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[movie 2006] See You After School 방과후 옥상

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Bong Tae Gyu, Kim Tae Hyun

Rooftop After School / See You After School 방과후 옥상 (2006)

Starring: Bong Tae-Gyu, Kim Tae-Hyun, Jeong Gu-Yeon

Director: Lee Seok-Hun

Genre: Comedy

Runtime: 103mins

Production: Cineon Entertainment

Distribution: Cinema Service

Language: Korean

Country: South Korea

Return to the harrowing world of snotty cliques, mean bullies, and bad cafeteria food in writer/director Lee Seok Hoon's See You After School, a teen comedy that bears more than a passing resemblance to the 1980s cult classic, Three O'Clock High! This film follows the story of Goong Dahl (Bong Tae Gyu, from Ssunday Seoul and When Romance Meets Destiny + Cat On The Roof), a hapless, socially inept high school student who's grown tired of his dorky image and looks to make some major changes in his life. Taking destiny in his own hands, Goong Dahl enrolls in a year-long psychological therapy program designed to finally rid him of his loser persona. Fresh from the program and optimistic about his future prospects, he transfers to a new high school, ready to make a brand new start.

Unfortunately, Goong Dahl's oh-so-bright future takes a turn for the worse when he comes to the aid of a beautiful female student named Mina (Jeong Koo Yeon, from TV's A Love To Kill). Through a series of misunderstandings, Goong Dahl finds himself being challenged by Jae Koo (Kim Tae Hyeon, from Blue Swallow and My Lovely Week), a student who just so happens to not only be the toughest kid in school, but its most notorious bully. With a one-on-one rooftop battle scheduled directly after school, Goong Dahl's got to pull out all the stops to get the fight cancelled. But will he succeed, and if not, just how in the heck will one ordinary guy stack up against the high school's most dangerous thug? Find out in See You After School, the rare teen comedy that goes straight to the head of the class!







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SOURCE : 방과후 옥상

방과후 옥상

방과후 옥상

방과후 옥상

방과후 옥상

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it took me 3 hours to DL this movie from Clubbox-___-

& then i tried to burn it on a DVD but it wouldnt work


& i cant watch things on the computer b/c the video/audio`s messed up.

i've been wanting to watch this movie SO BADLY

ever since it came out ):

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This movies cool and stuff but I literally didnt understand it cause it had no subs. lol I dont know why I watched in anyway but I was wondering where I could just get like a printout of the subs or something? My computers slow and yea I dont like to download things(dial-up) Sorry if this questions dumb you can delete it.

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i watched because leading actor.His face looked joke and annoy.i thought that it must to comedy movie.Then it was real.the movie was very funny.Each comical scenes.it made to me and my friends to laught heartily.

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eh, sorry for bumping such an old thread. but I just had to post since i just finished it. :P

i LOVE this movie. after downloading so many horror movies, i needed a comedy and this is so good.

very funny.

i love how he's trying so hard to get into trouble but at the same time he is able to have confidence in himself.

being a loser isn't all that bad you know. at the right moments when he stood up for himself and for others is when his

true self was shown.

i thought it was hilarious when they said...'we're the LCs'...

what's the LCs? The LOSER CLUB!

but the sad part was when he went with the bullies and...beat up his friend....tsk tsk..

overall, a pretty good comedy.

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