jin, Kim Hyun Jeong, Park Meong Woo (제작 김용진 김현정 박명우) | General Production: Son Jae Seong (제작총괄 손재성) | Scenario: Jung Ji Woo (극본 정지우) | Director: Shin Yoon Sub (연출 신윤섭)

Cast: Im Ju Hwan (임주환), Kang Sora (강소라), Kang Byul (강별), Choi Tae Joon (최태준), Shin So Yul (신소율), Lee Soon Jae (이순재), Cheon Ho Jin (천호진), Yoon Son Ha (윤손하), Kim Il Woo (김일우), Song Ok Sook (송옥숙), Kim Ha Kyun (김하균), Kim Young Hoon (김영훈), Hyeon Woo (현우), Kim Seol Hyeon (김설현)


Cr: SBS Website

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From [130506]

Im Joo Hwan, Kang Sora’s Watch Out For Fools


Im Joo-hwan (What’s Up) is back on television, and here are the pretty first stills from his new SBS drama starring opposite Kang So-ra (Dream High 2). They look lovely and fresh and ready for spring, but I’ll say it again: daily drama booooo.

The title is "Watch Out For Fools", changed from its previous title "Bravo My Life". The title isn’t a perfect fit, but it means something like “Warning: Fools Ahead.” According to scriptwriter Jung Ji-woo, writer of heartwarming weekend fare like Wish Upon a Star (Pick the Stars), Gloria, and Family Honor, the title refers to people who devote, sacrifice, and endure for the ones they love with such devotion that others might call them foolish or stupid. This drama will focus on said “fools,” who give so much to the selfish folks of the world, and will give them their own reversal.

The drama kicks off with the second marriages of two parents, with the kids suddenly finding themselves saddled with new siblings. (Um. Please tell me this isn’t our main couple. Haven’t we had enough fauxcest this year? This decade?) Im Joo-hwan finds himself the new head of the household, and through his selfless sacrifice (hello, fool?) we are shown genuine family love and communication.

Director Shin Yoon-sub most recently directed Rooftop Prince, which I actually think is a promising sign on the PD front; while Rooftop was sloppily written, it had a wonderful light air to the romance, and the comedy scenes were some of the funniest laugh-out-loud moments I’ve seen in a recent drama. And while I find writer Jung’s work uneven too, there’s a light-hearted charm there as well.

Too bad this one’s a daily. It’ll air on SBS, Monday through Friday, beginning May 20.


Source: TV Report
Cr: dramabeans.com

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"Ugly Alert" Im Joo Hwan and Kang Sora


The upcoming SBS drama "Ugly Alert" revealed pictures of the two main actor and actress Im Joo-hwan and Kang So-ra.

Im Joo-hwan wore jeans with a beige jacket, making him look taller and Kang So-ra wore a blouse with matching white skinny jeans. They were in casual wear but their visual was strong enough to make them stand out.

Meanwhile, "Ugly Alert" is a family drama about Gong Joon-soo (Im Joo-hwan) who becomes the head of the family after he attains a younger sibling through his re-married parents. To be released in mid-year.


Cr: sbs.co.kr | Hancinema

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Kang Sora, Lexus Hybrid's Ambassador

Lexus CT200h Compact Hatchback Hybrid

Kang Sora as Brand Ambassador for Lexus Hybird Korea
With Actress "Chae Jung Ahn" and Baseball Player "Oh Seung Hwan"


Cr: 렉서스(LEXUS KOREA) @FB | edaily.co.kr | biz.heraldcorp.com | ajunews.com | newsway.co.kr | mlbpark.donga.com | joongang.joinsmsn.com | carnmodel.com

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it's May 8th~~news about Baeksang Arts Awards, Most Popular Movie Actress?
well, if Sora couldn't win, it's okay*cross fingers for Sora to attend the ceremony tomorrow, i want to see that gorgeous body line in a pretty dress*

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Kang Sora at Ugly Alert pics on location posted in baidu cre to owner as tag ^^

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