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[Drama 2012] Bridal Mask 각시탈

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credit baidu. translated: 

Han Chae Ah points Joowon out as the moodmaker on Bridal Mask

In Newsen interview, HCA reveals that the actors & actresses get along very well during the filming. This was especially true when she acts opposite him in their conflicted loveline. She praised him for his personality and acting skills.

HCA says even when the set is very busy and chaotic and the weather is very hot, Joowon, worthy of being the lead, treats every actor/actress and staff with utmost care and of course he will act very aegyo with her.

Differing from the cold sharp image, Joowon has displayed his cute side in many shows. HCA also adds that during the initial filming period, both parties were very shy and also felt uneasy. But Joowon will use his nasal voice and say “Noona, when are we meeting again?” in a very cute way. In fact, on Bridal Mask film set, the atmosphere is always very happy and harmonious. The actors and actresses also formed a deep bond with each other.

HCA says not only Joowon but the rest of the cast and staff are all very good. Everyone supports each other, the drama cannot be not good.


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@cloe @mrdimples @coolreborn oh dear oh dear, time to pour some ice on yourselves! :P
Anyway, I don't know about you guys/girls but I don't find anything lacking in the portrayal of Kangto and Shunji's conflict. I thought that was rather clear? I mean, there's only so much you can show them being conflicted before this moves on to becoming a melodrama which we known Gaksital isn't meant to be. I thought the inner conflict were well done. Perhaps what was lacking as Shunji's transformation and a clearer showing of his motives to the audience but aside from that, I thought it was very clear that the characters were struggling and I don't feel that it was superficial at all. 

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Annyeong BM chingu deul :)

Looking forward to watch Ep22 LIVE tonite :). I hope my connection wont lag.

Just wanna say that my fave actors in BM are Joo Won and Park Ki Woong. Even though Ki Woong is the evil Shunji, I just love him for his great acting and crazy protrayal of Shunji. I really hope one day Ki Woong will get a main lead role.

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AHHHHH I won't be home in time for live stream :( Pls give me spoilers friends!! Of course, hide them or highlight them so those who don't want spoilers can skip them hehe Thank youuuuu <3

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@mojobobo I'm not doing episode 22 any justice because I don't understand a single thing, but since you ask, here it is

part 1

Shunji & Kangto met again at the police station but Shunji didn't really yell, but was calm towards Kangto. KT probably said sorry and gave some excuse?

Then SJ left, but still looked at KT from behind.

Then MD called in to police station to tell him something and then he came and see Teacher Yang Baek at the taloired store.

They had a talk together and KT had a met with him for the first time. YB hugged Kang To and said thank you about something. Yang Baek gave KT potato to eat and he was crying and remembered his brother and mom. *Feel like crying too watching this* In the flashback his brother played iwth him and put potato in his mouth. Poor Kang To *sobs* he was crying real hard and then YB Teacher gave him some water.

Next is Angle Club scene --- a guy was drinking beers and was drunk (sorry don't remember his name dear) and said some stuffs with another guy no idea what his name either. Then he came into the room where the comrades from the Angel Club were talking to each other. He said some stuffs to the lady, but the other guy knocked him out.

Back to scene with Kang To and YB (tailor secret basement?)...they were talking about something, but there were other comrades as well including MD's dad. Maybe they're talking about how they are going to get back at the Kishokai group. [Oh yeah, KT was wearing this really dark suite and he looked so handsome.]

A guy was rushing in to report some news? (probably) at the Tailor hide-out.

Then it come to a flash with Shunji torturing a new guy. No idea what his name is. probably part of the Independent movement. Shunji saw a letter from the guy he torture. The letter has Yang Baek mentioned so Shunji bought letter to his dad. His dad looked mad and was talking to Mayurama guy. No idea what they said, but it looks like they're going to go after YB and freedom fighters?

edit part 2
Then coming scene with KT still talking to YB and others. No idea what they're saying. Maybe if they already knew one of their comrades was captured. Probably Kangto tried to figure out a way to get help for the guy?

Going back to police station Kangto met Shunji and they had a talk. Kangto went into the library to look for information. Shunji was looking from outside the library through the glass. Kangto was looking ata profile of a guy (probably freedoom fighter).

Kangto left and Shunji went into the library to look after what Kangto was looking at. No idea what he was thinking in this mind, but he looked intense looking at the book.

Another guy was saying sorry to UH. And then Rie and her adoptive dad were saying something. I think the guy was saying sorry he did not get a chance to do something. Rie was present. UH forgave the guy and said some stuffs to Rie. (sorry I didn't watch episode 21 with subs and did not watch it again, maybe the guy appeared before in episode 21).

Kangto came to the chamber, but the freedom fighter guy was gone from chamber torturing.

Shunji came and met Rie. Rie was wearing Kimono. Jun stopped Shunji, but SJ said something then dragged Rie to a room. lol It looked like they're a couple. Sj said something about Kangto and BM. I guess he's saying that you are hiding things from me. Lee Kangto is BM, right? Kind of questions. Then she said something that made him feel shock. They had a shock conversation. She was saying something that made him scream, then she left.

Shunji was asking the girl that sat while KT was waking up in episode 20. Remember scene with Rie drugging KT and he woke up.

Shunji then went into a room and was drinking wine ---oh my gosh..errr...so intense....I think Rie said something emotional that caused SJ to be like that. SJ was thinking about what Rie said.

Scene with BG and KT in the hide-out room that BM used to hide-out. Kangto has this really cool white and black vest on him. He looks so nice in the clothes. They sat at the table and were talking about somethng. lol. So sorry, no idea what they said, but it had YB. Maybe BG was trying to catch-up with Young Master about what's up with his life.

Sorry at this point I think I have to go. I have duty earlier today. I hope others will update you.

Can you believe there is no MD & KT up to this point. *tears drop* Me gotta go.

Also this site should have everything once the episode is done. :)


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@iren1 Kangto had flash back to when Kangsan and his mum were alive so he was literally bawling while eating.

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@ mojobobo part 3 MD & KT scene when I was about to go

Sj asked about MD at police station with a guy.

KT went into KS and the other girl (the one usually spills things about MD was hidding behind counter).

The circus guy and SW were in with MD. MD was cleaning and washing clothes together. MD looked so happy. They talked and SW gave MD the Korean flag. Maybe they were talking about Korean independence.

KT stormed in opening the door and asked for her. lol. He looked serious so everyone got scared. MD just followed along. Haha. Others don't really know that KT & MD have a relationship together so they got scared.

KT was waiting for MD in the room (her room?). He said some stuffs and she sat down at table with him. They looked across from each other. They said some stuffs. He was all smiling and then held her hands. They look so cute.

SJ & the girl that spilled things were talking to each other at the police station. They said some stuffs about Kangto. SJ said some stuffs with the girl and said some stuffs to himself about KT & MD. I guess girl was saying KT went to see MD?

And then of course come a scene with MD & SW going back to the village together.


I love the short scene of KT & MD. Why did he have to appear with her when Sunshine needs to go. Bet there must be action scene.

My heavenly scene of 1-2 minutes again with KT & MD.
Can they get any better? The scriptwriter and the director would like me to love them for eternity forever or something. Why give me only 1-2 minutes of bliss? UGH. I love the way he looked at her and the way they interacted. Why do I feel like they have known each other forever even when they just met for a couple days or weeks?

My gifts to MD & KT's shippers under spoiler tags, hehe.




I missed out a whole junk right now. Will be back later in the afternoon to catch up. Have a blessed night, everyone! Now for my morning duties. :D

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Kangto is wounded and Shunji undid his mask and discovered its him!!!!!!!

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