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[UPCOMING] Melody of Youth (青春旋律)

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Jiang Mengjie, Kim Heechul, Leo Ku, Zhou Mi, Yang Yang



Leo Ku

Jiang Mengjie

Kim Heechul

Ma Su

Deep Ng

Shi Ya

Zhou Mi

Yang Yang

Melody tells of a group of recent college graduates and their first steps into the real world. Leading the drama is Leo Ku, an unconventional older student with a mind for business; Jiang Mengjie plays the female lead, a headstrong tomboy who earns her own livings and is a pro at video games; Heechul plays a professional video gamer who begins to woo Jiang Mengjie; Zhou Mi plays a humorous rich boy who seeks to prove himself worth more than just his parents’ money.; As for Yang Yang, cfensi forum’s shared new love after his Happy Camp appearance last week? He plays a sweet boy whose true calling lies in nail painting.

Baike: http://baike.baidu.com/view/4040489.htm


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Leo ku? is he a hong kong singer..? he is kinda old for student.....

btw,i hope hankyung will haf a cameo in the drama...then he will be able to meet heechul..hahaha~

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