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[Movie 2012] Love 911 / 반창꼬/ Bandage

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Love 911  반창꼬 Bandage
Movie: Love 911 (English title) / Band Aid (literal title)Revised romanization: BanchangggyoHangul: 반창꼬Director: Jeong Ki-HunWriter: Jeong Ki-Hun, Park Sang-MinProducer: Son Seung-Jin, Kim Ui-Suk, Lee Min-HoCinematographer: Choi Se-GyuRelease Date: December 19, 2012Runtime: 120 min.Genre: Romance / MelodramaDistributor: Next Entertainment WorldLanguage: KoreanCountry: South Korea


Mi-Soo (Han Hyo-Joo) is a doctor with a fiery spirit. Unfortunately, her fiery spirit gets the best of her one day at work. Mi-Soo fails to properly diagnosis an ill woman, after she sees the ill woman's husband, whom she assumes to be an abusive thug. Because of Mi-Soo's failure to diagnose the woman's illness, the woman is now hospitalized and near death. Her husband sues the hospital and Mi-Soo is advised to find a character witness.

Kang-Il (Ko Soo) is a dedicated firefighter, who doesn't blink when it comes to saving someone else's life. Emotionally, Kang-Il still carries heavy grief over the death of his own wife. Outside of work, Kang-Il rarely socializes with others. Firefighter Kang-Il was also at the hospital when the wife, who was misdiagnosed by Mi-Soo, became gravely ill. His boss ordered Kang-Il to follow the husband and to make sure he doesn't do anything rash. The husband eventually confronts Kang-Il and assaults him.

Later, Mi-Soo learns of the incident between firefighter Kang-Il and the husband. She concocts a plan to cozy up to the firefighter, in hopes of enlisting him in her legal defense. Little does she know, she isn't dealing with an ordinary fellow and she just may have found her true love.


Love 911-Ko Soo.jpgLove 911-Han Hyo-Joo2.jpg
Ko SooHan Hyo-Joo
Love 911-Ma Dong-Seok1.jpgKim Sung-OhJuniLove 911-Jung Jin-Young.jpgLove 911-Yang Dong-Geun.jpg
Ma Dong-SeokKim Sung-OhJuniJung Jin-YoungYang Dong-Geun
Firefighter ChiefYong-SooHyun-Kyungdetective (cameo)Det. Bang Je-Soo (cameo)

Additional Cast Members:

Jin Seo-Yeon - Ha-Yoon

Oh Su-Min - Ji-Young (Kang-Il's dead wife)

Lee Do-Ah

Jo Min-Gi - chief doctor (cameo)

Lee Dong-Kyu - doctor (cameo)



Info from AsianWiki Love 911 Posters credit to adeleyam

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Finecut dials up Love 911


Seoul-based sales company Finecut has announced it will be selling the upcoming film "Love 911" starting at the Hong Kong Filmart next week. Starring Ko Soo and Han Hyo-joo, the film is about an unlikely romance between a dedicated firefighter with a painful past and a cold-hearted emergency room (ER) doctor who is solely focused on her career.

Notable investment and distribution company N.E.W. is financing and distributing "Love 911" in Korea.

JUNG Ki-hoon (also known as Jeong Gi-hoon) is directing the film. Jung previously made his feature debut with the drama "Ae-ja" in 2009. The film won the Best Director for Asian New Talent Award at the Shanghai International Film Festival in 2010 and also screened in the Seoul International Youth Film Festival (SIYFF) the same year.

Ko Soo was previously in films such as the 2004 thriller "Some", the mystery thriller "White Night" in 2009, and the sci-fi drama "Haunters" in 2010. His most recent performance was in the Korean War film "The Front Line", South Korea's Academy Award foreign language film category submission. He plays a firefighter who has lost his wife while on duty in "Love 911".

In the film, Han Hyo-joo plays a cold and focused ER surgeon who continually bumps heads with Ko's character and they eventually fall in love with each other.

Han gained international popularity with her performances in Korean TV dramas like "Spring Waltz", "Shining Inheritance" and "Dong Yi". She starred opposite So Ji-sub in director Song Il-gon's recent melodrama "Always", which opened the Busan International Film Festival last October. She is also to appear opposite LEE Byung-hun in the upcoming historical drama "Masquerade" (working title).

"Love 911" will start principal photography early next month. Finecut will be making more information available at their sales booth at Hong Kong Filmart.

March 14, 2012

Source : www.koreanfilm.or.kr/... ( English Korean )

Cr: http://www.hancinema.net/finecut-dials-up-love-911-39979.html

All the best to this movie!! 화이팅! :D

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Ma Dong-seok and Kim Seong-oh in "Love 911"


In the mellow movie "Love 911" with newly wedded husband Ko Soo, Ma Dong-seok, Kim Seong-oh and Junie have come on board.

"Love 911" is directed by Jeong Ki-hoon who also created "Ae-ja" and Ko Soo and Han Hyo-joo have already been cast for. Ko Soo will be taking on the role of Kang Il, a hurt firefighter who lost his wife and Han Hyo-joo will take on the role of Mi-soo who was hurt in the heart by a medical accident that can't be erased.

"Love 911" is a romantic mellow about two people who have jobs that save people and eventually recognize each other's pains.

Ma Dong-seok, Kim Seong-oh and Hyeon Junie will play the roles of Ko Soo's co-workers.

Ma Dong-seok is the head of the fire department; Kim Seong-oh is Ko Soo's best friend and co-worker Yong-soo. The one and only female co-worker, Hyeon-kyeong will be played by Hyeon Junie. There is a love line between Hyeon Junie and Kim Seong-oh.

"Love 911" will be released at the other half of the year after April crank in.

Source : news.nate.com/view/20... ( Korean )

Cr: http://www.hancinema.net/ma-dong-seok-and-kim-seong-oh-in-love-911-40199.html

Fine tends to Love 911

Korean film sales company Finecut is to handle world rights on Love 911, a romantic comedy featuring two rising stars.

The film, about a fire fighter who refuses romance and a hard-hearted medic who ingratiates herself nevertheless, stars Ko Soo and Han Hyo-joo (pictured).

It is to be directed by Jung Ki-hoon, director of Goodbye Mom, with production starting early next month. Love 911 is produced, financed and distributed in Korea by Next Entertainment World. Finecut will begin sales at Hong Kong's FilMart.

Cr: http://www.finecut.co.kr/renew/news/news_view.asp?num=144

Finecut calls into Love 911

South Korean sales company Finecut has picked up the upcoming romance Love 911 ahead of Hong Kong Filmart.

The film stars Ko Soo, from hit Korean War film The Front Line, and Han Hyo-joo, from the recent Busan fest opening film Always, opposite So Ji-sub.

Ko started out in films such as the thriller Some (2004) and Haunters (2010) and most recently attracted attention when he played a frightened weakling turned into an ethically ambiguous battle leader in South Korea’s Oscar submission The Front Line. In Love 911, he plays a firefighter who has lost his wife while on duty saving other people’s lives.

Han rose to stardom through Korean TV dramas such as Brilliant Legacy and Dong-yi: Jewel In The Crown, and is also starring opposite Lee Byung-hun in The Masquerade King (working title), a period piece along the lines of the Prince and the Pauper story. She stars in Love 911 as a cold, driven ER surgeon. As the doctor and firefighter keep crossing paths, they fall for each other in spite of themselves.

Financed and distributed locally by N.E.W., Love 911 will be directed by Jung Ki-hoon, who made his feature directorial debut with Goodbye Mom. The film will start shooting in early April. More information will be available from Finecut at Hong Kong Filmart.

Cr: http://www.finecut.co.kr/renew/news/news_view.asp?num=145

I heard filming has started for this movie.. Hoping for some stalker pics! :w00t:

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Newly added stills from the movie!!! :w00t:

Ko Soo and Han Hyo-joo crank in with "Love 911"


Actor Ko Soo and actress Han Hyo-joo have cranked in with movie "Love 911".

"Love 911" is about two people who save other lives, recognizing each other's painand healing each other.

Ko Soo takes on the role of Kang Il, a fireman who has lost his wife and Han Hyo-joo takes on the role of Mi-soo, a doctor who has a wound in the heart that can never be erased.

The first episode was shot in a fire station where Kang Il mobilized to an accident with the sirens going off.

Apparently, Ko Soo looked just like a fireman. To be released in the later half of the year.


Source : Movie Daum via Hancinema

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wuah, I don't know that we have this threadlaugh.giftongue.gif thanks for create this thread, t3n5h1_chu_k015h173biggrin.gif

thank you for always updating, adeleyambiggrin.gif

yes, me too. I hope there'll be more BTS photos..

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Thanks for creating the LOVE 911 thread. Ko Soo looks amazing.

Just can't wait!

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Thank you sooo much for creating this thread. Also huge Thanks to Adeleyam for advising me joining here. I just follow your siggy link since I just be known about this thread.

I am so happy to see the thread has been created .


Will definitely come to check here out oftentimes.

Thanks for sharing awesome pictures.

Just love the couple. :-*

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thanks to everyone for all updates :)

Love 911 synopsis

Kang-il is a 911 rescue worker who refuses to love anyone since he lost his wife. Tortured with guilt and regret that he wasn’t there for his wife when she’s dying, he loses all his will to live. Mi-soo is a surgical doctor who would do just about anything to achieve her goal, with no interest in love. One day, she is sued by patient’s family because of her wrong prescription and needs a witness not to lose her license, and that witness turns out to be Kang-il. Although she discovers that she was the very doctor who lost his wife on the operating table in the past, she tries to get close to him with the ill intentions only to use him as her witness. Yet when Mi-soo joins as a paramedic at his fire station, they slowly begin to fall for each other.

cr: http://www.finecut.co.kr/renew/library/synopsis.asp?num=151

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Thank you so much Urie for the synopsis of Love 911.

May I repost to my site , KS thread and Thai KS FC.

Surely I must credit you and original source .

I am happy that angels are sharing stuffs and updates..


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petra.. you're welcome petra.. of course you can repost in your site.. :)

is not a problem for me if you do not credit me, i'm just wanna share..

and glad to know everyone in this forum :-h

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:x Thank you so much dear Urie..Glad to know you too. :-*

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petra.. you're welcome :)

i found this article, i think this article desribe Love 911 cast (character that they play), productio, etc. *correct me if i'm wrong

2012년 영화 <반창꼬> 관련 (정기훈 감독, 고 수, 한효주)

고 수

아내를 잃고 가슴 속에 상처를 간직한 소방관 강일 역


단 한번의 의료사고로 인해 지울 수 없는 마음 속 상처를

지닌 의사 미수 역

뜻하지 않은 의료사고 때문에 환자와 진료를 두려워하게 된 의사

마음에 담아두는 것 없이 무엇이든 직설적으로 표현하고 적극적으로

고수에게 다가서는 캐릭터


고수의 직장 상사이며 거칠지만 사람냄새 가득한 소방대 ‘반장’역

인명 구조 현장에서는 철저하게 진두지휘하며 모두가 포기하는 현장에도

물불 가리지 않고 뛰어드는 살신성인의 정신까지 갖춘 인물.

강일과 미수 사이에서 두 사람의 사랑을 이어주는 역할


고수의 절친이자 동료인 용수 역

쥬 니

소방서의 유일한 여자 동료인 현경 역

김성오와 귀여운 로맨스를 보여줄 예정


소방관 강일(고수)의 아내 지영 역

내 용

<반창꼬>는 아내를 잃은 아픔을 겪은 소방관과 연애에 완전히 마음을

닫아버린 여의사가 만나게 되면서 서로의 아픔과 상처를 치유해

나간다는 내용을 담고 있는 멜로영화

고수의 본격 멜로 연기 도전과 기존의 청순한 이미지를 벗고

연애에 있어 여자가 더 적극적인 캐릭터를 맡은 한효주의 변신이 기대


2012년 4월12일 영화 고사

2012년 4월27일 크랭크인

4월 크랭크인 후, 2012년 하반기 개봉 예정

50회차 촬영이 예정된 '반창꼬'는 서울 일정이 끝나는대로

전주와 부산 등 지방 촬영이 기다리고 있다.


제공 / 배급 NEW

제 작

제작 ㈜영화사 오름

cr: http://blog.naver.com/pislove123?Redirect=Log&logNo=40160136321&from=section

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@ Urie ^^ Hugs :-*

Thanks for allowing me repost articles you brought.

Oh this new article must be related to Love 911.

Thanks for sharing. Hope Wid could kindly translate for us. Thanks in advance


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Hello all! A new BTS shot from Love 911 to start the month of June! Both the main casts are making funny faces from which seems to be their break time from filming... So cute.. ;;)


Cr: HHJ Baidu via Chen Yuan Liao @ HHJ facebook

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