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(미쓰에이) Miss A! #THANKYOUmissA

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-Schedule (Updated)-
Check out miss A's latest schedule ^^

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JYPE sub-label AQE’s girl group


miss  A  (stylized  with a tiny “m” and a capital “A”) means “made in Asia”.  The  A of  miss A also stands for their A-class or A+ quality  performance.  Since  the group is composed of two Chinese and two Korean  members, it  can be  seen as an International vocation group. miss A has  no leader,  this  in order to keep equality in the group. They are a  dance oriented  girl  group - most of them came from reputed dance  schools and  show  versatility in their dancing style, from Traditional  Chinese and  Reggae  to Hip Hop, Popping and Locking... miss A are under  AQ  Entertainment,  which is a sub-label of JYP Entertainment. They  are  part of JYP Nation,  along with idol groups like Wonder Girls, 2PM  and  2AM.


-Basic Information-


Group name: miss A (미쓰에이)
Members: Fei, Jia, Min and Suzy
Debut Date:  July 1, 2010
Official Fan-club Name: say A
Company / Label: AQ Entertainment


Official Website: http://www.aq-ent.com/
Official Daum Cafe: http://cafe.daum.net/missA
Official YouTube Chanel:  http://www.youtube.com/user/missA
Official Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/saymissA


Official Twitter:

Suzy: http://twitter.com/missA_suzy
AQE: http://twitter.com/AQEOFFICIAL

Official Weibo (Chinese twitter):
Fei: http://weibo.com/missafei
Jia: http://weibo.com/missajia
Min: http://weibo.com/missamin
Suzy: http://weibo.com/missasuzy
JYPE: http://weibo.com/jypentertainment



miss  A  made  their  official  debut in early July 2010. Originally, miss  A  was  announced  as a  trio consisting of Fei, Jia and Suzy in June  2010.  Prior  to  this,  they were widely known to fans unofficially  as  JYP  Sisters.  They  were a 5-member group in training in 2009,  but  had  gone  through  several changes, most notably the exit of Hye  Lim  who  joined  the Wonder  Girls, while two other girls had left. Min  had  then  joined  after this,  and a name change was issued.

On  June  22,  2010,  miss  A was officially announced as a quartet,  with  Min  joining  the  group. An official YouTube channel was made  for  them,  premiering  the  music video for a Samsung Anycall campaign  song,  in  which only  three of  the girls are featured, titled "Dashi  Sarang"  (다시  사랑 "Love  Again").  Then, on June 30, the girls premiered  the "Bad  Girl  Good  Girl" music  video for their debut single, "Bad  But  Good"  containing  four songs.  Their debut stage was on M!  Countdown on  July 1,  starting  promotion for  the single. "Bad Girl  Good Girl" has  since  become very  popular, topping  various online  charts.

On  July  22,  2010,  miss A was  number one for the first time on  Mnet's  M!  Countdown with  "Bad Girl  Good Girl." The following day, on  July 23,  the  group took the  number  one title again on KBS Music Bank.  On  August 1,  2010, miss  A  claimed their first Mutizen on SBS  Inkigayo  with "Bad Girl  Good  Girl."

On  September  16,  2010,  AQ  Entertainment announced that miss A would  make  their  comeback  and  revealed their first teaser photo  through  their  official  website. The  MV teaser for "Breathe" was  released on  September  19,  2010 and the  music video was released on  September 26,  2010  on  YouTube. miss A has  returned through Mnet’s  “M! Countdown”  on  October 7,  2010. On October  21, 2010, miss A was  number one for  the  first time on  Mnet's M!  Countdown with "Breathe".  
(cr: Wikipedia)


-Member Profiles-


Fei's Additional Information:
  • Was scouted on her way to dance school in Guang Zhou
  • Learned Korean for 3 years since her training days and is now able to speak quite fluently
  • Was  part  of  JYP  Sisters  with fellow member Jia, Lim of Wonder Girls,  Sarah  and  Xiao  Fei.  JYP Sisters were recurring guests on  China  Zhejiang  TV’s  dance  variety show '越跳越美丽' (from 2009 to early  2010)
  • Appeared as Nichkhun's back-up dancers in 2PM's "My Color" MV
  • Featured in the Music Video of Huh Gong’s debut track “I Only Love You“ (너만을 사랑해)
  • Is known for her exotic face, her perfect body proportion and her charismatic eyes
  • Is known for her love for cooking and her cooking skill, especially for Chinese dishes
  • Loves housekeeping when bored while listening to music in the same time
  • Is known for her quiet and mature, but sometimes also cute, personality



Jia's Additional Information:
  • Was selected by an audition held in her dance school
  • Learned Korean for 3 years since her training days and is now able to speak quite fluently and even to rap
  • Was  part  of  JYP  Sisters  with fellow member Fei, Lim of Wonder Girls,  Sarah  and  Xiao  Fei.  JYP Sisters were recurring guests on  China  Zhejiang  TV’s  dance  variety show '越跳越美丽' (from 2009 to early  2010)
  • Appeared as Nichkhun's back-up dancers in 2PM's "My Color" MV
  • Is known for her shining pink hair during miss A’s “Bad Girl Good Girl” promotion and her overall punk style
  • Is known for her awesome flexibility, her sexy long legs and her fierce stage presence
  • Despite carrying a ‘bad girl’ image with her look she is in fact a ‘good girl’ inside, kind and sensible
  • Loves dogs and is often seen playing with their choreographer’s cute little dog Mikan


Min's Additional Information:
  • Came from one of the best dance school in Korea
  • Was part of the dance duo ‘Little Winners’ with SNSD’s Hyoyeon
  • Stayed in the U.S for 6 years during her training days and speaks English fluently
  • Studied at the Repertory Company High School in Manhattan
  • Collaboration with American PD Jonathan Smith (Lil Jon)
  • Featured in San E’s “Tasty Mountain”, singing the chorus
  • Is a fixed student on KBS’s variety show 'Oh! My School', also known as '100 Points Out of 100' (every Saturday)
  • Is known for her dorky, carefree and funny personality, and also for her love for foods
  • Is known for her hilarious Kkab dances (dancing in a crazy, dorky and funny way)
  • Has  a  lot  of  friends  in the idol industry, including  SNSD’s  Hyoyeo,  Kara’s  Nicole,  F.T.Island’s Hongki, Supreme Team’s  Simon D,  G.Na,  2NE1’s CL…  and  many more


Suzy's Additional Information:
  • Was spotted while auditioning for 'Superstar K', a TV talent show
  • Is still a student at Seoul Performing Arts High School
  • Was a lead actress to the 2011 drama "Dream High" (드림하이) playing the role of Go Hye Mi (Dream High thread)
  • Participated in Dream High OST, in “Winter child” (겨울아이) and “Dream High” (드림하이)
  • Is currently an MC for MBC's “Show! Music Core” (every Saturday)
  • Made her debut as a Fashion Model at 2011/2012 Fall/Winter Seoul Fashion Week
  • Helped her parents to open a coffee shop “Caffe Soo” in Kwangju with her earning
  • Is known for her natural prettiness and her smile
  • Is known for her shy but hardworking and generous personality
  • Despite the look, she is the strongest in the group as every time they arm wrestle she wins




[Bad But Good] (1st Single Album)
Release date: July 1, 2010
Genre: Pop, dance pop
Label: AQ Entertainment
Producer: Park Jin-Young
Length: 13:56


Track list:
1. "Bad Girl Good Girl" — 3:37 (youtubelyrics)
2. "Looking At Each Other" (딱 마주쳐) — 3:05 (youtubelyrics)
3. "Love Again" (다시 사랑) — 3:26 (youtubelyrics)
4. "Break It" — 3:48 (youtubelyrics)


[Step Up] (2nd Single Album)


Release date: September 27, 2010
Genre: Pop, dance pop
Label: AQ Entertainment
Producer: Park Jin-Young
Length: 14:16


Track list:
1. “Step Up” — 2:45 (youtube, lyrics)
2. “Breathe” — 3:32 (youtubelyrics)
3. “Blankly” (멍하니) — 4:44 (youtubelyrics)
4. “Let The Music Play DJ” (그 음악을 틀어줘요) — 3:15 (youtubelyrics)

[Love Alone] (English Single)
Release date: May 2, 2011
Genre: Trendy pop  
Producer: Fuego
Composer: Jason Derulo
Length: 3:31

[A CLASS] (1st Full Album)

Release date: July 18, 2011
Genre: Pop
Label: AQ Entertainment
Producer: Park Jin-Young
Length: 46:04

1. One to Ten (하나부터 열까지) — 3:37
2. Goodbye Baby — 3:46
3. Help Me — 3:19
4. Break It — 3:50
5. Mr. Johnny — 3:07
6. Play That Music DJ (그 음악을 틀어줘요 DJ) — 3:17
7. Step Up — 2:47
8. Breathe — 3:34
9. Blankly — 4:45
10. Love Again — 3:26
11. Love Alone — 3:33
12. Bad Girl Good Girl — 3:37
13. Goodbye Baby (Silver Mix) — 3:57


-Music Videos-
In  order  to  understand  the  awesome lyrics, be sure to turn on the  subtitles  on  YouTube  by  clicking on the (cc) button! Do not forget to  subscribe!




[M/V] miss A "Breathe" from [Step Up] (Dance version)

[M/V JYP Nation] This Christmas

[M/V] miss A "Love Alone"

[M/V] miss A "Good-bye Baby" from [A Class] 

- Performances -

'Bad Girl Good Girl' Promotion (7 weeks):

Debut performance [100701]
Debut performance [100702] 
Debut performance [100703]
Debut performance [100704]
Performance [100705]
Performance [100708]
Performance [100709]
Performance [100710]
Performance [100711]
Performance [100712]
Performance [100715]
Performance [100716]
Performance [100717]
Performance [100718]
Performance [100722]   Win + Encore
Performance [100723]   Win + Encore   BGGG Performance
Performance [100724] 
Performance [100727]
Performance [100730]
Performance [100731]
Performance [100801]  (Win but didn't find the video)
Performance [100805]
Performance [100813]
Performance [100814]
Goodbye Performance [100815]  (MR removed, didn't find the normal one...)
Performance [100826]  (Mnet 20's choice)
Performance [100920]  (w/o Suzy because of her leg injury)
Performance [100925]  (+Love Again)

'Breathe' Promotion (5 weeks):

Comeback Performance [101007]
Comeback Performance [101008]
Comeback Performance [101009]
Performance [101014]
Performance [101016]  (Min looses her shoe) 
Performance [101017]
Performance [101021]  (Win but didn't find the video) 
Performance [101023]
Performance [101024]
Performance [101028]  BGGG Performance
Performance [101029]
Performance [101030]
Goodbye Performance [101104]
Goodbye Performance [101105]
Goodbye Performance [101106]
Performance [101110]
Performance Intro + BGGG + dance break +  Breathe [101128] (Mama 2010) 
Performance Intro + BGGG + Breathe [101209] (25th Golden Disc Awards) 
Performance BGGG + Breathe [101217]
Performance BGGG + Breathe [101225]
Performance Breathe [110102]  Performance BGGG
Performance Intro + BGGG + Breathe [110120]  (20th Seoul Music Awards)
Performance BGGG + Breathe [110308]  (fancam, loud cheer from soldiers)
Performance BGGG [110417]
Performance BGGG + Breathe [110505]


Special [100715] (One More Time, Abracadabra, I Go Crazy Because of You)
Special [100723] (Poker Face)
Special [100922] (Trot song)
Special [100923] (Finger, Rule Breaker) (dance battle)
Special [101114] (Nobody)
Special [101218] (BGGG, christmas song) (Fei Jia with JYP)
Special [101224] (HeartBeat ft.WG)  (JYP Nation concert, fancam)
Special [101225] (Feliz Navidad)  (Christmas song) (Suzy and Dream High cast)
Special [101229] (vs. Sistar)
Special [101230] (Jia+Fei solo + BGGG + Breathe)
Special [101231] (BGGG + Without U) (with 2PM)  (Umbrella) (with 2AM)
Special [110203] (Honey) (dance battle)
Special [110204] (Like an Indian Doll)
Special [110129] (Nobody Rainstone remix)
Special [110417] (10 Out of 10 ft.2PM)


Radio [10????] Min Suzy (Take a Bow)
Radio [100714] (BGGG + Break It)  (Sitck with U)
Radio [100716] (BGGG)
Radio [100720] (Love Again)  (BGGG)
Radio [101012] (Breathe)  (BGGG)
Radio [101015] (Breathe)  (Mama Do)
Radio [101020] (Breathe)
Radio [110415] Jia Min (Break It)

(thank you to all uploaders)

  • Samsung Anycall Beat (Fei, Jia and Suzy) - 2010
  • Edwin (with actor Kim Bum) - 2010-Present
  • Lesmore - 2010-Present
  • JCE Freestyle Football - 2010-Present
  • Aniplace - 2010-Present


-Awards & Achievements-
Year 2010:
  • Cyworld Digital Music Awards: Rookie of the Month (July) ("Bad Girl Good Girl")
  • Cyworld Digital Music Awards: Song of the Month (July) ("Bad Girl Good Girl")
  • M.net Asian Music Awards: Female Rookie Award
  • M.net Asian Music Awards: Best Female Dance Performance ("Bad Girl Good Girl")
  • M.net Asian Music Awards: Song of the Year ("Bad Girl Good Girl")
  • 25th Golden Disk Awards: Digital Music Bonsang ("Bad Girl Good Girl")
  • 2nd Melon Music Awards: MBC + Star Award


Year 2011:
  • 20th Seoul Music Awards: Bonsang Award ("Bad Girl Good Girl")
  • Gaon Chart Awards: Best Digital Sales ("Bad Girl Good Girl")
  • 8th Korean Music Awards: Best Dance & Electronic Song ("Bad Girl Good Girl")


Music Programs Awards:
  • July 22, 2010 - Mnet M! Countdown #1 Bad Girl Good Girl
  • July 23, 2010 - KBS Music Bank #1 Bad Girl Good Girl
  • August 1, 2010 - SBS Inkigayo #1 Bad Girl Good Girl
  • October 21, 2010 - Mnet M! Countdown #1 Breathe
  • July 28, 2011 - Mnet M! Countdown #1 Goodbye Baby
  • July 29, 2011 - KBS Music Bank #1 Goodbye Baby
  • July 31, 2011 - SBS Inkigayo #1 Goodbye Baby

Other Achievement:
  • April 4, 2010 - Appointed as honorary Ambassadors for Korea's 4th 'Together Day'


-Fans Community-


International Forum ‘Ultimate Adora’: http://www.ultimate-adora.com/
Chinese Baidu Bar: http://tieba.baidu.c...ssa%D7%E9%BA%CF
Chinese Fan-site missin'A: http://www.missacn.com/
Hong Kong 1st Fanclub Forum: http://missahk.com/
French Blog: http://missa-web.skyrock.com/

French Forum: http://miss-a.forumactif.net/
Hispanic Fan-base: http://miss-a-4.foroactivo.com/
Brazil News blog: http://all-about-mis...usion.org/home/
Thailand Forum: http://www.missa-th.com/
Vietnam Forum: http://missalways.net/f/
Vietnam Thread: http://www.360kpop.c...2%80%99/page335
Philippines Forum: http://z7.invisionfr...A_PH/index.php
Japanese fan-blog: http://ameblo.jp/miss-a-japan/


- Pre-debut Videos -

(In no particular order)


Min was very young when she entered JYPE, in some of these videos she was only around twelve years old:

- Little Winners rehearsal (with SNSD's Hyoyeon)
- Little Winners on stage (with SNSD's Hyoyeon)
- Boyfriend rehearsal
- Mini Min 1/3
- Mini Min 2/3
- Mini Min 3/3
- Min's clip
- Dancing to "Radar" (Britney Spears)
- Dancing to "My Goodies" (Ciara ft. Petey Pablo)
- Dancing to "Make Her Feel Good" (Teairra Mari)
- Dancing to "So Sexy" (Shanice)
- Dancing to "Sexy Ladies" (Justin Timberlake)
- Dancing to "Enough Cryin" (Mary J Blige)
- Dancing to "Not the Way that I Do" (Fantasia)
- Dancing to Kanye West
- Dancing to M.I.A
- Dancing to Jessi Malay


Suzy doesn't have a lot of pre-debut video, she only trained a year:

- Comedy dance middle school

Fei and Jia:

These  videos  are  from  Chinese  show 越跳越美丽, Fei and Jia were in a group  called  'JYP  Sisters'  (with  Lim of Wonder Girls, and Sarah and Xiao Fei  who  left  JYPE).  They  tried many dance style:

- Dancing to "Boom Boom Pow" (The Black Eyed Peas)
- Dancing to "Honey" (JYP)
- Dancing to "Whatever U Like" (Nicole Scherzinger) [1]
- Dancing to "Whatever U Like" (Nicole Scherzinger) [2]
- Dancing to "Te Wu J" (Jolin Tsai)
- Dancing to "Sung In Shik" (Park Ji Yoon)
- Dancing to "Low" (Flo Rida)
- Dancing to "睁一只眼闭一只眼"  (Jolin Tsai)
- Dancing to "Rule Breaker" (Ashlee Simpson)
- Dancing to "Love" (Elva)
- Dancing to "Nobody" (Wonder Girls)
- Dancing to "A Cause des Garçons" (Yelle)
- Dancing to "Burst Your Window" (Jazmine Sullivan)
- Doing a belly dance
- Dancing to "Ai Ni" (Cindy Wang)
- Dancing to "More More More"
- Dancing to "The night of Shanghai" 夜上海
- Dancing to "Invitation" (Uhm Jung)
- Dancing to "Gime More" (Britney Spears)
- Dancing to "Love Sex Magic" (Ciara)
- Dancing to "Real Man" (Jolin Tsai)
- Dancing to "I Don't Need a Man" (The Pussycat Dolls)
- Dancing to "Ego" (Beyonce)
- Dancing to reggae
- Dancing for a opening dance
- Dancing to "I'm a Man" (Park Ji Yun)
- Dancing to "As Long As I Love You" (Lee Hyori)
- Dancing to "No Doubt" (Coco Lee)
- Dancing to "Mo Jin" (Coco Lee)
- Dancing to "Zhen Ming Tian Zi" (Show Luo ft. Jolin Tsai) [1]
- Dancing to "Zhen Ming Tian Zi" (Show Luo ft. Jolin Tsai) [2]
- Singing to "Honey Honey Honey" (Elva Hsiao)
- Singing to "I Think I" (Byul)
- Fei Jia dancing to "You Never Can Tell" (Chuck Berry)
- Fei Jia dancing to "Fire" (We Lan)
- Fei Jia dancing to "Fly On th Wall" (Miley Cyrus) 
- Fei Jia dancing to "Temperature" (Sean Paul)
- Fei dancing to "Conga" (Gloria Estefan)
- Jia dancing to Michael Jackson
- Jia dancing to Bokko dance
- Jia doing a cool dance
- Jia doing a robot dance
- Jia doing a puppet dance
- Jia krumping 

Funny stuff... don't where to put them:
- Jia dancing to "I'm coming" (Rain)
- Crayon Shin cute dance
- Pineapple dance
- Journey To the West

(thank you to all uploaders)

-Useful links-

Real-Time chart: 
// Melon / Bugs / Mnet / Dosirak / Soribada / Monkey3 / Daum / Naver //

Daily chart:
// Melon / Bugs / Mnet / Dosirak / Soribada / Monkey3 / Daum / Naver //

Weekly chart:
// Gaon //
// Melon / Bugs / Mnet / Dosirak / Monkey3 / Naver //  

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Hey , I'm the first to write on this thread ! ;P jkks.

They look interesting enough .. They are from JYP so I'm sure they have some sort of talent .

Hope their debut song will be good, unlike a lot of other groups who's debut song was horrible .

I have a question though ; Was Hae Lim supposedly debuting in this group but got transfered to WG because of Sunmi's leave ? Was she in this group or another ?

Other than that, I am actually pretty excited for this group. Time to FANBOY ! :D

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^From what I know, Hye Lim was originally in Miss A, formerly known as JYP sisters (at the time JYP was the CEO of JYPE who is currently JungWook I believe?). Hye Lim was placed into WG after Sunmi left because JYPE didn't want the 2PM situation to happen again (where people boycotted 2PM because of the missing person). Hye Lim is supposably fluent in Korean, English, Cantonese and Mandarin which is important for WG because they are trying to do global/international debut to be the first successful hallyu wave. Miss A formed after two others were picked out of the group. I do expect that there will be a documentary of the making of Miss A like all other JYPE groups...

I listened to the attached song for the commercial which was alright I guess. I am fluent in chinese and I use to listen to CPop. I think that their chinese is from mainland china (they sound very heung ha mui) and the background music is very K-poppy (seeing as it was designed and composed by k-pop PDs I couldn't expect much) I think that its a very interesting combination of Cpop and Kpop but their strength is in dance. Their talents can't match the famous groups in Cpop like S.H.E or 12 girl band for now but I guess I'll keep an eye out for them...

Edit: also CPop is main focus is on solo artists and talent so aside from talents such as S.H.E and 12 girl band, there isn't much competition in the girl group market. If they do have a strong musical presence and REAL talent then they will be one of the few real groups in china. One of the groups, formerly known as Twins had been very famous and "made it" like the Olsen twins.

Like I said before, there isn't much competition in terms of girl groups however Cpop tends to focus on real talent such as singing, dancing and composing. If they cannot do those three things they will most likely be rejected by the general public. Is JYPE trying to target china as their audience or Korea? keep me updated =)

(mostly for guys but guy groups are heavily looks-based. most guy group artists start out as models?)

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Info for first post:

Meng Jia

Birthday: 1990-02-03

Height: 165cm

Weight: 45 kg

Nationality: Chinese

Wang Fei Fei

Birthday: 1990-04-27

Height: 164cm

Weight: 47 kg

Nationality: Chinese

A good channel for pictures and videos of the girls can be found here http://www.youtube.com/user/fan2jypsisters =)

I do speculate that Miss A trainees were originally scouted from talent competitions (talent shows) for their dancing talents. After training, they were placed into more talent competitions to test them against other talent groups...I think that's why the other two girls were eliminated from the group.

They are going to officially debut in China in July btw!

vv I was actually wondering why this is in Korean Music forum as well since they're a chinese group O.o hmm..the only korean connection is that they are part of JYPE but their debut is in China with appearances only on Chinese tv xD

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They will debut in China so is this thread supposed in Korean music ?

I kinda disappointed that Sarah left, she is beautiful and very talent, fluent Korean, Chinese and English( even better in Chinese and English than Lim). At first i dont know uhwy Lim was chosen to be a Wonder Girl not Sarah, i think she left since December or January ?

Jia was trained in Korea for 2 or 3 year before go back China when JYPE China was found and trained wt others Chinese trainee

With HyunA in 2007 or early 2008





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@rawritzcynthia : Thanks for answering my question. And yeah , it was slightly obvious, but I just wasn't sure. Thanks. Haha , I'm also a C-Pop listener too ! :D But I'm not a hardcore fan of C-Pop. My knowledge in C-Pop and the artists are limited also. But, my favourite artists (From what I know and have heard of :P ) would probably be : Fahrenheit, Jay Chou, Tank , Angela Zhang, S.H.E, Megan Lai, Alan/Show Luo, Evan Yo, Rainie Yang, Michael Wong, Zhang LiYin, JJ Lin, and Vivian Hsu. I hardly know any C-Pop artists. D:

Hmm.. ^ I agree to what 'valentino_rossi4' said . I think this thread should be moved, since they actually aren't debuting in Korea, but in China. Theres a chance that they will promote in Korea (I think there was already a response, saying they are, but not exactly sure) but their main focus is in China .

Also, thanks for the pictures , Valentino .


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@timothy yeahhhh! Cpop ftw xD i was pretty hardcore back in high school, actually most of those that you mentioned are taiwanese based cpop artists, there are a lot of hong kong based cpop artists as well. the MOST LIMITED is almost definiately mainland china based artists which is where Miss A is debuting (I believe)

does anyone know anything about suzy bae?

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i wonder what kind of concept they will go for, anticipating for their debut

but random, shouldnt this be in another area? not in Korean Music considering they will be debuting in China??

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I like them. They're good dancers. :D Is Suzy Bae going to be the lead singer?

I definitely don't think that CPop artists are "limited." There's actually quite a few, bust most of them are probably not to the tastes of KPop lovers 'cause instead of making songs "catchy" CPop artists like to focus on the musicality and their artistry, which means more ballads, "songs with meaning", etc. It only seems like Mainland CPop isn't that prevalent because people don't bother subbing/publicizing it here. =_=

And Miss A is going to have competition now!

iMe (Top Combine's girl counterpart) just released their new song and MV. And from what I've seen on various baidu tiebas, the Chinese reception has been pretty positive!

The more the merrier though, right?

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I cant wait this group sounded great in the cf song. I wish I could find that track. But anyway they sound really good. Great vocal range.

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JYPE sisterly Love for the win. I'm liking them day by day. They have talent, and OMG, they've been under JYPE Enter. even since Hyunah was still there. True dedication to these girls! They've been training for so long, it's about time they're gonna debut and show us a new realm of music!!!

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@timothy yeahhhh! Cpop ftw xD i was pretty hardcore back in high school, actually most of those that you mentioned are taiwanese based cpop artists, there are a lot of hong kong based cpop artists as well. the MOST LIMITED is almost definiately mainland china based artists which is where Miss A is debuting (I believe)

does anyone know anything about suzy bae?

My bad, for the late reply . :P Haven't been on soompi for a while now .

OH LOLOLOL my badd . ;P Well I am Canto so . But I listen and I know a bit of Mando so  I listen to taiwanese music as well . :)

Actually, I got into asian music by canto-pop first. Then I started listening to M-Pop, like Jay Chou, etc.

Then, I started getting into K-Pop and eventually settled into K-Pop  . :D

When are they going to make their official debut ? And does anyone know when their album is going to come out ?

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Sunye (WG's leader) showing her support for her younger label-mates ^^...she earlier tweeted to anticiapte and support Miss A ..jyp's newest group to debut on the 1st of july... everyone please support!


5인 걸그룹 원더걸스의 리더 선예가 곧 데뷔할 JYP엔터테인먼트의 후배 걸그룹 '미스 A'(Miss A)를 응원했다.

선예는 23일 새벽 자신의 트위트에 "2010년 7월 1일 기대되는 그녀들."이라며 "미스 A를 많이 응원해 달라"고 팬들에 부탁했다. 곧 데뷔한 같은 소속사 후배 걸그룹에 대한 선예의 애정 어린 마음을 느낄 수 있는 대목이다.

한편 미스 A에는 혜림이 원더걸스의 새 멤버로 합류했을 때 화제가 된 동영상에 오른 다른 2명의 멤버가 포함되며, 3인조가 유력한 것으로 알려졌다. 혜림은 원더걸스에 합류하기 전, 이른바 중화권판 원더걸스 연습생으로 활동했다.

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I'm anticipating their debut for I think this group will be more of a dance/vocal group.

I'm glad MIN is part of the group and will have a shot at debuting as a singer.

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i guess min's US debut was a flop but i'm glad she's debuting finally..she's a really good dancer. looking forward to this group~

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^ Why is Jia wearing a pink wig?

Oh, well I think that it actually looks pretty cool on her. Look at the confidence she exudes at the Tory Birch opening. She's got that something something. Really glad that this group is finally debuting, it's been along time.

Remember July 1st everyone!!!

Edit: Does anyone know what they're releasing? Is it a single album, a mini-album, just a digital single? Also do they have their own website?

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Wait...Min is going to debut with this group? If so, that's great but I don't see anything mentioning her being a part of the group

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