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[Drama 2012] Bridal Mask 각시탈

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Huuuuuuuuuu!!!! I almost read the recap, no no no no, I musn't. Been downloading eps 23 like crazy.

Enjoy eps 24 guys!!!!

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OMG, guys, I start to think Shunji might be really sick in the head. The way he imagined he's torturing and burning KT...I almost threw up at that moment. I really have no idea how they could redeem Shunji, I want it but have no idea. The guy is really sick, he needs doctor's help  @-)

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Part 3

KT (BM uniform unmasked) talking to DJ about something important. Then

scene end.

Scene with all the Kaka meeting people again and this time SJ was standing

to give ideas about something. Oh gosh, at this point I can't really tell

you what I am recapping since most of it I have no idea. Kaka, Taro, and

Mayarama guy were talking again with each other and SJ was just really

calm in the meeting.

Kangto came to prison to talk to HH guy. KT and HH guy were saying

something and Kangto handed hot headed village guy something written in

it. KT gave the other guy one (Takaga guy, sorry probably spell his name

wrong) as well to eat.

SJ saw what HH guy ate rice (look like good food) and took HH guy to a

proper room (sitting introgration room?). SJ was asking HH guy something

and HH guy said some stuffs about Lee Kang To. Anyway, I don't think HH

guy spill anything bad about KT.

Police station - everyone was there and Abe was saying something to

everyone. Koiso didn't look to happy with what Abe was saying, but KT

seemed to support Abe. Koiso seemed to pick on Abe as he was holding a

donation box? Maybe Abe was asking money for some cause? KT put some money

in Abe's donation box. When Sj approached, Abe ran to him and asked for

donation. Sj gave Abe some money as well. Okay, so SJ asked/called for

Takaga guy and asked about KT. Oh, no, it seems like Takaga guy was saying

something about KT & MD at bus staying and he lost them? Sj kicked Takaga

guy. Stormed out office and called for Koiso to do something. Koiso said


KT talked on the phone and SJ was seeing it.

Part 4

Scene with SJ calling the other girl (remember she used to follow MD?)

He asked her things about MD. She probably didn't say anything?

OMG, he was so mean to her! He put her head in water to drown her? He

became angry and the girl seemed like she didn't say anything. Flashing

back to the scene with SJ was talking to MD in episode 23 about how he

would not let her go even if she die?

*gasps* SJ was holding a gun and asked the girl again and she wouldn't say

anything. Refering to some stuffs about Mok Dan. After holding gun, he

left. Koiso stayed behind seeing the girl crying. Koiso touched her ear.

She ran off.

Mok Dan passed out the "united" paper to the circus girls and talked about

YB.The circus man came and reported about KS? She was in her room crying

hard and Mok Dan came into the room.

Oh, this scene touched me so deeply. I am so glad that MD's word touched

KS to have changed her.

Mok Dan and her had some conversation together. Maybe she was telling MD

that she got bullied by SJ? The scene ended there and MD walked into the

main entrance of the police station. Oh, goodness. I'm so moved by this

scene. I love the way MD walked in after she got off of the cart.

She came into the station and asked KT (he was shocked to see her) for

Shunji. KT took her to SJ's room. OMG.

KT left MD with SJ and left seeing them through the blinds. SJ approached

MD and said some stuffs. MD talked about her friend, then? She wanted to

get back at SJ for treating her badly? She was mad at him. She yelled at

him. He approached her and she backed off couple of steps. She told him to

close the blind and KT was seeing behind them with blind closing. He

wondered what's between them? LOL.

MD looked mad at SJ and he said some stuffs. Then MD was thinking about

her Young Master. Did SJ reveal that he knows KT is BM? Oh no. She left office and Kt looked at her. Sj looked from behind his blind how KT reacted.

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part 5 - OH MY GOSH...CAN I SCREAM!!! EPISODE 24 NEEDS TO BE RATED A+++ It was soooooooooooooo awesome...I am so deeply moved by it! Can't wait for subs!

Scene with Tasha and Count's son? He was drinking and she said some stuffs

to him. (I think I like this guy with Tasha, maybe Tasha can help redeem

him also, no? He likes her so much). He left the room and left some money after they talked.

Count and countess were talking to each other at their house. Count's son came into the house getting all drunk. (Oooh poor dude). Count & countess looked all happy lol. Okay, I give up on this couple, but they were so deep into something that they didn't even care about their son's drunkness lol.

Tasha called MD on the phone. MD called KT saying something happened. She said something about SJ and maybe told him what she talked to SJ about. KT said something to MD. MD was dropping paper to a guy who was sitting and eating out in the market at night.

Police station - SJ was still talking to HH guy.

Scene in police station where SJ was watching KT mopping the floor. SJ thought in his head and KT also watched his moves. KT thinking to himself once SJ went into this room.

Scene with Kishokai. A lot of guys around and they wore white kimonos.

Oh my, Count and son joined the K organization? What the heck. They keep growing! They listened to UH and had their cheers.

Scene where Sj was on the car...sorry i had to go for some break...

Then BM running towards the UH's location area? Remember the pond that KT & MD ran away from Rie & Jun?

In there Rie, Count, Countess, and son seem to be happy with UH and drinking wine. They got offered with money? Rie and Jun were there also. And then there was a letter from Count's son to him. Count read it. OMG, did he plan to kill himself. *SOBS* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Scene voice over with Count's son with his son on his head *sobs* poor guy. Count was crying. Oh my god...I am so sad................

Bm came into the room. And Jun was holding on to the sword and was protecting. Some FF people were fighting Jun and Rie. Oh my gosh...Bridal Mask has comrades to work with him...how awesome is that!!! WOOT WOOT!

Jun was fighting another FF guy and Rie was fighting FF girl lol. BM ran off with KP running off with him. Oh my goshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....

The ending was with BM & KP face to face with their weapons.

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OMG!! the ending... gritting on my nails now... a showdown between Kenpei and KT!! I cant wait for a week.. >.<!! writer nim and PD nim is really planning to kill us with all these cliff hanger endings..I cant believe the young count committed suicide. I was hoping he could be part of the big cause....

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Shunji is really scaring me!!!I so love the reaction of Dok Su when he knew that Kang To is Gaksital! I was anticipating to see his reaction and it was really satisfying! All he could say was "Wait" in formal speech at that! After 24 episodes now we get to know his name.
I can't wait for next week!!

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Count's son shot himself. NOOOO!! WHAE??!!! I feel like sobbing my eyes out right now tumblr_m8sz7prSuR1qegw8v.gif
And again we're left with an EPIC cliffhanger! I swear there needs to be an award for the most EPIC cliffhangers. Bridal Mask would win that one without any serious rivalry, it's cliffies are just EPICLY EPICtumblr_m6pfkkejt31r02esbo6_250.gif

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@sunshine4ever & @mojobobo : as usuall thanks for live recap (ep.24), really loved it :x

anyway, here are some recap picture from ep. 24, enjoyed it :









credit : daum, dc, KBS

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Episode 24 just told me that no matter how deeply wounded we are, we are always capable of making a difference in everybody around us....sometimes being a wounded person can help us  heal other people. :'( :'( :( Hot headed village guy, girl always went after MD, Count's son, and of course Mok Dan's scenes touched me so much today. Here are some captures for those who have not given up on Bridal Mask. Thank you Bridal Mask for sending me off for a wonderful brand new day of hope and love.

I think when subs come out and I see this in good quality I'll cry a bucket. No special scene of MD & KT, but I love episode 24 so much. Help please there are only 4 more episodes. If only the extend this to 38 episodes I'd still be watching. lol.

Sorry pics are combo/jumbo around, hahaha.












Have a bright and beautiful morning or night, everyone! <3

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The end??????How can I believe it????

I watched and finished ep1-ep22  on Sunday.(8/19)I missed something????
Why KT's father died?Let me imaging......??

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Even if they took away that ending, the entire episode itself was just DAEBAK! And it's not even about Kangto(whom you know I adore like crazy), all the characters, I am speechless. This is one show where even the minor characters are memorable.
GaksitAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL..........what am I going to do when it's all over  :((:((:((

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SHUNJI TOTALLY LOST IT!......he's now a certified PSYCHO!!! [-( [-( [-(

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@mrdimples, I agree. In Bridal Mask I love every single character, even Goiso :D It's storyline just makes you empathize with everyone, everyone there matters!tumblr_m4v3myxAEU1rty10do2_500.gif

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Nooooooo I like Tamao. How could they kill him off?! I wanted him to have a happily ever after with Tasha.

Shunji is in a tight spot now cause the good guys have each other to trust but Shunji can't trust anyone and so he is forever playing a guessing game. He doesn't know what is truth and what is not. Quite confusing for him...

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@xopo17, thanks so much for the pics

guys, so I was thinking most of the characters in this drama are saved, I think SJ should be too, right? What do you think? I know he's crazy right now and not in his right mind right now, but my gosh, I was thinking the scene with Count's son was so grief-stricken or me. I feel sorry for the couple. They were in their lala land and then their son's action will make them pause and die rather than laughing because of the previous scene that happened to him. Poor guy. RIP. Maybe it's already too late to save the Count and the Countess from their greediness.Cuz they lost their son already...no point in attaching to money..it feeds no purpose.

Sorry Count & Countess instead of laughing now you're crying.

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I really really liked Tamao. I felt so so sad for him when he said he still had a conscience. Even when he was angry he was still so gentle :'(

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I def think that because of how his son committed suicide the Count's storyline might also change, he might repent and join the liberation cause/freedom fighters.

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