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[Movie 2010] The Superhuman / Psychic 초능력자

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Kang Dong Won, Ko Soo

Movie: The Superhuman

Revised romanization: Choneung Ryukja

Hangul: 초능력자

Director: Kim Min-Suk




Release Date: November 11, 2010


Language: Korean

Country: South Korea


A man with supernatural abilities, played by Kang Dong-Won, goes up against an opponent played by Ko Su.


"The Superhuman" will be produced by production company YeongHwa Sajib (영화사집) - who previously produced "Woochi," "Closer to Heaven," "Antique," "Happiness," & "Voice of a Murderer".

Filming will begin in May, 2010 & will be released sometime in the 2nd half of 2010.

Literal title of the movie "Choneung Ryukja" is "Psychic".


Kang Dong-Won

Ko Su

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Sounds good to me, i loved closer to heaven and woochi wasn't half bad. Too bad i won't be able to see this on DVD for another year >_<

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The movie is amazing! i love it, too bad i cant share it with some of my friends since theres no eng subs available yet ): but still 100% recommendable! not even mentioning hot KDW in it <3

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Can someone please explain the ending, starting from when Goo Soo was in the wheelchair at the subway station. I got lost near the end.

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^ To my understanding, Im Kyu-Nam (Go Soo) was in the wheelchair due to the free fall crashing on top of a car and on top of his adversary. Serious injuries persist physical challenges and disabilities thereafter putting him in that wheelchair.

Next, his dead boss' daughter was about to get on the subway train, so he went there to send her off for the day in an electric wheelchair. They do live together 'cos she was asking him what they will do at home later in the day. This notes his mental health while maneuvering through crowds at the station, however doesn't tell us how long he was hospitalized for this. Then, a little girl flung herself onto the subway rails and fell unconscious. I suppose you can guess Kyu-Nam's adversary, Cho-In (Kang Dong-Won), is alive as well causing a threat. As the train arrives on cue, people huddle towards the fallen girl more dumbfounded, while the boss' daughter is less trivial about Cho-In's game and tries to rescue the fallen chess pawn just too slow. The train steams by full of suspense. And, the heroic Kyu-Nam seems like the Flash with supernatural speed and recovers all his abilities like Wolverine to rescue the little girl... in the nick of time. Hero for a day, now what's next?

Anyone is more than welcome to justify my summary.

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