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I know that this forum is already older but if someone answer me I will be happy :) 

Hi :) I installed the Korean game - anipang. I created an account on kakao. But when I log in via that account. So show me: Additional information - is all in Korean, and when I it translated. There is nickname, but let there writting anything. It never works. So please help me so that I could play it :) And sorry for my bad english.


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I like KakaoTalk but the most used app in my country is WhatsApp, and I don't like WhatsApp. Kakao let's you personalize it with cute themes and it's more private since you can give a user instead of a number, and people who only have your user can't see your number. Also I remember a time when WhatsApp was not free and KakaoTalk was and KakaoTalk had more functionalities, but people I know refuse to use it because "anyone has that" and "everyone has WhatsApp, so I use that one".

Even the emoticons and the stickers in Kakao are better, how can people be so blind...

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