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What phone do you guys have?

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galaxy s2+



and uhhh why do i have 3?

not because im a spoiled brat but...

im in china and my 4s is contracted from at&t on the first $30/mo unlimited plan so theres no way im giving that up.

and i use it when im back in the states.

i use the s2+ here as well as the note, but the note is kinda big and i use it pretty much as a mini ipad. well dont really bring

it around much anymore. no one has its number anyways.

i plan to replace the note and the s2+ with the galaxy s3 coming out soon anyways.

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LadyRoseDove    20

I have the Samsung Intensity II from Verizon. The charger messed up once and I had to get a new one, and a year later the phone started messing up. Even if people are saved in my contacts, my phone sometimes has only the numbers come up when they call or text me. As soon as my contract is up, I'm getting with At&t for an iPhone.

My cousin had the same phone two years ago but it kept messing up too (and once he went to get a new one but the new one had a screw missing.) He went through at least four of these phones until he went with a different one altogether. 

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Yoyo    3,303

I heard great things about the Samsung Galaxy, I'm planning to switch over soon. As of now, I'm a proud owner of a Blackberry 9780 :)

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YoshiWorld2    51

I have a Mytouch 4G w/ some random ROM I applied way back lol. My contract is over in a few months but I really like the HTC One S and looking forward to Samsung Galaxy S III. I love everything Android. It's not as refine or stable as iOS, but so fun to mess around with. biggrin.gif

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