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[complete][Cdrama 2011] 爱情睡醒了 | Waking Love Up

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Roy Chiu, Tiffany Yan, Jones Xu, Qi Wei


爱情睡醒了(Ai Qing Shui Xing Le) | Waking Love Up


Unlike the heiress in the My Daughter, Tang Yan’s character this time is a poor hotel maid that’s nevertheless equally lovable. Because of an accident, she falls in love with the CEO of a major company, played by Roy Qiu, who had lost his memories. When he regains his memory, the two are faced with challenges both in love and in business, and must work together to save both themselves and their homes.

Directors: Shen Yi 沈怡, Ding Yangguo 丁仰国

Producer: Meng Xue 孟雪

Broadcasting Channel: Anhui TV

Filming Period: April 11, 2011 - July 10, 2011, at Hainan, Sanya

Airing Date: September 13, 2011

Episodes: 40

Genre: Rom-Com


Roy Chiu 邱泽 as Xiang Tianqi 项天骐

Tiffany Tang Yan 唐嫣 as Liu Xiaobei 刘小贝

Jones Xu/Izz Tsui 徐正曦 as as Ji Rufeng 季如风/Eric

Qi Wei 戚薇 as Mu Zhiqing 沐之晴

James Wen 温升豪 as Qiu Yan 仇岩

Hide Supporting Actors

Wang Yiming 王一鸣 as Liu Xiaobao 刘小宝

Cao Yanyan 曹艳艳 as Li Meixiu 李美秀

Shi Yanjing 石燕京 as Xiang Zhenfu 项振夫

Zhou Xiaoli 周笑莉 as Mama Xiang 项母

Li Shipeng 李世鹏 as Tony

Wang Jianxin 王建新 as Daddy Mu 沐父

Yang Huaimin 杨怀民 as Hao Renyuan 郝仁园

Jia Lili 贾丽莉 as Shen Wanxin 沈宛心

Zhang Xiaoqi 张晓琪 as Mark 马克

Yuan Chengjie 袁成杰 as Lei Dagu 雷大古

Xu Meiling 徐美玲 as Ah Mei Shen 阿美婶

Gao Tingting 高婷婷 as Yao Sisi 姚丝丝

Jiang Yi 江一 as Wang Yu 王于

Chen He 陈赫 as Zeng Xiaoxian 曾小贤

Chang Ruyan 常汝言 as Granny Hua Zi 花子婆婆


Watch online:




* INCOMPLETE * http://www.viki.com/channels/3996-waking-love-up


What are your thoughts on this drama series?

SOURCE baidu.com, tudou.com, weibo.com

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OMGosh~!!! I LUV LUV LUV this drama~!!! <3 Roy Chiu :wub: I reckon he did a brilliant job with his character(s). His eyes are sooo expressive/intense. xD Loved this drama soo much I had to re-watch it all over again.

The music was good too. Lots of JJ Lin songs tho. My favourite song called 'XieXieNiGeiDeWenRou [谢谢你给的温柔] by YuTongFei [宇桐非]'

Recommend watching~!

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the little boy in the drama is ADORABLE! So talented and when I first watched the drama I was like....he reminds me of the kids from the youtube video:

AND its him! HAHHA (i'm pretty sure!)



I recommend it to anyone who is a fan of Roy to watch. :)

Even if it is a 'remake', it is still worth it! :D

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I'm currently watching this drama and its so good! I am totally in love with it  :sweatingbullets: It seems as though this drama is a remake of Save the Last Dance for Me which was a 2004 Korean drama starring Eugene and Ji Sung. I loved that drama and this is a really good one too! Roy is such a hottie ♥ The little adorable kid is so intelligent and cute! I love all of the casts. They're great actors. Must watch drama!

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I haven't seen the Korean version yet but I I liked this version more than Prince Turn Into Frog. I loved the music (a LOT of JJ Lin) & I thought Roy Qiu looked really good. :] 

My new favorite♥

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I really love this drama! I was relucant to watch at first because it had 40 episodes but I enjoyed each and every episode I didn't seem, long at all. I've got all the episodes downloaded now so I can rewatch it again and again, love Roy Qiu <3

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