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[TW] Drama *Emerald On The Roof*

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Cast: Wallace Huo, Sun Li, Evonne Yao, Hu Yu Wai
Emerald on the Roof/ Green Stone on the Roof





GTV Trailer:

Main Cast:

Wallace Huo as Chou Nian Zhong

Sun Li (Betty) as Mo Chia Chi

Yao Cai Ying as Lin Pei Yu

George Hu as Nie Kie

Jia Nai Liang as Tang Shi Jie

Official Site:


eng info:



"I heard... when you give your loved one an emerald on a Bai Lu, when the sun is about to rise, you and that person, no matter how long, in any situation, will have an

everlasting love"

The story begins at the Hainan island, two boys Nian Zhong (Wallace Huo) and Nie Kie (Hu Yu Wei) accidentally fall for a pretty yet unpredictable rich girl Mo Chia Chi( Sun Li). At school, Nian Zhong, to join the music class, intentionally uses his friend's name Nie kie and rightfully pretends as him. As an exhange, Nie Kie forces Nian Zhong to write love letters for him for Chia Chi. Because Chia Chi and Nian Zhong are attending the same music class, she finally gets to meet him as Nie Kie thinking that he is the mysterious person behind those letters. Nian Zhong, to lessen up conflicts finally reveals his real identity, afterall, Chia Chi accepts it and likes him even more. To make it more real, Chia Chi , with full intention, inserts the other pair of emerald that she owns into Nian Zhong's pocket, one is with her and the other one is with him. One day, Nian Zhong's mother becomes very ill and eventually dies not so soon after. Nian Zhong then accepts his rich aunt's invitation to live with her family in Shanghai. "I will wait for you on my birthday.." those are her last words, Chia Chi then bids farewell to him. Unfortunately, on the actual day of her birthday, Nian Zhong sees her being kissed by Nie Kie, a heartbreaking moment that results into a complicated separation. But right, we are not even lovers, do I really love her?

After some time, after a long wait, on a cold street in London, they meet again and become lovers. But what kind of spell do legends give? bad tricks or joy? or might be both? One day, Nian Zhong receives a tragic news of Chia Chi's death in a plane crash.

Many years after, Nian Zhong goes back to Hainan and takes up a position in a first class hotel. He is surprised to find out that Nie Kie, his long lost friend, is also working there. And what is more surprising, is to see a familiar figure cutting accross, Chia Chi is alive ..with both legs paralyzed. She survived a car crash and not a plane crash. Nian Zhong is startled, therefore is cheated by her, the truth, we do no know. Now that he is about to marry someone else, will things change?

Wallace Huo


Betty Sun (Sun Li) (she's the blind girl in "fearless" , jet li's movie)


Evonne Yao (i think she's a guest in ISWAK??)


Jia Nai Liang


George Hu






I think this is a good series..

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Oh this drama looks good . is it airing on taiwan ? which channel is this ? Wallace looks good here

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I don't think this is a new drama.

Because I searched on SINA or something and it said it came out in 2005.

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so this is Wallace Huo new drama!! cant wait for it. Is the song sing by F.I.R?

yeah it's by F.I.R... not sure what it's called though.

i'm not sure when it's airing but when i went to wallace huo offical site (http://www.wallacehuo.org/drama.asp) the only thing that i can read was 2006... so i'm guessing it's gonna air sometime this year.

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me too. not really sure that this is new or old but i haven't see this before lol........anyway wait to see wallace lol..

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屋頂上的綠寶石 Emerald on the Roof



Wallace Huo (霍建華, Li Sun (孫儷, Yvonne Yau (姚采穎, George Hu (胡宇崴


Nien-Chung Chou (Wallace Huo) and Kai Nie (George Hu) were buddies that grew up and shared everything together. However, their friendship encountered a serious test when Chia-Chi Mo (Li Sun) appeared as the best love for both of them. Written by a veteran Taiwanese writer, this will be a captivating romance about friendship, betrayal, and the unfailing faith for true love.



Starring in three mega-productions consecutively from the First Media Group, Wallace is now the emerald in the hands of Teng-Kuei Yang, the owner of the FMG and the producer in general for the aforementioned dramas. Wallace’s success comes both from his impeccable cherubic look as well as his captivating acting. Once dreaming of putting Vic Chou of F4 under his flag, Yang had now found a gold mine in Wallace. In Emerald, Wallace is a musician and now he is learning violin (or more accurately, the posture of violin-ing…) for that. “I will work very hard not to lose Mr.Yang’s face!” He told the media. In fact, Yvonne Yau, one of the co-starring actresses, praised Wallace highly. "He is so charming, not only because he is so handsome, but he also devoted himself totally to the drama." Yvonne had become a friend of Wallace since their collaboration in the historical epic-to-come, The Red Sleeve. "I like him so much, but in the dramas Wallace always falls in love with someone else!" Yvonne protested.

And others…

Li Sun is becoming more and more popular after shooting a Kung Fu movie with Jet Li. Yvonne Yau, apparently another ruby of Yang, is now trying to recapitulate the image of a senorita in Emerald. George Hu grew up in New York and had solid training in martial arts. However, since he barely read Chinese, now memorizing the script had become a nightmare for him.

In addition to Wallace, the brightest of the young and glittering cast, another attraction of Emerald is the meticulous production. In order to create a dreamingly beautiful screen, in addition to Shanghai, this drama will also film in the Hainan Island, London and Scotland. Therefore, the production expense of Emerald will very likely set a new record for contemporary idol dramas.


The filming will start in Sanya City, Hainan Island, from September 20, 2005, right after Wallace finishes Sound of Colors. In November Wallace and the crew will fly to the United Kingdom to shoot some major scenes in London and Scotland.

Related Links

Sina Web: http://ent.sina.com.cn/v/m/f/wdsdlbs/index.html



Wallace Huo


Sun Li


Group pic




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another fanmade mv i found....

credits to myhuojianhua.com

i hope they release english subs with this!...

"Emerald on the Roof will be aired in Shanghai in September and GTV channel, Taiwan, in October."

credits to wallace huo wonderland

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I didn't know there's a thread for this already...coz it's not in the list..or that I just didn't see it..D

newayz.. it's just that I'm also watching this show.. and I'm quite addicted to it..it's so silly at first and romantic/sweet in the middle.. Wallace Huo, Sun Li and Hu are so cute... and I love all the songs.. ( if this series will release an ost, it will be in my best ost list^^)

another clip:


emerald will be aired in Taiwan this sep 30 isn't?




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Wallace Huo Our Dear Emerald Boy

Sina news 11/2005 Translated by Orion


The super-hunk Wallace Huo, extremely handsome but reticent and introspective, had gained a very broad popularity within merely three years after his debut in 2002. His works, including At the Dolphin Bay, Tian Xia Di Yi, Hands in the Hair, and the upcoming Red Sleeve and The Sound of Colors, were all passionately embraced by an ever-growing body of audience all over the world that paralleled his rocketing popularity. This is best illustrated by the fact that he is now the most sought-after actor of the younger generation. Wallace was highly praised by his co-starring actresses, including Angela Chang, Michelle Yip, Rosamund Kwan, ShuQi, and Ruby Lin. Be it something for advertising his first movie-the rumor between Wallace and Rosamund, the amazingly touching chemistry between him and Michelle had convinced their fans that they should go one step further to develop a significant relationship.Then, would it be possible for Yvonne Yau, who co-starred with Wallace in two consecutive works, to become his lover? Yvonne said that Wallace had an incredibly mysterious charm and that she could not help being stroke by his alluring eyes. On top of that, it was his dedication to filming that made him even more attractive. Being surrounded by several male rookies, Yvonne was well qualified to be the princess either in the drama or outsides it, yet to her disappointment, she never had a chance to walk into Wallace’s charming heart. “Forget about it -- Chia-Chi (Li Sun) had been on my mind since I was 18 years old!” Wallace joked.Li Sun, who recently enjoyed a high TV rating and just finished a movie with Jet Li, was the lucky girl for Wallace in the romance of Emerald on the Roof. They had to hold their hands in the first scene. However, it crashed because they were not familiar with each other and were hesitated during the filming. Wallace and Li burst into laughter, which at once drew them closer to each other. Their friendship grew with the filming of Emerald, and the modest Li always enjoyed all of Wallace's “notoriously hard” jokes.Some people said that Wallace was just being lucky. “Being lucky is never the phrase that can conclude all my endeavors and dedication in this business.” Wallace refuted in a modest but clear way. A typical Capricorn, he is always under rigorous self inspection, only to drive his performance to perfection. Of course, this brought him a lot of stress. “Fortunately, I have my family and the fan club, who always back me up, encourage me, and support me all the way through.”The filming of Emerald in Hainan Island will close next week and the crew will move to London and Scotland. Wallace’s fans in the United Kingdom are spying around to get his working schedule, hoping to see their beloved hunk in London and Edinburgh. Fans in Shanghai were even more excited: they were told that the crew will move to Shanghai in mid-December, a time that is just right for celebrating the birthday of their dear Wallace.

Original report in Chinese at: http://www.wallacehuo.net/bbs/dispbbs.asp?...8088&page=1

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Emerald on the Roof: Premiere Media Conference

George Hu - Evonne Yao -Wallace Huo


Filmed in England and Hainan Island, Emerald on the Roof is the first fashion romance produced by GTV president Teng-Kuey Yang. With its glittering cast led by super idol Wallace Huo, SunLi, model star Yvonne Yau, this series is further backed up by several famous veteran artists as well as Goerge Hu and Esson Chang, two new stars in the show. Wallace, Yvonne, George, Esson and Bin-Bin Pai presented the premiere conference in formal Euro-style dresses. Emerald will be broadcasted Saturdays 10-11:30 PM in GTV CH28, starting September 30.

Bin-Bin Pai, the famous Taiwanese actress and variety show host, joked her dressed-up style as the Snow White's Mom. She was so excited when she knew Wallace was the leading actor of the series, fantasizing that they would have romantic scenes. Her fantasy came to an end when she was told to play George's mother. Bin-Bin praised highly the younger generation artists in the show, and enjoyed working with them very much. Mr.Teng-Kuey Yang also commented Wallace as the male counterpart of Barbie Hsu, suggesting his meticulous demand on the career arrangement and project quality.

Yvonne and Wallace had become good friends after making this show. In the drama she loved Wallace deeply, but Wallace loved SunLi instead. Wallace admitted, however, that in reality it was very likely that he would fall in love with girls as elegant as Yvonne. “So I made a deal with the director and added the story of our living together in London! If I cannot love her, at least I should have a chance to become her roommate!” Wallace joked.

Yvonne told the journalists that Wallace became tongue-tied when he was stressed out. Wallace said that he only did so for Shu Qi, because she is an award-winning big-name actress. He turned the table around and joked on Yvonne's funny accent when she got nervous during acting. Born and grown up in America, George often left Wallace in confusion with his weird mandarin pronunciation. Moreover, at the press conference, George pronounced the mandarin tongue tie as something similar to the male genitalia, and the whole audience was just blown into crazy laughter.

Translated by Orion of WallaceHuo.Net


The OST is coming out next week October 6! love it^

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For those who have seen this series , is this drama like your typical idol series where they use back the own actor voices ( Example Smiling Pasta , Prince Turn into Frog etc )

The reason I'm asking is China series tend to dub the actor/ actress voices thus it's so unnatural

I saw 2 Wallace Huo drama and it's not his own voice ...

so is this drama different?

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