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Good afternoon here in my country..


regarding the news about a-man project will take legal actions about groundless rumors, malicious comments to JS.. i'm glad to hear that JS and his agency have acted for all the groundless dan false rumors made by irresponsible people out there. I hope not only applies to people who spread  false and groundless rumors in Korea but also applies to people outside korea, bcoz there are so many irresponsible people who spread lies about JS and about JS life, who lived outside korea.


Now, can the shippers be sued bcoz of lies and rumors the have made about JS and some certain women who have played drama with him in W???

to be honest, i feel annoyed and angry at the same time seeing jongjoo shippers. they act like they know everything about JS and be a smart-richard simmons, when they just became JS "fans" about 1-2 years ago and they act like everything JS is doing only for useless things that are associated him with some certain women. they always talk that they have acquintances or friends in korea who often see JS and some certain women going out on a dates or talking about seeing "something" about JS and HJ on Naver sites but when asked where the "news" is, they always talk that has been deleted and lost, and the person i'm talking is here in this forum.. its @frozentundra

i already screencap her convo with some innocent people who believe her lies.. but bcoz i'm a newbie here.. i dont know how to upload a pics here.


back again with this annoying shippers, they also made a story about JS cafe 89mansion, they say that the cafe was made for some certain women and all decorations, drawings or anything that was in the cafe or made for the cafe was the result of some certain women and they convince the story to everyone who asks, when in fact, everything is just their imaginations and their delusions.

As i know, there is a special design team for cafe 89mansion and its office is located right above the a-man project building.


i try to give them questions and explain to them but they just block my account instead!

its again @frozentundraand her friends @kembie

they shamelessly active in this thread.

and also those crazy accounts RCNWANN, ugh! :unamused: she really likes made up a story, i guess if she have this energy to write a story book for a kids.. she really can succeed!

i dont even know what is my mistakes is so my account is blocked by them. i just asked in one of their posts that 'said' that the sticker at the cafe 89mansion was some certain women drawings.. i asked them to not spread lies and false rumors and they just blocked my account.






so here i am, trying to pour out my all my "complaints" even though i know. its not like it used to be, a lot of people are new here.. and longtime JS fans who i knew long time ago, who used to active in this thread are gone. maybe they feel the same way like i feel. but now, even in a special forum for JS fans, it has been filled with shippers accounts that will definitely be biased. will always favor 1 drama compared to JS other dramas, will always comparing JS action and behaviour to its co-star, even though in fact, JS always behave and treats all of his co-star THE SAME.


they are shameless people..

even when JS held a fanmeet, these delusions shippers cut off the part when JS watched other of his drama besides W and made it look like JS was just happy with W drama and made it look like JS was "in love" with some certain women and they proudly talk about "CONTEXT"!!

i remember when there was an article linking JS with Suzy and they talked that it was all the wrong thing and everyone who talked about JS and Suzy didnt see the CONTEXT as a whole.. when they did EXACTLY THE SAME when they talking about JS and his W co-star. they talked without knowing the context as a whole and speak as if everything is true, when IN FACT IT IS JUST THEIR DELUSIONS!

and i always remember this person frozentundra or alaska.basin (her IG account) when talked about CONTEXT :mellow:


i already have some evidence and will send the content to a-man project email.. i hope they see the mess of what is going on and how bad this has resulted in JS career and JS image.


ps: i am not hate the actress who worked with him.. i'm just dont want to mentions names here.



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