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Lee Jong Suk talks about his plans to enlist this year + working with ideal type Lee Na Young


Lee Jong Suk shared about military enlistment, co-starLee Na Young, and more. 


On January 21, the press conference for the new tvNdrama, 'Romance Is a Bonus Book,' took place at Imperial Palace Seoul.


To the question on his military enlistment, Lee Jong Suk replied, "I think I will be (enlisting) this year," and added, "So I will well complete this drama. I will show what the fans want to see through this drama. That's also why I chose romance comedy for the first time."


In the past, Lee Jong Suk has frequently named Lee Na Young as his ideal type. When asked about his co-star, Lee Jong Suk said, "I was hoping I won't get this question," and shyly continued, "Everyone at the sets knew (she's my ideal type) but I hoped no one will talk about it. I'm a successful fan. I'm very grateful."

The first episode of 'Romance Is a Bonus Book' is airing on January 26 at 9 pm KST. 



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Romance is a Bonus Book Plan outline

Translated by Astrid
Proofread by Joanna5959
Translated by Nadia
Proofread by Choeuda
Layout by Tina

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2019.01.21 Lee Jong Suk Leaving the RISBB Press Conference in Imperial Palace Hotel,  Seoul

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Lee Jong Suk calls himself a 'successful fan' of Lee Na Young

2019.0.21 during the press conference for the upcoming tvN series "Romance Is A Bonus Book" Lee Jong Suk, who is a fan of Lee Na Young, was asked what it was like acting opposite his celebrity crush. 
Lee Jong Suk:

"It was not easy to act throughout the 16 episodes of complicated emotions and relationships.

But I had my own way to endure that.

Noona (Na Young) can you shut your ears for a moment?

I'm really her fan, so... I don't know what to say (moaning)...

I'm a successful fan!"

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16 hours ago, ibru said:

.is anyone looking at the omega watch?!!!!


wha..what....omega watch? all my mind can see is the belly button...:D 

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1 hour ago, ibru said:



From "I am in this book"
To "I made this book"

When Kang Chul was reincarnated,

he became Cha Eunho, a popular Writer 



repost @frozentundra

So...once Kang Chul figured out a solution to his identity problem in the real world (maybe he got sent back with one?? Part of the becoming-a-real-boy magic?), he reinvented himself. He opened a cafe (hey, that cream spaghetti dish with bacon he was going to make for Yeon Joo? It's on the menu at 89M, just saying) and then, after having lived as a main character for years, decided to write books himself. He became a bestselling author, and now writers flock to his cafe to write their own books and hopefully catch a glimpse of Kang Chul aka Cha Eun Ho (KC's pseudonym, of course!)






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  • sum37_official


    January 26 Saturday night at 9 o'clock!
    The first episode starts with a throbbing heart.

    su:m 37 official model Lee Jong Suk appeared
    in drama with high Expectation "Romance is a bonus book"

    Through the lottery, you will give you a very special gift.

    [Event Guide]
    ✔ Duration: 1.25 (Fri) ~ 1.30 (Wed)
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    ✔ Winner Announcement: 2.8 (Fri) Individual DM Shipping
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    1월 26일 토요일 저녁 9시!
    가슴 설레는 첫 페이지가 시작 됩니다.

    숨37 공식모델 #이종석 이 출연하는
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    추첨을 통해 문단의 아이돌 차은호 역의 이종석이 전하는
    아주 특별한 선물을 드립니다.

    [이벤트 안내]
    ✔ 기간 : 1.25(금)~1.30(수)
    ✔ 참여방법
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    ※친구 태그 및 공유 시 당첨 확률 UP!

    ✔ 경품 : 이종석 친필싸인 숨37 제품 (3명)
    ✔ 당첨자 발표 : 2.8(금) 개별 DM발송
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    #SUM37 #숨37 #苏秘37° 
    #로맨스는별책부록 #기대평 #이벤트#EVENT
    #이종석에센스 #이종석 #leejongsuk@jongsuk0206

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