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Busan 6/11-12



2nd-3rd April: Bangkok, Thailand

23rd April: Taipei, Taiwan

7th May: Beijing, China

20th May: Vancouver, Canada

22nd May: Newark, New Jersey

27th May: Los Angeles, California

3rd June: San Jose, California

11th-12th June: Busan, Korea [Finale]



special thanks to Hoodwinker

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[JYJ Live in Thailand]

Date: 2nd-3rd April, 2011

Venue: Impact Arena

Ticketing Price: 6000 THB(VIP) / 5000 THB / 4500 THB / 4000 THB (standing) / 2500 THB / 1500THB / 1000 THB

Organizers: 411 Entertainment

Facebook page: Click Here

Twitter Account: 411 Entertainment

Website: http://www.411ent.com/

[JYJ Live in Taipei]

Date: 23rd April, 2011 7.30PM

Venue: Taipei Arena

Ticketing Price: 5000 TWD(MOSHPIT) / 4200 TWD / 3800 TWD / 3200 TWD / 2600 TWD / 2000TWD / 1400 TWD / 800 TWD


Ticketing website: http://www.g-music.com.tw/event/2011/GMusicBigBanner.987/index.html

[JYJ Live in China]

Date: 7th May, 2011 7.30PM

Venue: Capital Indoor Stadium, Beijing

Ticketing Price: 1880 RMB / 1280 RMB / 880 RMB / 480 RMB

Ticketing website: www.newstargroup.com.cn

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POWERHOUSELIVE will be organizing the US and CANADA tour.

Vancouver, Canada

Date: 20th May, 2011 8PM

Venue: Rogers Arena

Ticketing website: www.ticketmaster.ca | Sale starts on April 19, 12PM (PST)


Newark, New Jersey, USA

Date: 22nd May, 2011 8PM

Venue: Prudential Center

Los Angeles, California, USA

Date: 27th May, 2011 8PM

Venue: Nokia Theatre

San Jose, California, USA

Date: 3rd June, 2011 8PM

Venue: The Event Center Arema

Ticketing website: www.ticketmaster.ca | Sale starts on April 16, 12PM (PST)

Tickets priced at $180, $150, $120, $90, $70, and $40.

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JYJ confirmed for a concert in Indonesia


Last year, JYJ's worldwide showcase stopped in New York, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles, which excited American fans. This year, the trio will embark on a Worldwide Concert tour featuring songs from their newest release, "Their Rooms."

Thailand was the first country to be confirmed for two concerts on April 2nd and 3rd. Soon after, Singapore was confirmed when event organizer Faith & D Entertainment released the news via their Facebook pages. Only one concert will happen in Singapore, on April 23rd.

Now, Indonesia joins the list as the third country on JYJ's "World Concert" tour list. Indonesian promoter DreamCatcher Indonesia announced via their twitter that, "It's signed and confirmed. MLive presents JYJ Live Concert in Indonesia, April 9th, 2011. Promoted by DreamCatcher Indonesia and Buck Up Show. Stay tuned for more details soon and don't ever buy any tickets until our next official opening ticket information."

Which country would you like to see JYJ perform in?

Source: @DreamCIndo

credits: koreaboo

[info] 110221 411 Entertainment CEO Update

To confirm JYJ in bangkok 2,3 april 2011 by 411ent http://yfrog.com/h73wvomfj


credit: KungChalermchai

shared by: sharingyoochun.net

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woww thanks for the new thread for JYJ concert!

it's so exciteddd

we gonna get tons of pics from the concerts again!

waiting for more info about the ticket sales!

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omg!!! yay!! i will be following this thread!! =D

i am still waiting if the 416 concert in shanghai is true T.T so waiting for news....


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Update for JYJ Live Concert in Indonesia

[uPDATE] The ticket price range is FIXED IDR 500,000 - IDR 2,500,000. We are still trying to get all seats numbered for your convenient. Thank You.

credits: Dreamcatcher Indo


For Australian fans, Epik Entertainment is trying to bring them to Australia:

Please do 'like' this facebook page: CLICK HERE


edit: vv America? Most likely =P Let's just play the waiting game as more countries are added to the list.

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will America be added??? hehe!!! i hope so... and soon... keke!!! X]... well... JYJ did promise us that they'll be coming back here to America to do a concert so... hehe!!! bet America will be added to the list very soon... keke!!! can't wait until then... :)... hehe!!! anyways... yay!!! JYJ Worldwide Concert Thread... hehe!!! makes it easier for me to find the information i need... hehe!!! thanks!!! will drop by often for updates... :)...

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[TRANS] 110221 Jaejoong Directing "JYJ World Tour"                        

In the Jaejoong's latest interview for ELLE Korea, he revealed JYJ's  plans for their upcoming JYJ World Tour as well as his role in the  production.

Preparing for JYJ's World Tour


Jaejoong in the interview states "The precise schedule isn't out yet but we plan to stay in the US for a few weeks."

The  "JYJ World Tour" is an expanded version of the Seoul Concert and the  direction will be done by Jaejoong. This challenging stage is a test for  Jaejoong who thought "I can do it. I want to do it" after seeing the  Co-Ed group TRF participate in directing their performances.

Jaejoong  said, on this topic, "It's the role of the director to take  responsibility for the performance's flow from the beginning to the end.  All the staff will come together to share in the effort. But I plan to  prepare with the spirit of '1 doing the work of a 100', by doing the  overall tuning and simultaneously the composing and arranging of music  in between performances. I hope you look forward to it!"

Source: [11년 3월호] ELLE 엘르  

Translation: c Inkette/DNBN

Editing: c Yule/ JACE

Credit: JACE

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[iNFO]Dreamcatcher Indonesia Update

VIP A: IDR 2,500,000

VIP B: IDR 2,000,000

GOLD: IDR 1,500,000

SILVER: IDR 900,000

BRONZE: IDR 500,000

credits: @DreamCIndo

Sorry, this came out while I was sleeping >< Goodluck in grabbing your tickets Indonesian Cassies!

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[News] JYJ will hold worldwide concert in 7 countries, 10 cities with JJ working as director


Group JYJ’s “JYJ World Tour Concert in 2011″ for their worldwide album “The Beginning” will be held in 5 Asian and North American cities.

Baek ChangJu, the president of CJES entertainment, the management company of JYJ, revealed “we will begin JYJ’s world tour concert in April at Thailand and the album promotion will continue on for two months, ending with a final concert in Korea.”

The grand start of “JYJ World Tour Concert in 2011″ will be on April 2nd and 3rd at Bangkok, Thailand.

Furthermore, the concert is scheduled to also be held in Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia, further continuing JYJ’s meetings with their fans throughout Asia which first occurred last year through their “JYJ Worldwide Showcase.”

JYJ also plans conduct an extensive world wide promotion, traveling across North America and holding their concert in New York, LA, Washington DC, San Francisco, and Canada.

The concert will be especially meaningful since JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong plans be the lead director of the concerts held in Asia.

Kim Jaejoong has already participated working on the stage and video effects with American and Japanese staff during the last year’s Korean concert. This time, Kim will serve as the lead director for the concerts that will be held in the five Asian cities, spearheading the entire concert and personally planning and producing all performances.

CJES President Baek Chang Ju stated, “Kim Jaejoong has always had a great interest in producing concerts. Judging from the faith shown by the foreign staff toward Kim Jaejoong’s competence during JYJ’s concert last year, we have decided to have Jaejoong be the director for this world tour. Through the various experiences he will obtain through this tour, we look forward to Jaejoong showing his abilities as a professional concert director.”

Original article. http://news.nate.com/view/20110225n06267

Translation by. withjyj.wordpress.com (@_withJYJ)


Faith & D Entertainment (JYJ Tour SG Organizers) Facebook Posts

JYJ World Tour in Singapore will be one of the most spectacular and memorable concert in 2011! Very surprised by the show content and set up. We are indeed extremely excited and proud to be the organizer. This is THE SHOW that you should never miss!

JYJ World Tour in S'pore is one of d most spectacular & memorable show in 2011. A-Class performers + lots of special effects. Don't miss it!

Source: Faith&D Facebook page

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adding on to ces's post

(NEWS) 110225 JYJ announces world tour + Jaejoong to be director

JYJ is gearing up to embark on a large-scale world tour.

The trio is planning to resume their overseas promotions in April by hosting the ‘JYJ World Tour Concert in 2011‘, which will visit five Asian countries and five North American cities. Resuming promotions for their album, “The Beginning“, the boys will hold concerts in Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, New York, L.A., Washington D.C., San Francisco, and Canada.

Jaejoong specifically will be in charge of directing the concerts in Asia. He has previously directed certain stage productions, even partaking in the visual effects component with the other staff members for their last concerts in Korea, U.S., and Japan.

A representative from C-JeS Entertainment stated, “Jaejoong’s interest in directing concerts has been growing. After proving his credibility by directing some performances in previous concerts, we named him as one of the directors of our world tour“.

Before embarking on the epic tour, JYJ is planning to hold a fan meeting in March, in celebration of ‘White Day’.

Source: Star News via Nate

Credit: Allkpop

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[iNFO] JYJ Concert In Thailand

Ticket price:

6000 THB(VIP) / 5000 THB / 4500 THB / 4000 THB (standing) / 2500 THB / 1500THB / 1000 THB


Date : 4-6 March

Time : 4 March 8.30 am - 6 March 6pm

Selling by : www.411ent.com

*You can choose Ticket Zone but cannot choose the seating number

If you don't want to buy in Presale period, you can buy at thaiticketmajpr.com from 12 March

cr: noonygirl@twitter

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Even though they are only releasing the stops for Asia, just thinking about them performing in the US again brings chills down my spine. I'm so excited and definitely saving up money. I hope they plan to make a stop in Europe too because they have a lot of fans over there. :D

I pray that everything goes well for them.

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