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TOP's Alive Hat DIY

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-SunniRises DIY projects-

TOP's Alive Hat DIY

I really want all their accessories, but I can't afford them. Therefore I decided to make myself some replicas of their cute stuff. Here's TOP's hat!!





Black clay, gold clay (or mix of clay), pliers, screw eyes, aluminum, exacto knife, brush, gloss, glitter.



Step 1: Gather some black polymer clay, roll into a ball.

Step 2: Flatten clay; To make the base of the hat, make a little circle and set it aside.

Step 3: Gather some more black polymer clay and make it into a ball.

Step 4: Flatten it. Using the exacto knife, cut into a rectangle.

Step 5: Make the rectangle a little thinner.


Step 6: Attach the rectangle to the base [little circle].

Step 7: Blend in the edges of both pieces as much as you can.

Step 8: Using left over clay make half a circle.

Step 9: Attach the "half a circle" piece onto the hat.

Step 10: Grab more clay to begin the chain and the decorations. (I don't have gold looking clay so I mixed)


Step 11: Make this gold wad of clay into a ball.

Step 12: Apply some yellow/gold glitter to make it sparkle.

Step 13: [not shown] Make a little circle for the decoration and attach onto the hat like on the picture.

Step 14: Roll out a thin little strip of the gold clay.

Step 15: Attach onto the cap of the hat and on top of the cap to resemble the chains. Blend it in as much as you can.


Step 16: Make 2 little circles and attach at the end of the "chains".

Step 17: Add as much detail as you can to the gold decorations.

Step 18: Grab blue and black (I used white) clay for the feathers.

Step 19: Attach the feathers onto the top of the hat.

Step 20: Dig in a little silver screw eye, pinning down the feathers as well to secure them in place.

Step 21: Bake the hat according to the instructions on your clay wrapper on the aluminum foil.

Step 22: Apply gloss if desired with brush. Use pliers to grab the screw eye while applying the gloss.

Step 23: Use as a cellphone charm, earring, or as a miniature decoration for your room!

Note: My hand was extremely shaky. I wanted to do GD's King Hat but I don't know what it looks like from the back or from the right side. Anyways I had fun doing this. I hope you guys like my DIY tutorial. It looks better when it's not on a pic.. the camera catches every single little detail.. It makes me feel kinda bad hahaha.

Previous Tutorials:

-Alive Logo Earring DIY Here

-Paper star earrings DIY Here

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Ooooh, I've seen these around at those art/vintage markets. Sometimes, they also sell handmade paper crane jewellery and it's absolutely adorable.

Thanks for the tut!


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SunniRise's Paper Star Earring DIY!



Take your paper stars/Lucky stars with you! Wear them as earrings in this easy DIY tutorial.



Materials: Pliers, Pliers with jaw, needle, fish hooks, eye pins (or head pins), strips of paper, chains, jump rings, beads.



Step 1: Start with a paper strip for your star. Choose any color you like.

Step 2: Make the shape just like above. If you can't do it, then wrap it once around your finger and slip it out.

Step 3: Take the longest side of the paper and make a knot like shown above.


Step 4: It should look like this. Make sure that you get the pentagon as close to the edge as possible.

Step 5: Flatten out the pentagon.

Step 6: Start wrapping the pentagon with the longest side of the paper. The pentagon will naturally guide the strip of paper to the side since the pentagon has angles.


Step 7: Continue wrapping until you have a little amount left like the picture.

Step 8: The left over strip should be tucked inside the pentagon's little pocket.

Step 9: Gently flatten the pentagon.


Step 10: Pinch the sides of the pentagon to create the shape.

Step 11: It should end up looking like this.

Step 12: Take a needle and create a hole.


Step 13: Put one of the eye pins (or a head pin) in place of the needle.

Step 14: Attach a bead or pearl of your liking.

Step 15: Begin by creating a loop at the end of the head pin by using a plier (if there is excess wire, cut it off). DO NOT CLOSE THE LOOP YET.


Step 16: It should be nice and round like the picture, but remember do not close it yet!

Step 17: Place the star aside and cut a piece of chain to create the dangling effect.

Step 18: It should be this big. (Or bigger/smaller if you wish)


Step 19: Now take the star's new open loop and attach the chain to it.

Step 20: Like this!

Step 21: Close the lip using a plier.


Step 22: Take a jump ring.

Step 23: Open it. (It's better if you don't destroy the circular shape)

Step 24: Attach the chain with the star to the jump ring.


Step 25: Attach the fish hook to the open jump ring as well.

Step 26: Close the jump ring.

*Note: You can add more beads and more stars to it, but to keep this tutorial short, I only explained using one star and one pearl. Sorry for my nasty fingernails... I work with chemicals too much so they are ugly. I hope you enjoyed. :phew:

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Vintage Flower Brooch DIY



1. Pre-made polymer clay roses or Rose beads

2. Cardboard cut in a circle & Felt Fabric cut in circle as well

3. Super glue & Razor

4. Bar pins



1. Glue the cardboard and the fabric together.

2. Glue the beads to the base. Make sure to glue the beads on the cardboard side. (I used the cheap $1 beads because I'm cheap)

3. Glue on the Roses (I use both the glue gun and the Super glue [super glue goes first])

4. Glue on more beads to your liking. I put a bead in the middle on top of the roses to give it a nice center piece.

5. Wait for the glue to dry. Turn the brooch over and super glue the pin into place. (I used the glue gun as well after the super glue)


6. Wait for the glue to dry.


End Product:


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BIGBANG Alive Earring DIY



The materials:

Exacto Knife, paper, Polymer Clay (any color), Aluminum foil, Glitter (fairy dust glitter), Fish Hook Earring, Pliers, Sharpie, Jump Rings, Brush, Polymer Clay Glaze (Sculpey), Oven, Scissors and bead reamer tool.




Create an outline with a piece of paper if needed.



The blue polymer clay was too dark for my taste, so I mixed it with White polymer clay.

Create a small ball of clay.


Flatten the ball using a roller pin or simply a plate. I used a pencil because I'm too lazy to wash dishes at this moment. If you decide to use a plate or a roller pin, make sure to wash them after using it.


Cut out the paper outline (if you made one) and place it on top of the flattened clay.



Use the Exacto knife to begin cutting the shape onto the clay. Cut inside as well according to the shape you drew. Using the Reaming tool, carefully create a small hole in which the jump ring will go in.



Place the clay on a piece of aluminum foil (I do this because the first time I used this blue polymer clay, it stained my little pan. Plus it helps keep things clean in the oven. I'm too lazy to wash dishes.) Sprinkle some glitter on the shape. Do it on both sides.


Let the polymer clay bake in the little kiln/oven according to the set instructions of your clay's package/wrapper.



When the ALIVE logo finally comes out of the oven, apply the polymer clay gloss with a brush. Follow the instructions on the little bottle and let it dry.


If the hole, in which the jump ring will go, is too small, use the reaming tool to carefully make it slightly wider. Attach the jump ring. Attach the fish hook onto the jump ring. [optional] Use the sharpie to write in the word "alive" at the top of the shape.




Note: I didn't shave off the edges of the shape, so it looks rough. The glitter and gloss is optional. I hope you guys liked this DIY tutorial! The pictures are all so ugly because it's nighttime so the colors are all off... I don't have my old computer connected to the internet and I suck at using MAC's haha. I enjoyed making it because I LOVE BIGBANG!!

Very cute designs! You're so skilled :)

Aww thank you. I'm barely starting out so I think I could improve majorly.

The brooch is really cute and would also be cute as a hair piece.

I was thinking initially in making it a hair piece but my mom suggested it would look better as a brooch. So I made it into a brooch.

i love your diys! their so good and your items look so cute!

Hahaha thank you! These are actually my first DIY's ever, so if there's some confusion you are free to PM me with questions. I'll try to answer them haha.

wow your bigbang alive earring is so good!

Thank you! I'm making another BIGBANG item soon. I'll be posting them up soon hahaha.


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