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Jyp's Wonder Girls (원더걸스) Official Thread 3

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Big Bang's Taeyang and Wonder Girl's Sohee voted #1 as idols who would most likely to spend Christmas alone

Source: Starnews


Taeyang and So Hee will spend Christmas alone?


Big Bang’s Taeyang and Wonder Girls’ So Hee recently voted ‘the most likely idols who will spend Christmas by themselves.’

On December 21, cable channel SBS E!’s K-Star News said that Taeyang was voted the most likely male idol who will spend Christmas by himself.

Even though Taeyang has been capturing many female fans’ hearts, he never had a girlfriend before. The show said they think that’s why Taeyang ranked first.

So Hee, youngest member of Wonder Girls, ranked first in female idol category.

The reason why the two stars ranked first and other candidates will be released on the show, which will air on December 21 at 7:00 p.m.


Though I'm an HD shipper, seeing TaeHee really made me miss WonderBang.

*Praying for another WonderBang collab on SBS Gayo Daejun this year*


Yubin shows off her cleavage!


cr: yubinian_em

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I'm watching the KBS Star Life Theatre and ikickss @ youtube had kindly translated some of the parts of the show. I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before but in episode 2 Yeeun mentioned she's going to write songs for 2PM and miss A.

10:00 Yenny implies that she will be writing songs for 2PM and Miss A, once current on-going album related activities cease.

so excited for this :D


원더걸스 유빈 dazed 화보 촬영 스케치

Credit: theblingmagazine @ youtube

Yoobin for Dazed and Confused magazine.



omg <3

Credit: @alliharvard

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Source: http://ent.sina.com....173513288.shtml

- - - - - -

Updated itinerary per jype.com. It does not list this Saturday's KBS Entertainment Awards 연애대상 anymore FWIW.

12/21 WED OhBoy 오보이 photoshoot (Sohee)

          Beauty 뷰티풀 photoshoot (Yeeun)

12/22 THU Mnet M!Countdown

          JTBC Music On Top

12/23 FRI KBS Music Bank 뮤직뱅크

12/24 SAT MBC Music Core 음악중심

12/25 SUN SBS Inkigayo 인기가요

12/26 MON

12/27 TUE   

12/28 WED

12/29 THU SBS Gayo Daejun 가요대전

12/30 FRI KBS Gayo Daejun 가요대전

12/31 SAT MBC Gayo Daejun 가요대전

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Seeing as they're now listed for all three Gayo Daejuns, I hope they do perform Me, In.

I have thing annoying feeling they'll sing Be My Baby and Girls Girls only ¬_______¬

*fingers crossed!*

Yoobin and Younha just exchanged tweets~

Read from the bottom and work your way up.


cr: as tagged.

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I haven't been posting; but thank you for all the pictures, clip and news.

I am in love with Sohee & Yoobin photoshoot. Some might not like it but I love it. Both girls totally rock their concept and Sohee look totally nice to me. She always have weird concept anyway and so I don't seem why it surprising. Also Yoobin is beautiful, one of the photo is so fierce and somewhat make me think of Beyonce ^O^ I need those pictures in HQ. Also anyone kind of like NO SOHEE SHOWING HER STOMACH. Hahah god the girls hardly show off their body so whenever they do I'm like taken back. Sohee still a baby in my eyes >.<

So happy that they are going to be at some of the year end award shows. :) But can't believe they are about to end their promotion in Korea. -.- Bitter sweet moment.

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This tweet is from the 18th Dec. 


Taec: I have something to say to JYPE’s singers, i sent kakaotalk to all wonder girls members but no one replied. I called Jia, but she changed her number so someone else picked it up… sigh… (he called jia as dazed jia) 


I wonder what he had to say to everyone lol. 

This is really sweet. 

tumblr_lw848e7BmK1r7jt5jo1_250.gif tumblr_lw848e7BmK1r7jt5jo2_250.gif

credit: leemeyoung @ tumblr 

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Thai WFs say Bangkok's Siam Center is hosting a Smart Choice! Global K Food event. It's organized by aT (Korean Agro-Fisheries Trade Corporation). WG won't make any personal appearance, but K-Food Party DVDs are given out as part of the promotions. I think this campaign will make its way throughout Southeast Asia, China & the Far East.




Cr: puppYPor (http://lockerz.com/z/18207960/photos)


Cr: yummy_swg @ twitter 


Cr: p_yoong + TH_Wonderfuls @ twitter


Cr: zenon118 @ twitter

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^ I love it when they start advertising the gayo daejun's hehe. It's only a week away, I can't wait for the special performances our girls would bring to stage. It's been too long since they've been to those and they really need to show the huge amount of hoobae's how it's done.

wonderfulinspirit: Those gifs are seriously the cutest thing ever. It really feels like Sohee is opening up her personality nowadays and it's really sweet to see the girls with the kids. I was kind of surprised to see Sohee hugging and all because Sohee seemed awkward about skin-ships and ah it was definitely adorable.


The k food party CD is adorable! I hope someone would be able to scan the pictures or something if they weren't shared yet. Sigh, if only I was able to grab a copy!

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Youtube reports the 10 highest viewed K-pop Music Videos in Korea for 2011


The K-pop craze that’s taking the world by storm was also manifest on the largest video portal site in the world, Youtube.

On December 21st, Youtube reported the top 10 most-watched music videos by domestic citizens in Korea (not including overseas views) since January 1st, 2011.

According to the report, the #1 most-watched K-pop music video in Korea for 2011 was Wonder Girls‘ and their hit track, “Be My Baby“.

HyunA‘s solo single “Bubble Pop” came in at #2, while SNSD‘s “The Boys” came in at #3, holding a record for immediately receiving 400,000 views upon release.

At #4 was “STEP” from KARA‘s third full-length album which is earning much love and support in Japan, and at #5 and #6 were 2NE1‘s “Lonely” and “I Am the Best“, respectively.

T-ara‘s “Roly Poly” came in at #7, followed by f(x)‘s “Pinocchio” at #8, SISTAR‘s “So Cool” came in at #9, and miss A‘s “Good-bye Baby” rounded out the top 10.

Yeum Donghoon from Google Korea remarked, “K-pop has an ever-growing impact on the world, so much that Youtube has launched an official ‘K-pop’ category on the site. I think the driving force behind K-pop spreading so quickly and intensely all over the world is the never-ending love and support the national fans show their favorite artists.”

Source & Image: MyDaily

credits to allkpop

"Wonder Girls" took over first and second place respectively, if you know what I mean. I'm really proud of our girls for accomplishing so much in a short amount of time!

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Is ‘Music On Top’ in over its head against ‘M! Countdown’?


jTBC‘s ‘Music On Top‘ bravely attempted to go up against Mnet‘s ‘M! Countdown‘ by airing their music program in the same time slot. This, unfortunately seems to have been a bit of a rash decision.

The December 22nd episodes of both shows will feature a Christmas special, but the gap between the two shows is shown in the line-up alone. ‘M! Countdown’ has drawn a strong line-up of ... the Wonder Girls,... and many others. On the other hand, ‘Music On Top’ features mostly rookie or indie artists like....

The Wonder Girls will appear on both shows, but their ‘Music On Top’ performance will be pre-recorded. The girls were nominated for a trophy from jTBC, but even if they were to win, they will not be present to accept it.

The conflicting schedules of the two shows are causing a problem with the managers, who feel like they’re forced to choose a show. “We could have our artists perform on the show with a pre-recording, but considering the time it takes for dry and camera rehearsals, it’s just not possible. Putting our artists on both shows also causes a drop in concentration, so it’s realistic to give one up.”

Considering the history and growing popularity of Mnet, artists are opting to give up ‘Music On Top’ in favor of ‘M! Countdown’. The show will obviously need to implement unique changes or concepts to help it stand out in an already overloaded weekly schedule.

Source + Photos: MK via Naver

cr: allkpop

Maybe I just had no expectations or I expected the photoshoots to be like that, but as soon as I saw Sohee's photoshoot, I loved it :D I really like the eye makeup and the way they shaded in her eyebrows to make the texture look rougher. I think it's really cool and even if it's not cute or shimmery or anything, you have to appreciate the detail and uniqueness, and how it adds to this tougher image. One thing I noticed is that they didn't include shots with those fierce and tough facial expressions Sohee had in the video! I really loved what she was doing with her facial expressions.

Of course it's not glamorous or anything and it doesn't necessarily show off her beauty in the generally accepted way.

But it's that kind of beauty that you have as model. Her facial features are just great for modeling; look at what she does with her lips! And the way she can scrunch her nose and everything.

And then the fact that she's able to model this way just means so much more and does so much more for her and WG than looking pretty can ever do.

I guess you'd call it edgy and high fashion as others are doing, but here's a Youtube comment to help me explain lol :

"OMG I DIE!!!! SOHEE is DIVINE! Seriously now I get why Sohee gets so much lovecalls from all these magazines. She's the perfect model and the fact that she can break out of her kpop idol mold is something not a lot of singers can do. I mean she's the definition of cute and korea's little sister but then there's so much more to her than meets the eye! Honestly the only other person that has the image for high and eclectic fashion like this is GD from Big Bang. Thank you Z_Zin mag!

- vana189 "

And I think it's helping WG mature their image, like what Yubin is trying to do :)

As soon as I saw Yubin's photoshoot, I smiled, too, lol. I actually thought she was being a doll from the first photo, not an alien. But I like how she can portray that stiffness and unfamiliarity if that's what she's going for as an alien. In her shoot and YeEun's shoot, I thought the details in the scene and setting were pretty nice :) Especially in YeEun's, since in this one pic the focus is more on the overall scene.

If you're wondering who this is coming from, it's coming from someone who occasionally reads magazines and is somewhat into fashion and makeup. But I lean more on the photographer side because I also take photographs as a hobby and professionally for school activities and have taken classes analyzing photography and photographic movements. I don't know if it makes a difference but I guess that's why I have that perspective.


Anyways, people have been covering G.N.O, too =) Here's a cover -

G.N.O. ★ Wonder Girls (원더걸스) Dance Cover

also....I really hate being a downer...I do, this thread is always such a happy place, but honestly, I am kind of disappointed that they're not giving us Me, In.

I mean, they have the music video shot, we know that from the teasers- why is it they're suddenly switching to Girls Girls now?

I guess, i was just hoping for a really big change in style with the girls, a big 360, sigh.

I will just have to wait for the year end awards I suppose...I was really looking forward to some Me, In promotions though, it's too bad.

But that will make the Me, In performances that much more special, since it's only for the Gayo Daejuns :) And they'll probably be way cooler. Like the stages for G.N.O were sometimes so small...so you could think of it that way!

I don't think they ever planned the follow-up song, since they chose Girls Girls after polling K-WFs at fanmeets, so that's what K-WFs wanted.

But I see what you mean with the teasers; they could have filmed the music video since they already set up for filming the teasers. They kind of makes me disappointed as well since it seems so possible

I'm really tempted to start collecting quotes from these girls lol. they always answer questions with confidence and maturity

I did that; I have document saved on my computer as Wonder Quotes hahah ^^

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Thanks, this could explain why the girls disappeared from M Countdown and now they're returning there after just a few weeks.


Lim's ready for Christmas^^


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Lim just tweeted two three adorable pictures on twitter!

Love my Christmas nails!!!!! http://pic.twitter.com/LkNQv13A


PS: Sun's doing her nails now!!:) http://pic.twitter.com/Jk0Y64Ph


credits to WG_Lim @ twitter

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I keep reading comments that Me, In will be performed during the end of year festivals... have we even gotten any confirmations on that? ( I must have missed that post :sweatingbullets:) Unless it was said by the girls or JYP themselves there is honestly no way of knowing since the shows are live~ I don't want to sound like a downer but I just feel like we'll be disappointed and it is most likely that we will be getting BMB remix performances or GG performances. :(

Let me just clarify and say that I would love a BMB remix stage or even GG stage, I could care less what the girls perform as long as they are there, I just feel like we are expecting too much.

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^ It's not confirmed. I think @mingsun @ twitter has mentioned that we might be able to see them perform Me,In at the gayo daejeon shows but it's not certain. Even so, Wonder Girls should perform it at their concert. Hopefully they will hold a concert next year! 

I guess Wonder Girls weren't able to win their triple crown at Mnet M! Countdown because they chose to attend Music on Top instead. =/ 

Btw, if you check out WonderSubbers Facebook, you can find Yoo HeeYeol's Sketchbook and Mnet Wide Open Studio, which they have just uploaded. Check it out here!


Soompi Gayo awards 2011: http://www.soompi.com/gayo/poll

Drag the picture to the 5 point star and then whoever else for the other stars. =P 

You can vote once a day. 

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