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[DISC] 'How I became hooked with Bigbang'

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leslie_lei    2,631

share your stories with fellow VIPS


This thread is created for VIPS to share their experiences on how they started to become a fan of BIGBANG.

Forum rules still apply and i'm looking forward to read your stories on how you guys started shipping BIGBANG. ♥♥♥

“Until Whenever”

Translated by melodygreenleaf. Do not add to or remove this entire line.

Italics are originally in English.I avoid the warm gaze watching me (i keep cry)

You know my heart, will you wait? (i keep lie)

oh baby don’t cry lady (oh)

Don’t forget that promise of ours (oh)

I’ll take care of you until whenever

No matter how sad [i am] (I can only laugh)

Even though I’m tired and hurt (I can only endure)

Even if you leave (I can’t catch you)

Even still, with your trust we can only be forever

The day when the sunlight was warm, the day when we first met

I, who looked like a fool drenched in sweat,

still remember, “You shine more than anyone else,”

said this one girl as she picked me up

From that moment on, 1 year, 2 year, time [went by] steadily

All the memories we experienced together [went by in] a blink of an eye

In that place, between you and I,

blocking and standing, a wall full of hypocrisy (ah)

Although I like you, I can’t approach you

When I see your pure eyes, I am afraid

I’m scared the world will snatch you away

I ask for that beautiful smile not to change you are so

beautiful girl you are more valuable than those gems

A wound that will embrace the young and delicate you

I don’t want to hurt your pure heart

Pray, shut your eyes and ears, I’m crazy over you

oh baby don’t cry lady (oh)

Don’t forget that promise of ours (oh)

I’ll take care of you until whenever

No matter how sad [i am] (I can only laugh)

Even though I’m tired and hurt (I can only endure)

Even if you leave (I can’t catch you)

Even still, with your trust we can only be forever

Whenever, wherever we were together

We were so happy, it was our time [*T/N: "Time" can also be "world" or "life"]

So we ran, on the dangerous road and fields

I, who even after falling, stood up again at the thought of you

Run looking only forward, I’ll watch your back

Spread your wings, I’ll block the wind

you are the one in my life like an undying star

[*T/N: This line is special to us VIP because it is a direct quotation of what GD in his Daesang Award speech: "We will try hard to become undying stars."]

Who knew a wrong mistake would turn out like this

Who knew you, who I lean on, would hurt this much

Only an ocean of sadness [and] dark loneliness

I can only cry like a little kid lost in the black darkness

baby girl don’t leave

(Now I can’t be without you, please don’t leave)

baby girl don’t lose your spirit

(I’ll give you a bigger trust, please don’t cry anymore)

oh baby don’t cry lady (oh)

Don’t forget that promise of ours (oh)

I’ll take care of you until whenever

No matter how sad [i am] (I can only laugh)

Even though I’m tired and hurt (I can only endure)

Even if you leave (I can’t catch you)

Even still, with your trust we can only be forever

Like your friend

Like our promise

I see only you

I avoid the warm gaze watching me

You know my heart, will you wait?


credit: Bigbangkorean.wordpress

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RaRa AvIs    42

I became hooked up to BIGBANG just last year, some time on March 2012.
Its really funny because when KPOP became popular here in my country couple of years back I was like what the richard simmons. I hated it. I only liked one group and that is 2ne1 obviously because Dara was there. I was already her fan when she was still an actress here in the Philippines. I liked their song Fire. It was so popular during my college days. Me and my friends always sings "We're 2ne1" with its hand signs everytime we see each other. But when some male group consist of 13 members (not so sure bout that) which they call S***J*** became popular, so popular that everybody was talking about them and they were so visible on music channels, I started hating KPOP. Hahaha.. Yeah.. They're the one to blame why I hated KPOP. I didn't liked their song. I thought why is it so popular anyway?? I dont think its good enough to be that popular and damn why do I have to hear it over and over?? Then another girl group became popular too. They were 9 member group. And my hate deepened because of them. Just like what I thought with that boy group I also thought the same with that girl group. I just thought that they are only using their good looks and does not have that much talent. So I've hated KPOP for years up until last year when finally I've met them. They changed my life.
I hated KPOP but I love K-Dramas. There's this series which is called Dream High. I've watched it on 2011 and became hooked up to it. I really love that show that I found myself searching for it on Youtube. Then I found out that Jang Wooyoung was a fanboy of Dara. That's when I became a WOODARA fan. I also found out that Dara has a lot of fanboys and there's this fanvid which sums up the top 10 of Dara's fanboys. Of course Wooyoung was in the first place. Top 3 was G-Dragon and 2nd was Taeyang. I dont know them. Actually I dont know almost all boys mentioned at that list. So I had to search who were they. I found "I need a girl" by Taeyang featuring Dara and I liked it. Then I also found LOLLIPOP which is a collaboration of 2ne1 and Bigbang. Actually I already knew that song years ago but since I hated KPOP already at the time so I didn't bother to listen to it. All I know is that it was a popular song of 2ne1. And so when I finally watched that vid, G-Dragon got my attention. The way he said "Na, that's not how we do it", OMO I was so impressed! I so love how he sing. I thought he got such a beautiful voice. Then I heared TOP's part and I was like WOW he got that very UNIQUE voice. And I also thought Taeyang's voice was soulful. When I finished it I didn't know whose got the most beautiful voice among them so I listened to it over and over again that I got addicted to it. Although its because of 2ne1 that I found out that song, I found myself addicted to Bigbang's part more.
Actually before I found out about Lollipop, I already started listening to 2pm since both Wooyoung and Taecyeon was there. They both stared in Dream High. There's this song of 2pm that I liked for a couple of days. I dont remember the title now. Haha. Then I watched Lollipop and got addicted to that song up until today. :)>- When I found Hello by GD and Dara. I thinks that's it! That's my turning point. I was not really into rap. Even Hiphop. But when I watched G-dragon performing hello, hiphop style, rapping, I suddenly became a big fan of it. I dont know why but I really love GD's rapping style. I think its so unique. Unlike others who rap like nonsense, GD's way of rapping kinda speak to me. AND what's made me more addicted to him is when Dara was patting him on his shoulder while he pretends devastated, HE LOOKS AT THE CAMERA AND SMILES! Oh god, how I love that smile. I think its the main reason why I love him so much. I fell in love with that smile which we now call THAT GIDDY SMILE.
Its so funny that when I watched their Hello performance I didn't know that GD was from Bigbang. All I know was that he was included in Dara's fanboy list. So when I saw his face I was like, he's so familiar. Then I remembered Lollipop and tried to look for similarities. GD's look on Hello was way more different in Lollipop so Im really not sure if that was him. It was through comments that I found out it was really him and that he's from Bigbang. Then, their song LIES was on suggested vids. It was not real mv. It was just a vid with only lyrics on the screen. When I saw SORRY on the lyrics, I thought was it the same as the song of that S***J*** that were so popular? When I listened to it, I was so amazed. I loved it so I searched its MV with subs. The MV was so awesome it instantly became my favorite song. That song of S***J*** was nothing compared to LIES of Bigbang. And I thought this is what a REAL GOOD SONG is. I also found out TELL ME GOODBYE. It was so beautiful it just plays in my mind over and over that I sleep and wake up with that song in mind. And I found out that TOP played in a series called IRIS and that Tell Me Goodbye was its OST in Japan. Actually when I first saw him in Lollipop I thought his face looks so familiar. Even though I never watched that I still cant believe that I remembered TOP's face. I only saw IRIS commercial once and I did remember TOP's face! Hah! (mental pat on the shoulders). Maybe it was really meant to be. Bigbang was really hard to ignore.
Then there's HARU HARU. Oh GOD! This is my ultimate favorite! The MV was SUPER AWESOME and the lyrics just SPEAKS TO THE HEART. Plus the fact that it was a very SAD song but it was sang in a very unique way. I love the beat of the song. Even up until now it is still my ALL TIME FAVORITE. Because of this song I finally admitted to myself that I was ADDICTED to THEM and that I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. For once in my life I became a REAL FAN. As I listen to their songs I realized how awesome and talented they are. Their song was not limited to one genre. Their talents were endless. They could do any kind of genre's. Be it hiphop, rnb, jazz, pop, rock, electronica, etc.. They rock them all. Plus they could sing in 3 different language. I love all their Korean, English and Japanese songs. They are awesome and definitely ONE OF A KIND! They are different to KPOP. They often say they are not KPOP. They break that KPOP standard! That's what I like so much about them. Like what they always say, they are heading in a different road that others were afraid take. I just love their SWAG! They dont use looks to get fans. They are not afraid to look different. They have fans because of their GREATNESS. Their talents, style and personality are the main reason why for once in my life I IDOLIZES someone. Im just so proud of them. When I became their fan I dont even know that they were popular. Im just happy and contented to find other VIP's like me. Like other VIP's said, THEIR POPULARITY ONLY CAME AS A BONUS!
Before I met them, Im into rock songs. I dont like local songs. There were only few local singer that I like. I really like foreign songs and foreign singers like Britney Spears, Rihanna, Mariah Carey and Taylor Swift. And even though I like their songs so much I hasn't considered myself as a fan. I dont IDOLIZE them. I think I just LIKE their songs. PERIOD! nothing more. When I ask who was your favorite singers, I think of their SONGS only but not them. I think there's a difference between liking the song and liking the singers. Coz if you like the singer, you would have love ALL their song. but that's not what I feel for them. I only like a couple of their songs but not all of them.
Its way different with BIGBANG. I never thought I would be this CRAZY to a singer or a group like them. I have never love any artist as I LOVE THEM. My world revolve around them. My day would not be complete without hearing their songs. I wake up and sleep thinking about them everyday. Its almost a year and yet Im still addicted to them. My love for them grows more and more everyday. Many foreign artist that I like came here for concerts but I never seriously thought of watching it. I remember last year, some time in MAY, while watching their LOVE AND HOPE TOUR, I thought I wanted to see them too! I thought I would die if I would miss that chance. Then the shock of my life came when I suddenly saw an article where it said that BIGBANG would be on a CONCERT TOUR AROUND THE WORLD. Oh richard simmons!! They included PHILIPPINES on their tour!!!!! wooooohhhh!!! Hooray!!!! I literally LAUGH OUT LOUD. I was jumping and rolling on my bed like CRAZY!! and Im dead serious I think I gone crazy just knowing that my prayer were instantly answered just like that. One moment I was wishing I could watch them live too then suddenly a news that they would visit here soon! It feels like HEAVEN!! I already convinced myself that I would go there. I would watch them live! I thought I can afford the tickets. I never imagine that ticket prices were super expensive for someone like me. But then I still aimed for VIP seat. Sadly my friend's budget cant afford it so we just settled in the upper box. We thought it would be not that far but, richard simmons, its so far!!! We were in the fourth floor!! Good thing we were near the stage. And the most unforgettable moment of my life was when we saw GD on the side of the stage. Exactly right down in front of us!! He was talking with the technical team I guess. It was only me and my seatmate who noticed him. We were waving like crazy and calling his name on the top of my lungs. And what happened next. Well he just LOOKED UP AT US!! YEY, we were in the fourth floor and they were in the ground floor. We were so far yet he still saw us and HE WAVED AT US!! It was more like a salute kind of wave which means he acknowledge us. OH GOD!! I thought I would die. My friend's seat is like 5 seats away from me and she didn't notice GD that time. I think I WAS JUST SO LUCKY THAT TIME!! It really completed my concert experience. During that time I proved to myself that they really were so much better in performing live. So I promised myself that if they would come again just like what they promised us, I would definitely be in that VIP seat no matter what!!!

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