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nobody knows

[TUTORIAL] ID case out of iPhone case

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cheap, quick and easy
what is it called, upcycling?

except I bought itouch cases for the sake of doing this, so it's not really upcycling ...

anyway, if you know me, you'll know I'm terrible at explaining, taking pictures, and worse at tutorials


finished product:


for this project, you'll need:


  • vinyl plastic*
  • scissors
  • Xacto knife*
  • iphone case**
  • sewing needle and thread

*you can buy this plastic at fabric stores. it's not that expensive and you don't need a lot. if you ask for like 1/8 a yard, you can make billions of these cases, or use it for something else


PLEASE be really careful with the knife.

when I was making my chocolate one (first one), I was really careless and sliced my finger (there was a LOT of blood even though the wound wasn't deep), and later on the knife rolled off my desk and stabbed my leg, it was prolly around a 1/4 inch deep wound and my leg lost some feeling

I've been playing around with my knife for ~2 years and never had this happen, THEY TURN ON YOU SO KEEP CLOSE WATCH

this is not meant to scare you, but to make you more cautious


the iphone case has to be silicone rubber, unless you wanna saw through plastic or metal. the rubber's easy to cut through, and flexible. and silicone cases are lke $5 on ebay

I got my choco and winged cases for $5 TOTAL on ebay, so this project is cheapie deapie



mark where you want your case to end

for me, it was somewhere under the hands. you can make yours really short or really long, however, the longer you make it, the shorter your pocket will be


using your knife (and card/ruler to make the cut straight), cut off the excess


cut off the edges

I made a booboo in taking this picture and placed my knife in the middle, but I really cut almost all of the edges off


measure roughly how big you want the plastic to be

measure it to cover the edges, not just the insides

it's better to waste a little excess than have to cut a whole new one out cos it's too small


make the edges square and the sides straight

I used my mom's Tsquare ruler, but you can use any normal ruler, or even the edge of a tissue box


then cut out how you want the bottom to be

if you left it rounded, cut it rounded, etc.



cut the edges off the excess (if you want the pocket)


I don't know if all iphone cases have this, but there should be a little bit that covers the front of the phone. cut the edges off that


line it up

if you want, pin it, but I don't recommend it cos it leaves holes and you'll probably have to adjust everything later on anyway


start sewing. I used this image to different sewing styles. for the chocolate, I used the blanket stitch, for the winged one, I used cross stitch (but only finished halfway :x)

I'm stinky at sewing, if anyone wants to know how to do one of the fancy stitches in the picture DO NOT ask me. I probably don't know how to do it and if I did know, this isn't a sewing for dummies tutorial



if you want a hole to put a keychain through it, use the camera hole

use your knife to cut roughly the same shape. if you make it look messy, it'll look ugly



ta da!

stick them on your keychain, with your phone, throw them on a keychain with your membership cards, throw it out, do what you want with it!

btw the pocket I used to stick coupons (I used the coupons a few hours before making the tut so hahahaa) and maybe some loose change in it. depending on how full your holder is, the change shouldn't fall out



depending on how much wiggle space you give it, you probably can't fit THAT much in there, just the necessities


metrocard, debit card, ID card, some cash, and I had my ac moore rewards card too


happy creating!


I always have a bottle of hydrogen peroxide and cotton balls to disinfect by my side but I highly doubt everyone has that in their room

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That's so creative! I never thought to make something like that out of an old iPod case!

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