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[Movie 2010] Magic 요술

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Dir : Goo Hye Sun, Cast : Seo Hyun Jin, Im Ji Gyu, Kim Jeong Wook


Poster 2:








The movie story arises with young musicians and their passion and struggle towards music. And the movie shows the beautiful reflection of the complicated love triangle and mysterious music is depicted inside too. {gongjumin @ Wordpress & Soompi!}




^o^~♪~*♫*~Anything in the media, pics, or articles section that is in purple (the credits) is new[/size]~*♫*~♪~^^


Kim Jung Wook & Im Ji Gyu casted for Goo Hye Sun's directed movie "Magic" [Credit: minjee @ Soompi!]

As soon as the two musical scores meet, the magic begins! [Credit: susAmerica @ Soompi!]

Im Ji Gyu as The Male Lead for Goo Hye Sun’s First Directed Full-Length Movie [Credit: gongjunim @ Wordpress & Soompi!]

Director Goo Hye Sun First Debut Full-Length Movie Main Lead, Seo Hyun Jin [Credit: gongjunim @ Wordpress & Soompi!]

Goo Hye Sun’s Debut Full-Length Movie “Magic” Will Have First Screening at JeonJu Film Festival[Credit: gongjunim @ Wordpress & Soompi!]

At the JIFF, GHS's <Yo-Sool> Premier [Posting credit Minjee and Translation credit susAmerica]

Fan account of Magic 1 [Credit as labeled in blog translation by susAmerica]

GHS says that more credits goes to the actors' preparatory work instead of my directorial work. [Article credit as written in translation by susAmerica]

<Yo-Sool> GHS Director-nim and starring actor Lim Ji Gyu’s blog interview: R-goon’s JIFF invasion[Credit as linked & thank you natali for posting this & susAmerica for translating it.]

Fan account of Magic take 2: Goo Hye Sun JIFF viewing of Magic for free.[Credit as linked & thank you natali for posting this & susAmerica for translating it.]

Who is Im Ji Gyu? -[blog Credit: Whiteout/ Translation Credit: LolliDoAlittle]

Fan account of Magic take 3: Magic was the best [Translation Credit: susAmerica]

hoyng321blog of Magic cafe meeting with photos.[Posted my pink_fairy and translated by susAmerica]

About the leading lady, Seo Hyeon Jin.[Credit: LolliDoAlittle]

Magic, A Movie Which Shows The Director's Sensitivity. [Translated by gongjunim @ wordpress & the lovely minjee]

Director Goo Hye Sun Debut Movie Magic Received Public Favor at First Screening in JIFF.[Translated by gongjunim @ wordpress & the lovely minjee]

Metracools super positive review of Magic.[Translation edited by susAmerica and originally translated by LolliDoAlittle and posted by pink_fairy]

Max movie Member hyeonseonhui review of Magic.[Translation edited by susAmerica & orginially translated by LolliDoAlittle and posted by pink_fairy.]

Goo Hye Sun's movie 'Magic' wins good feedback at Jeon Ju Movie Festival [Translation edited by susAmerica and translated by webby n posted by webby][Original article was once translated by gonjunim, but webby translated it in it's entirety]

saysth & bluewhite852 's blog review of Magic.[Translation credit: susAmerica. Posting credit: LolliDoAlittle]

realj's account of Magic screening. [Translation credit susAmerica & posting credit minjee]

Yo Sool: Two men and a woman's love, passion, and competition--mysterious poster displayed. [Translated by susAmerica & posted by minjee]

Open cast publication from YoSool blog.[Translation credit susAmerica & posting credit meow13]

Fan Account Take Five: Yoosol @ JIFF. Very big theater.[Translated by susAmerican & posted by misa_yen]

YooSol emits a mysterious feeling.

The story behind the title. [Translated by susAmerica]

Preview Screening and Invitation to Showcase Event. [Translated by susAmerica & posted by minjee]

GHS's <Magic> Showcase Event & Materials are produced by YG Entertanment and formatted and organized by Naver Movie [Translated by susAmerica]

Behind the Story of Magic[translated by susAmerica]

BTS of Magic take 2! There are two articles. [translated by susAmerica]

`★`~♥ ~

Click here to go to gongjunim's supertastic blog! She not only updates on Goo Hye Sun, but all the other amazing K dramas and great entertainment news!

~♥~` ★'`


Magic Last day filming [Pink Fairy @ Soompi & known as onYT POPPINKYPOP] With English subs by susAmerica @ Soompi!

20100223 OBS News Goo Hye Sun@ Magic's Last Day shooting [POPPINKYPOP @ YT a.k.a. Pink Fairy @ Soompi] No translation.

100501 Ku Hye Sun @ JIFF Magic special event [stage remarks] -[Credit: meow13 a.k.a. 1313meow @ YT]

GHS on YTN News @ JIFF. [Credit:1natali83 @ YT] With translation credits to susAmerica.

GHS Magic MV directed by GHSforever.[Credit: GHSforever]


Pics Set 1 Movie Scenes and Goo Hye Sun on set [Credit: Minjee]

Pics Set 2 Candid Shots while filming [Credit: misa_yen]

Pics Set 3 BTS Set 2 [Credit: Minjee]

Pics Set 4 JIFF Interview by blogger Project R with Goo Hye Sun & Im Ji Gyu.[Credit: pink_fairy]

Pics Set 5 - BTS Pics Set 3 (Cute pics of the director at work) [Credit:Minjee]

Pics Set 6 - BTS Pics Set 4 [Cute pics of the director at work part 2] [Credit: Minjee]

Pics Set 7 - Hye Sun answering questions @ JIFF [Credit: sunkyunnie]

Pic Set 8 - Hye Sun BTS Pics set 5 & JIFF Fan pics[Credit as labeled in post and posted by LolliDoAlittle]

Pic Set 9 - JIFF Mag Scan of HS on cover & JIFF goodies.[Credit as linked in post & Minjee]

Pic Set 9 - Im Ji Gyu @ meeting with Hye Sun for JIFF showing of Magic & photos of cafe of meeting. [Credit as labeled and posted by LolliDoAlittle]

Pic Set 10 - GHS & Im Ji Gyu photos from Magic interview posted on YoSul blog.[Credit as labeled and Translated as labeled posted by LolliDoAlittle]

Pic Set 11 - hoyng321blog pics.[Credit: LolliDoAlittle]

Pic Set 12 - Kim Jeong Wook photos from Magic.[Credit: Minjee]

Pic set 13 - Fan pics @ JIFF Magic Screening 050110[Translation Credit: The amazing super susAmerica & posting and pic credit to the lovely minjee]

Pics set 14 - A college class spends the day with Hye Sun to learn about filming.[Credit: kurakurakoo]

Pic Set 15 - Funny group shot of the crew.[Credit: raineeeee]

Pic Set 16 - The director at work.[Credit: jjongielove]

Pic set 17: Kim Jeong Wook scene pics in Magic type 2.[Credit: LolliDoAlittle]

Pic Set 18: BTS pics by sadcello - sadcello was the cellist for Magic.[Credit: Wonderful minjee]

Pic set 20: MAGIC pics from Kim Jung Wook's minihomphy.[Credit:minjee]

Pics set 21: GHS's autograph.[Credit: Minjee]

Pic Set 22: Kim Jeong Wook updates his minihome page. [Credit: siddul]

Pic Set 23: Magic's second poster. [Credit: minjee]

Pic Set 24: More pics from movie. [Credit: siddul]

Thank you to all who share videos, articles, pictures, etc!




Do not take any of the YT videos,translations or articles WITHOUT giving proper credit! Also do NOT add or edit to translations without the permission of the person who translated the article. Just because you edited and added to the translation doesn't make it yours. If you edit a translation without notifying the translatee, they will be held responsible for the words they write and others might read it the wrong way! Do not plagiarize translations!

Same Soompi! forum rules apply here. To read or review the rules please click here. Please review rules before posting.

This thread is maintained by LolliDoAlittle. The articles in this thread are mainly translated by susAmerica, gongjunim, webby, minjee, and LolliDoAlittle. Most of the articles are transferred here from the GHS thread or from the gongjunim blog at wordpress. Some stuff is directly translated by the thread starter and other members.

Pics mainly come from Sunnies from the GHS thread like pink_fairy, natali, and minjee.

Thank you to all the contributors. You bring the thread alive and help us learn more about the cast and movie.

Last Update: June 06, 2010

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Lolli thanks for MAGIC Movie thread.FIGHTING :wub:

all the best for PD-koohs&crew staf ♥♥

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aram/lolli! thanks for making this thread!!! I wish she got good reviews from the JIFF :D Hyesun pd-nim hwaiting!! I'll bring the still photos here! :D

MAGIC still photos














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wow lolli thanks for putting up this thread..this movie is a dream come true for our dearest Hye Sun..yaayy, i `m excited for today`s screening of Magic at JIFF...i pray that GOD will grant our prayers for the success of "Magic" & the intense support that it will earn from the public :D

looking at the poster, i could say that it has done a pretty good when it comes to cinematography..hope it goes well also in the entire film..it`s Dir. Goo`s very first directed movie with a somehow restricted budget, so for sure i`ll spare considerations for any little flaw in every aspect of the movie..thanks jee for bringing the beautiful still photos :D

Let`s all support Hye Sun & Magic !!! fighting !!!! :D:D:D

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thanks Lolli for opening Magic Official Thread !!!

waiting for its first opening at JIFF. Hopefully there will be some photos or news about tomorrow event

wanna share some Magic pictures I have just found on naver






cre as labeled

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thanks Lolli for opening Magic offical thread.

I hope Magic opening today in JIFF today will be a big success to Our HyeSun also all her staff.

can't wait to know what will be the responses today about Mgaic premier.

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Great job with the first page aram/lolli


More BTS pics















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Credit: Pink Fairy for posting this in the GHS thread.









dear sue can you take a look at the blogs content? it is an interview or a movie review perhaps? thanks in advance :)

please click here♥

A blogger had a chance to interview GHS and Im Ji Gyu at the JIFF. As soon as sue translates it I'll post the translation.

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근데 궁금한거!

횽들이 그 작품을 탐탁찮아 하는 이유는 무언가요?

(조심스레 묻습니다)






보정, 로고 따위 없이 그냥 올려요.^-^ (귀차니즘이라고 말하고 싶진 않아요<-;;)

오늘 더 뮤지컬 때문에 아는 사람과 이야기를 나누다가

어느 순간 쿠 칭찬을 하고 있는 저를 발견했어요.

이래서 좋았고 저래서 마음에 들었고, 그래서.....많은 사람들에게 사랑 받았으면 좋겠다고..

쿠가 작품을 시작하게 되면 쿠갤에 더 자주 오게 될 듯? '-'

자주 와도 많이 많이 반겨줄시길 ㅋㅋ

사진 정리 하고 다시 올리러 올게요~우선은 몇 장만 ^-^






좀 더 이야기를 하고 싶고 듣고 싶지만, 오늘은 이만 ^-^

좋은 작품에서 쿠를 만날 수 있길 바래요.

사진이 생각보다 꽤 많아서....

정리 다 하면 다시 올게요~^-^

아마, 오늘 올린 사진은 조만간 펑! 할지도 모르니 저장 부탁드립니다.




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쿠가 너무 귀여워서 가다가 다시 왔어요, '-'

진짜 뿅~사라져요 ㅎㅎ '

진짜 즐겁고 재밌었던 요술 촬영 현장 '-'

배우도 스탭도, 감독도 모두 밝은 얼굴, 활기찼어요 ㅎㅎ


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thanks for starting a MAGIC thread... i am so glad for GHS' masterpiece is about to come out.. i hope it does well both critically and commercially... the stills from the movie makes me even more excited to see it..

i heard there were a lot of positive reviews when it was shown at JIFF.. kudos to GHS and the whole cast!!! :)

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she's from "boys over flowers" right?

so basically, she's the director of this film? is she also one of the lead actress in this story? or just the director?

anyone reply pls?

P.S this was produced by YG entertainment? WOW! i thought they only do music..hehe :D

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she's from "boys over flowers" right?

so basically, she's the director of this film? is she also one of the lead actress in this story? or just the director?

anyone reply pls?

P.S this was produced by YG entertainment? WOW! i thought they only do music..hehe :D

hi~~ yes she's from the drama BOF and now directing "MAGIC" she's not the lead actress of the movie but she does play a small role in the movie named "Soojin" :) and yes YG entertainment invested in this movie! :D


전주국제영화제에서 구혜선이 감독한 영화'요술'시사회.

At the JIFF, GHS's <Yo-Sool> Premier

진상이가 티켓을 구해줘서 가서 봄,ㅋㅋㅋ

JinSang got me the ticket so I went to see. kekeke

구혜선 바로뒤에서 영화봤음 완전떨림,하하

I saw the movie right behind GHS. I was totally shaking. haha

끝나고 구혜선이 악수도 해줌 꺅,ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

When it was over, GHS even shook hands with me. Kaaak kekekekek

cr:DC,susamerica, http://www.cyworld.com/01056230828

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& yeah. GHS is actually under YG Entertainment so it shouldn't be that much of a shock (x

I can't read the text in the first post! T_T

I'm waiting patiently for english subs. D;

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Thank you so much lolli for starting the Magic thread. Wish and pray that its gonna be a successful one. Wish all the best of luck for our multi-talented and lovely girl Goo Hye Sun:-)

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Articles translated by susAmerica in the Goo Hye Sun thread about Magic. Unless otherwise noted these articles were translated by susAmerica and must be reposted with proper credits. Do not edit or add to translations unless you have gotten permission from susAmerica. Thank You.

[This article was posted by susAmerica]

JIFF 구혜선 감독 <요술> 후기! My post after watching Director GHS’s JIFF <YoSool>

처음엔 그냥 눈팅갤러라 그냥 시크릿이라고 썼었는데 어느새 고정닉처럼 쓰고있네요 ㅋㅋㅋ

At first, I only visited Goo Gallery and even named myself secret. But now I post like I am a fixed, regular member.

중간고사 시험기간에 치여 쿠감독의 요술이 개봉한다는 것도 모르고 있던찰나에 온라인예매가 sold out...ㅠㅠ

Having been so busy with exams, I did not even know about <YoSool> premiering. The minute I found out, I went online to buy the ticket, but it was all sold out.

눈물을 머금고 분노의 글을 올렸다가 오프라인에서 15%예매 가능하단 사실을 알고 어찌나 좋았는지!!

I held back the tears and posted something angry. Then I found out about the 15% possibility of buying the ticket offline. I was so excited.

엠티도 뭐고 다 제끼고 아침 8시30분에 jiff매표소에 도착했습니다! 헉!! 그런데 내 앞으로 100명이 넘게 서있었다는...ㅠㅠ

I cancelled the MT trip and arrived at JIFF at 8:30 AN. Huh! In front of me were over 100 people lined up.

새벽 6시부터 온 관객들도 계시고.. 나는 오프도 안되나 보다 싶어서 절망 하고 있었어요 ㅠ 9시 반부터 예매가 시작되고!

Some viewers have been there since 6AM. I was feeling hopeless that I may not even get the offline ticket. The sale started at 9:30 AM.

예매 시작한지 10분도 채 안되서 하나둘씩 매진되어가는 영화들......헉헉....

Within 10 minutes, there were many tickets that sold out. Hmp,,,Hmp….

(7시에 오신 어떤 외국인분은 매진되서 돌아갔다는./....;;;)

One foreigner who came at 7AM had to return due to her movie choice being sold out…..

하지만 다행히 금방 차례가 되서 요술을 티켓팅 했습니다!! ㅋ A열 가운데 자리!! ㄷㄷ 목이 빠지겠구나 싶었죠..ㅠㅋ

But, fortunately, I got my <Yo-Sool> ticket! My seat number was F-A, a seat in the middle! I guess I need to stretch my neck a lot.

(제 뒤로 5자리 남았다고 하더군요 ㅋ 요술 대박인듯 ㅋ)

(I heard that only 5 seats remained after me. Ke <Yo-Sool> must be a hit. ke

암튼 지프광장에서 놀다보니 어느새 1시58분!!!!! ㅎㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷ 2시 안에 안들어가면 못들어간다고 공지했었는데...

Anyway, I waited and looked around JIFF and it was already 1:58PM. If I am not in the theatre by 2PM, they told me that I may not be able to see the movie….

2분남았다니......ㅎㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷ 엄청 나게 뛰어서 극장안으로 safe했습니다!

2 minutes left…I ran extremely fast into the theatre and made it in safely!

사람진짜 많더군요.. 쿠팬분들은 없었던듯? 일코하고 계셨을지도 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 암튼 일반관객분들이 대다수였어요..ㅋㅋ

There were so many people…I don’t know if there were any Goo’s fans. Perhaps ?working?hiding? kekekek Anyway, most of the viewers were general public. keke

관객석 중간에서 좀 뒤쪽에 쿠와 임지규씨, 사회자 분 등이 앉아계셨어요!!! 극장안이 어두웠지만 사람들이 '구혜선이다!구혜선이다!'해서

Slightly behind the middle section sat GHS, Lim Ji Gyu, MC and others!!! Although the theatre was dark, I heard many people say, <there’s GHS, there is GHS!>

눈치챘습니다..ㅋㅋ 사실 관객과의대화 안하는 줄 알았어요 ㅠㅠ 그냥 요술시사회라고 써져있길래 ㅠ

That is how I knew she was there. Actually, I did not know about the discussion time with GHS. It only said, Premier of Yo-Sool.

암튼 2시되고 칼같이 영화는 시작되었습니다!! 러닝타임 95분..!! 짧다면 짧고 길다면 긴시간.....

At 2 PM exactly, the movie started! Running time was 95 minutes…! Depending on people, it may have felt short or long.

개인적으로는 좀 더 길었으면 싶었지만 .. 쿠감독님 말씀으로는 길었으면 지루해질 수 있었을 것 같다는 식으로 말하셨어요

Personally, I wished that it was longer….Director Goo says that she felt that people may think it boring if it was longer.

영화는 전반적으로 어두운분위기에 유쾌한리듬의 곡들과 재밌는 설정들이 눈에 띄었어요.

In general, the movie felt dark but with cheerful rhythms and music. There were few eye-catching creatings.

영화 너무 재밌다는... 영상미는 과연 수준급.....세트장 연출도 대단해요~ 정말,, 세트장 딱 내스타일...ㅋㅋ

The movie was very interesting,,,,Cinematography was excellent….the set/background design was amzing. The set design was just my stuyle…keke

(내용은 말 안할게요! 극장에서 제발 확인해주세요 ㅠ ㅋ)

(I am not going to tell you the content of the story! You must check that out yourself at the movies. Ke)

소소하게 웃음을 이끌어내는 부분도 있고 정말 빵 터지는 장면도 있다는 ㅋㅋㅋ 관객분들 다 웃으셨어요 ㅋㅋㅋ

There were few parts that made you chuckle and one scene that made you explode. Kekek. All the viewers broke out in laughter. kekeke

영화 관람전에는 미스테리 멜로 정도로 생각하고 갔는데 절대 아니고 "청춘영화"로 보는게 맞는듯 해요 ㅋ

I originally thought it was going to be a mystery mello genre, but it is more about youth. ke

임지규씨 캐릭터 정말 매력넘치고 서현진씨 김정욱씨 모두 연기좋았어요 ㅋ

Lim JIGyu character overflowed with charisma/charm and Suh HyunJIn and Kim JungWook all acted very well.

쿠는 정말 조금나와요 ㅋㅋㅋ 아쉬운점은

I felt a bit sad that Goo’s part was way too short. kekeke

임지규씨 김정욱씨 캐릭터에 설명 많이 해준거에 비해 서현진씨 캐릭터에 대한 설명이 부족했던거 같아 좀 아쉬웠어요

The movie explained a lot about Lim and Kim’s characters but kind of lacked the same amount of explanation for Suh’s character. That felt a bit sad. (GHS did say that it was a movie about man by a woman director,,,,)일부는 난해하다 느낄수 있을거 같기도해요 ;

You might feel that a part of the movie feels abstract.

하지만 영화 끝나고 관객분들 대부분 재밌게 보셨다는 반응이에요^^

However, after the movie ended, most of the viewers had positive reaction.

아유~ 그리고 쿠감독님 너무 아름다우시네요!! 말도 조곤조곤 예쁘게 하시고

Phew~ and Director Goo is so beautiful! She also spoke so well and so prettily.

배우 임지규씨는 위트있으시고 구혜선씨랑 친해보였어요 ㅋ 영화촬영장 분위기 다들 좋았을 듯 싶어요~

Actor Lim JiGyu is witty and both he and GHS seemed close. Ke I could almost imagine that their work environment must have been very pleasant.

쿠,, 관객모두 이쁘다이쁘다,, 이 말만,, 진짜 이뻐요ㅋ 임지규씨도 진짜 잘생기셨어요

All the viewers commented how pretty Goo is and how handsome Lim JiGyu is.

진짜 두분다 사진 왜 이러는지.....;;;;; 실물 발끝만치도 못따라온다는!!!

But I don’t know what happened to their pictures….The pictures do not even capture even a little bit of their real appearance!!!

암튼 결론은 많은 분들이 요술 봐주셨으면 좋겠다는........~

Anyway, my final decision is that I would really like ALL of you to go and see <Yo-Sool > for yourself.

욕을 먹든 칭찬을 먹든 , 보고나서 함께 모여서 얘기했으면 싶어요!!

Whether you like it or curse at it, I want all of us to get together and talk about it afterwards!!!

지루한 글 읽어주셔서 감사드립니다 ㅋㅋ

Thank you for reading my boring post.


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요술’ 연출 구혜선 “제 연출력보다는 배우들의 준비가 큰 공”

GHS says that more credits goes to the actors' preparatory work instead of my directorial work.

[2010.05.01 17:06]


[쿠키 연예] 배우 구혜선이 연출한 첫 장편 영화 ‘요술’이 제11회 전주국제영화제서 처음으로 관객들과 만났다.

[Kuki Entertainment] Actress GHS’s first directorial feature movie, <Yo-Sool> premiered at the 11th JIFF.

5일 1일 오후 2시 전주 시네마타운 1관에서 상영된 ‘요술’은 젊은 아티스트들의 우정과 사랑을 그린 음악영화다. 구혜선이 첼리스트 송영훈의 공연을 보고 영감을 받아 시나리오를 구상한 것으로 알려졌다.

Her debut premiered on May1 at 2PM at JeonJu Cimenatown Theatre 1. It is a musical story of young love and friendship. GHS received inspiration for the story after listening to the cello performance by Song Young Hoon

이날 영화 상영 후 3시 30분부터 출연배우 임지규와 함께 관객들과 만난 구혜선은 “(음악* 영화를 하면서) 저도 사서 고생한다는 생각을 했다. 그러나 좋은 음악을 많이 들려드리고 싶었다”며 첫 장편 영화로 음악 영화를 선택한 이유를 설명했다. On this day after the movie at 3:30 PM, Lim Ji Gyu and GHS together met with the audience . GHS says that, as she was making the movie, she at times felt like she spent money in order to suffer. (I may not have trans this part correctly~not sure.) But I really wanted you all to hear really good music. That is how she explained her choice for making a musical movie as her first feature-length directorial movie.

배우 출신으로 첫 장편 영화를 만들기는 했지만, 구혜선은 이미 지난 2008년 단편영화 ‘유쾌한 도우미’를 제작해 ‘부산 아시아단편영화제’ 관객상 수상, ‘부천 국제판타스틱영화제’ 한국 단편 당선작 선정, 일본 ‘유바리 국제판타스틱영화제’ 초청 등 국내외에서 주목을 받았다. (brief summary of her directorial history and accomplishments.)

그러나 구혜선의 첫 장편 영화가 관객들이 쉽게 호흡하면 따라가기 어려웠던 장면이 많았던 것은 사실. 후반부에 어느 정도 조각이 맞춰지기는 했지만, 극의 흐름이 끊어지거나 해서 받아들이기 쉽지만은 않았다.

However, it was not an easy film to understand for the general viewers. In the second half of the movie, some of the puzzle pieces started to fit more, but often the flow of the film would be cut , making it hard to accept.

이에 구혜선은 “솔직히 말씀드리면 길게 가면 지루한 영화가 될 것이라는 생각이 들었다. 그리고 소재 자체도 대중이 받아들이기 어려운 내용들이 있어서, 중간에 그런 생각을 하지 못하도록 빨리 넘어가려고 했다”며 “관객들이 다른 생각을 할 수 없도록 빠른 전개가 필요하다는 생각이 들었다. 그러나 관객들이 감성적인 내용 말고는 구조적인 내용은 이해를했다고 생각했다. 의도적으로 그렇게 배치한 것이 맞다”고 설명했다. GHS stated that she did not want to make her movie longer because she thought it might become a boring movie. She also stated that some parts contained materials that would be difficult for people to easily grasp. She says she tried to pass those parts quickly. To prevent the audience from thinking too differently in those parts, she says that she wanted the movie to move very quickly. But she felt that even though the audience may not have understood the sensitive materials, they would have understood the organizational content. She says that she made the movie that way on purpose.

이어 구혜선은 스토리 전개 방식에 대해서는 “스토리 전개의 경우에는 사실 잔인한 이야기를 아름답게 풀 수 있는 방법은 없을까 해서 뻔한 삼각구도를 선택했다. 그래서 사람을 두 명이나 죽이지만, 아름다운 이야기를 하고 싶었다. 대중이 받아들이기 힘든 부분일 수도 있지만, 과감하게 선택해 연출했다”고 말했고, 캐릭터들에 대해서는 “청춘남녀의 이야기를 하기 때문에 캐릭터를 이해시키는 부분을 극복할 수 있었던 것 같다. 그들의 인생사를 이야기했고, 그들이 젊었기 때문에 가능했다. 사실 배우들이 해석을 잘해줬다”고 말했다. The way the story unfolded, GHS said that , it is actually a cruel story, but she wanted to tell it in a beautiful way. So, after much thinking, she just chose the obvious three-way relationship as the method. So, even though two people get killed, she wanted to tell a beautiful story. It may not be an easy part for the audience to accept, but I decided to be bold and just direct it that way. Regarding the characters, because it is about young people, it may be easier to overcome difficulties about understanding the characters. It is about their lives and how it was possible because they were young.. Actually, the actors really interpreted their characters very well.

그러면서 구혜선은 “(연출을 하는 것에 있어서) 저는 한번도 제가 잘 해석했다고 생각하지 않는다. 저희 배우들이 저에게 걱정을 하지 않게끔 디테일하게 준비를 다 해오셨다”며 “저는 무엇인가 연기에 대해 디렉팅을 한 적이 없는 것 같다. 배우들로 인해서 편하게 촬영할 수 있었다”며 배우들에 대한 칭찬을 아끼지 않았다. Regarding her directing, GHS states that she did not think once that she did a good job of interpreting. My actors, to not worry me, did their own preparation in great detail very well before coming to the set. She says that she never gave any directing for the acting at all. Because of the actors, she says she was able to direct more easily. She was full of praises of the actors.

이에 같이 자리한 임지규는 “현장에서 사실 (감독이) 배우들에게 맡기는 것이 쉽지 않은데, 원래 배우를 하시는 분이라 배우들에게 무엇을 끌어내야 하는지를 잘 알고 있었다”며 “그러나 왠지 방치하는 듯 했고 그래서 섭섭한 것도 있었다”고 응답해 웃음을 자아내게 했다. Lim Ji Gyu states that, it is not easy for the director to leave it upto the actors. But since she is an actor herself, she knew what to pull out of the actors. However, at times, he felt a bit neglected or left to his own devices a little too much and that made him a little sad. His response brought much laughter from the audience.

구혜선은 이번 영화에서 연출과 각본, 음악감독에 이어 극중 ‘수진’으로도 출연 배우까지 소화해냈다. 1인 4역인 셈이다. GHS came out in her movie as SooJin. She actually had 4 roles as 1 for her movie.

구혜선은 굳이 감독이 영화에 출연했어야 하는 이유가 있었느냐는 질문에 “극중 ‘수진’이라는 인물은 ‘지은’을 떠올리기 위한 도구다. 대사도 한마디 없다. 이 역을 다른 배우들에게 맡길 수도 있었지만, 수진을 어떻게 설정할지 몰랐고, 가장 수진을 잘 아는 제가 해야될 것 같았다”며 “솔직히 말해서 그 역할이 크게 부각되지 않으면서 일찍 죽어야 하기에 다른 배우에게 시키기가 미안했다”고 대답했다. When asked if a director really had to act, she stated that Soojin character's whole puprpose was to bring about the image of the main female character, JiEun. SooJin has no lines. She could have hired another actor to play the role, but she did not know how to set it up. But she thought it best for for to portray Soojin since she knows the character the best. Actually the role is very small and she dies early in the movie that I would have felt too sorry to the actress who would play that part.

한편 ‘요술’은 오는 6월 24일 개봉된다. <Yo-Sool> officially opens on June 24th.

전주=국민일보 쿠키뉴스 유명준 기자 neocross@kukimedia.co.kr JeonJu-Citizens Daily Cookie News Reporter Yoo Myung Joo n

*음악 - doesn't mean money. It actually means music. It sounds like money, but it's another word for music. So she's saying that she suffered a lot because of the music. [Credit: LolliDoAlittle]

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Hi~~everyone~~ ^___^ long time I haven't post in this thread. This thread is always updated that is great to know ^___^ Hyesun nuna's magic screening yesterday turned out great it's true that nuna's Magic tickets were sold out in only minute! I was sad not to get a hold of those tickets but my schoolmates manage to watch the movie. Some of them were not fan of Hyesun nuna but after watching her movie they became big fans of her which is really nice to know. They said the movie had nice cinematography, expressive shots, the music was excellent and the plot was unexpected and nice. It makes you think while watching the movie they also say the movie is definitely not boring and it's pity Hyesun nuna's role in the movie was short but overall they said "MAGIC" is a must see! I can't wait to watch it!


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