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Lee Jong Suk for HIGH CUT 2019.01.24-02.06 Issue, Vol. 234

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New Trailer for Upcoming Lee Jong Suk Drama, Romance Is A Bonus Book

I’ve been on a bit of a drama-hiatus (suffering from major withdrawals, actually), as my family underwent the upheaval of an international move.  Now that I’m finally getting settled down, I’m SO ready to dive into some of the new dramas coming our way this month!  I just saw the most recent teaser for Romance Is A Bonus Book and my first thought was— What could be better than a drama about books and romance starring one of my top 10 actors, Lee Jong Suk? Answer: Absolutely nothing!


The story features Lee Jong Suk as Cha Eun Ho, a warm-hearted, genius writer and the youngest chief editor of his publishing company.  Completing the other half of the  OTP romance, is Lee Na Young as Kang Da Ni, a washed up copy-writer, who lies about her background in order to join the company.

My research didn’t turn up much about the actual plot, however.  The writer for this drama is Jung Hyun Jung, author of the I Need Romance series.  I’ve not seen any of those three dramas, but word has it from the other fangirls, that they were kind of hit and miss. 

I enjoyed the way they depicted the shifting of emotions similar to the changing of the seasons.  Perhaps this will be a more slow-paced story that allows us to focus on the relationship of our OTP and goes easy on the actual ‘drama’.  Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part!

What do you think drama fans, is Romance Is A Bonus Book talking to you, or are you planning to pass by and leave this drama on the shelf?

Romance Is A Bonus Book airs Saturday and Sunday, beginning Jan 26th, on TVN. 



Dramas With a Side of Kimchi





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"Romance Is A Bonus Book" the romantic chemistry between Lee Na-young and Lee Jong Suk will be released globally by Netflix.
Translated by Claire
Proofread by Joanna5959
Layout by Tina
Credit: https://twitter.com/JSHINE_FC_LJS/status/1086275073550340096?s=20
Originally Article http://sports.chosun.com/news/ntype.htm?id=201901180100138250010681&servicedate=20190118

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[Eng Sub] "Romance is a Bonus Book" Teaser Making

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