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[movie 2004] Dance With The Wind 바람의 전설

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Park Sol Mi & Lee Seong Jae


Dance With The Wind (2004)

바람의 전설

Starring: Lee Seong-Jae, Park Sol-Mi, Kim Soo-Ro

Director: Park Jeong-Wu

Genre: Dance, Comedy, Romance

Production: Filmmania

Distribution: Cinema Service

Language: Korean

Country: South Korea

Discover how to "Dance With the Wind"!

This touching film that is based on a novel by a well-known author and was released in the end of the 90's offers you the premier work of Park Jung-woo who was responsible for the scripts of such film hits as "Jail Breakers" & "Attack the Gas Station". Its tale revolves around Poongshik whose favorite hobby is dancing, but who has to face a society that has a very low opinion of the relevant activity. After he goes so far as to attract the attention of the police department's head, a female detective called Yeonhwa is asked to start an investigation into this matter, so as to put Poongshik behind bars. However, once Yeonhwa finds out more about Poongshik she seems to have forgotten all about her original task and asks him to show her how to dance …

Led on by skilled actor Lee Sung-jae who breathes life into the character of Poongshik, this unique film also offers you the movie debut of actress Park Sol-mi who managed to make an impression in such TV series hits like "All-In" & "Winter Sonata". Featuring remarkable dance sequences that required four months of focused training, "Dance With the Wind" promises to entertain you with its grand style that promises to keep you hooked all the way!




SOURCE : 바람의 전설

바람의 전설

바람의 전설

바람의 전설

바람의 전설

바람의 전설

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